Monday, January 30, 2012

That's What Friends Are For

*tap, tap, tap*

*clears throat*

Is this thing on?

*shades eyes to look out into the dark*

If there's anyone out there, this won't be my usual wordy-style post. Shocker, I know.Two of my besties compelled me to post today.

First up, Gemma from Twi-sted Edbrella.

She is co-hosting a fundraiser called Fandom for Heroes. Here is the site summary.

Welcome to the page that aims to put together a compilation of fanfic stories from various fandoms, and original pieces of fiction from fandom authors, in aid of the servicemen and women, past and present, of the United Kingdom.

Sign up, donate, support xx

Donations are in British pounds, so here is a handy calculator to convert from American Dollar to British Pound: click here

There are less than two weeks left to donate to a good cause and receive a copy of the author compilation.

Next up, kiTT from Tongue-Twied.

We talk constantly, much to her frustration some days, I'm sure ;) The subject line of this morning's email from her simply said, "seen this?" I hadn't and more than likely wouldn't have if she hadn't brought it to my attention. It's powerful and made me cry. Another shocker, I  know.

As some of you know, my nephew is gay. I love him unconditionally and am so proud of him. I am proud of my sister too, who also loves him unconditionally yet struggles daily with how that fits into her faith. It's easy for people, even me sometimes, to sit in judgement of that struggle, but her love for her son has never, ever been in question. It is a journey my entire family is walking, but I know that...with faith...we will get there together and be stronger because of it.

A Mountain I'm Willing To Die On: click here

Finally, both of my besties just happen to be ff writers too. I thought this would be a good time to sneak in a shout out because that's what friends are for. I hope you add them to your Favorites.


*takes a drink of water*

Um. Yeah. About that not being wordy...

Thanks for listening.

*steps down from podium*


laureate04 said...

awesome post, Lisa - great sentiments :) Love ya!!

FanFicCrazy said...

Aww wonderful post Lisa!

XX, Lisa

Stan said...

Bless you, my dear! Thanks so much for the pimping. I didn't know about your nephew, I hope he's able to be free to be himself and be happy.


TwiWeasel said...

Thank you for this post. The story on the link was meaningful and deep...

As you know, my sister "came out" last summer. When she told me, I think she was a little surprised at my reaction...or non-reaction, as the case was. I reacted in pretty much the same way as I did when she told me that she dyed her hair blue. With love and acceptance.

Not to say it's is. But honestly, it's her life. Her sexuality is none of my business. Her sex life is none of my concern. And it shouldn't be.

She is my sister.
I love her.
End of story.

I don't want to forget to mention Help for Heroes. This I've been familiar with for a while. It's a wonderful cause, and I commend Gemma for taking this fundraiser on. Way to go, Gemma!

And to back you up...both Gem and kiTT are awesome authors. Well worth checking them out!!

PS...You're my friend. I love you, too.

sassykassie1 said...

Sounds like a very worthy charity to support!

TongueTwied said...

I just pass things along that I think might be of interest. It's not really 'constant' more like intermittent.

That blog post was just a moving piece and coincided with a recent decision to write my own daughter a note, something for her to cherish always regarding many topics.

Gemma what a worthy cause!

Thank you for the pimp Lisa (and TwiWeasel) :)

Lisa, keep smiling, keep shining knowing you can always count on ... errrr, we'll we can appoint someone.

bwahahahahahaha #braTT

Anonymous said...

Shhhh...***places pointer finger on Lisa's lips***
You had me at calculator.

Dangrdafne said...

Awww my bestie writing about two of my favorite people. This fandom is an amazing place and I am so glad to be a part of it.

CC said...

Aaaaah, Lisa. So sorry I'm late to the party on this one...

Excellent choice of subject matter to nudge you into writing a blog post. Firstly, Fandom for Heroes - and Help for Heroes, for that matter. My brother-in-law is in the armed forces here in the UK, and as the father of four sons, he must await every call to a posting with a real sense of trepidation. Fortunately, he has managed to stay safe so far, and as he is taking voluntary redundancy some time this year, we hope that he will be able to escape the dangers of being posted somewhere.

Many aren't. I work very close to the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, and we can constantly hear the gunfire of soldiers-in-training as they undertake their maneuvers. It never ceases to make me feel just that little bit unwell, knowing that the academy is churning out yet more cannon-fodder :-(

Regarding your second reason for posting--I read the article and was saddened all over again...

When our sons were born, MrCC and I vowed to be realistic. We have many gay friends, both male and female, and we knew that there was every possibility that our offspring could be gay. It's not something that people choose, nor is it something that can be switched off or - contrary to what many religions seem to believe - driven out.

I was bullied at school for having a German mother, and for being taller than everybody else. As a result, I don't think I was ever able to develop what would normally be considered 'healthy self-esteem'.

In an attempt to counteract this, I have tried to make sure that my sons are praised, encouraged and supported as much as is humanly possible. My eldest son was bullied for being a little chubby during his teens, but I like to think that my support has helped him through this. He may not have the level of self-assurance that his younger brother has, but I'll tell you one thing: he's turned into a lovely, caring and buff young man!

Anyway, I'm waffling...

Thanks for your post, Lisa. And for the links.

CC x

Jaymes805 said...

I love you... you have such a big heart! :)

17foreverlisa said...

CC: For some reason your comment was hung up and I just now saw it. Your words are beautiful. This subject matter really hit close to home for you. I hope that your BIL will continue to be safe as well. Serving your country is such a brave thing to do. It's just too bad it's necessary. And I'm sorry you went through what you did while growing up, but you have clearly turned a negative into a positive and become a good role model for your boys. They are blessed to have you for a mother.

TW: You rock. That is all.

kiTT: are a braTT for sure ;)

Mrs. P: LOLz

Gemma: XO

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting.

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