Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pictures (finally!) from BD1 Convention in LA

I know. I know. I've been having a lot of fun going to events and not sharing my pictures with all of you. And not only am I late, I'm going to be sharing them out of order. I'm starting with the Twilight BD1 Convention...

I had an amazing time thanks in big part to TruceOver who contacted me saying she had an extra ticket and that I needed to rearrange my already booked travel plans for the BD1 premiere to include the convention. Note to self: Always listen to TruceOver, even when she doesn't listen to me ;)

I don't have any pictures from Friday night's panels because my flight didn't get in early enough, but I made up for lost time with the 17 billionty photos I took on Saturday. As you will see, Rob only had eyes for one person...and it wasn't me. Enjoy!

Alex Meraz and Tinsel Korey

I think we had a moment. Just sayin'.

Each panel member signed the banner after their Q&A.

Christian Camargo and Mia Maestro

Melissa Rosenberg

Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene,
Elizabeth Reaser, and Peter Facinelli

Peter telling one of his many stories.
Jackson played the role of Kellan :)


Jackson looking for me in the audience obv.

Asking for help from above.


Pretty sure he remembers the last time we met.

And we're still good. 

Charlie Bewley

Bill Condon,
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart,
and Taylor Lautner
(See what I did there?)



Sunday Brunch
Alex Meraz, Christian Camargo, Daniel Cudmore

All of my convention pictures are stored here.

For video footage taken by another attendee, go here.

Also check out TwiloveSue's first round of pictures here.


Unknown said...

Omg Lisa, great shots! I bet you had the most amazing time :)

TwiloveSue said...

Lisa, I love love love your pictures!!! That was such an amazing weekend and I'm so glad that you got to be there. A few of those funny face Rob pix made me snort out loud. I had to cover it up with a cough since I'm at work, but I don't think anybody was fooled. And I could just sit all day looking at pictures of that man drinking water...
Love ya!! Sue

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, not sure you got quite enough photos, could you go back?


Loved them all. Especially the Jackson ones.

Bella's massive hand was kinda creepy in some shots - especially the one of Melissa!

I love how Rob clearly has eyes only for his lady. I hope he pays a good chiropractor though, he'll be getting a sore neck!

Dangrdafne said...

What a great time we had.

I am glad your plane was in late...otherwise we would not have travelled together in the shuttle :)

You have some great shots - much better than mine.

So glad you were able to be there, I hope we can do it again this year.

TwiWeasel said...

Um...wow, Lisa. I don't think you got enough pictures. Perhaps you should post all of them.

*massive eyeroll*

No, really...those pix were fantastically awesomesauce. *sigh* Especially your pix of Jackson.

You know I am so incredibly jealous, right? But I still love you. *cough*more*cough*


Jenny Jerkface said...

Holy Shiddlesticks, Lisa. You seriously should consider doing photography for a living. Wait, do you already do that? Because I wouldn't be surprised. These are excellent photos.

TongueTwied said...

When did this post? Sorry I'm late.

Wow, Lisa you were so freakin' close to greatness weren't you?

You know the pic of Rob with his pursed lips is my fav, right? But you got great shots of Jackson, too. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!

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