Sunday, January 30, 2011

Please Be More Than Just a Rumor

Yes, I subscribe to Google alerts for Robert Pattinson (and more recently Jackson Rathbone). Most of the time I skim and delete because it's gossip I could care less about. Lately, though, there has been one rumor that keeps showing up that I can't help but hope is more than just a rumor.

You all know by now how I feel about Rob's music. *points to banner* So when I keep reading things like "Robert Pattinson Wants to Play Jeff Buckley," my stomach does a somersault. It would effectively kill two birds with one stone . . . Rob could record more music without feeling like he's traded in on his instant fame, and I/we would get to actually SEE him singing and playing a guitar . . . of course, it would also kill this big bird too. What a way to go though.

Please tell me you could see it.

Sexhair, jawporn, scruff, white t, plaid shirt . . . just sayin'.

There could even be parts for the Brit Pack.

Please tell me you could hear it.

One of the greatest songs of all time.

The song that changed my life.

I know that James Franco is another strong candidate for this role because of the physical similarities, but if I can't have Rob,  then I want this gorgeous, gorgeous boy to do it.

Video by Lost Immortal. You can also follow her on tumblr here:


The latest issue of TwiPeople's Sexiest Ward Alive hit stands today. You can pick up your copy here:

Never think your Sundays can't be full of hallelujahs ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take a Walk With Me

When I was in the theater watching New Moon and it got to this part, I whispered...loudly... "No, Bella. Don't do it!" I mean, come on. I read the book. I watched the entire break-up scene when it was leaked on the internet. I knew nothing good was going to come from taking that walk.

Ironically enough, this is Mrs. P's favorite scene in the movie.
*shakes head*

My favorite scene.

But breaking up with Edward wasn't the beginning of the end for Bella. It was the beginning of a journey that would transform her from a human into a vampire so she could live happily ever after.

LMAO!! I Googled "bella as a vampire"
and this was one of my choices.

Seriously. I can't make this shit up.
Here is the Print Screen image.

This is what I was going for.
Isn't she beautiful?


So you can imagine my hesitation when Mrs. P asked me to take a walk with her. I followed her, hoping like hell she'd at least kiss me on the forehead before she said goodbye. She did more than that, but I'm not a kiss-and-tell kind of girl ;)

Me after Mrs. P first told me she was thinking about shutting down TwiBite.

But shutting down TwiBite is not the beginning of the end for Mrs. P. It is the beginning of a journey that will transform her from a Twilight-themed blog into a professional-themed blog so she can live happily ever after.

This is what she's going for.
Isn't she beautiful?

So don't hesitate when I ask you to take a walk with me. Follow me to her new blog, and I promise I'll kiss you on the forehead before I say goodbye. If we do more than that, you're secret's safe with me because, as I said, I'm not a kiss-and-tell kind of girl ;)

Congrats, Super Bloggy BFF!
I think you're amazaballs ;)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little R and R

Rest and Relaxation?

Absolute LAST thing I am thinking of when I look at this picture. Just sayin'.

Raw and Rosy?

Not what I have in mind for this post, butt spank you very much ;)

Rob and Ricky?

"You really shouldn't have said that" comes to mind. LOL!

Yep. Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes again this year, which means he'll be sharing screen time with Rob tomorrow night. I wonder if he'll bring it up in the monologue. (That doesn't sound quite right.) Maybe I'll watch the show to find out. Oh who am I kidding. I'll be watching, DVRing, and hanging around on twitter with the rest of you . . . waiting to see Rob's Golden Globes  tux.

No jacket required.

So we all know Rob was filming re-shoots for Water for Elephants yesterday. I can't help but wonder if his hair will be the color of Robowski or Robward. The sad part is having to think about it at all. Why they had to darken Rob's hair to play Edward is beyond me.

To see all of the set pictures from yesterday, click on the Water for Elephants blog banner on my sidebar. Daddy Robowski is not to be missed!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

About a Girl

Since I have been a part of this fandom, there has been one person who has been a constant, one person who has never, ever waivered from her purpose. She has never pretended to be anything other than what she is...Rob's #1 fan. That's right. I said it. Out loud. Most of you won't be surprised to know that the person I'm talking about is Jeanette from RobMusement.

There has never been a day where she has missed posting. She showers us with robp0rn on twitter. She runs and/or helps run multiple blogs. She creates beautiful picspam. She organizes collaborative blog posts. She does a Best of Week post every week that when I'm a lazy blogger (a lot lately, obviously) keeps me up to date with what's going on in the Robverse.

She has patience for days. I know this because she has been beyond patient with me. Every time I've asked her a techy question, she's answered with "Glad to help, babe." Every time I've asked her another silly collab post question, she's answered with "No problem, babe." Every time I've asked her if she still loves me even though I give a crapsten, she's answered with "Stand in front of the bus with kiTT, babe." I kid. I kid! Not to say she hasn't thought it ;)

Jeanette, I love you. I love your big heart. I love your respect for Rob. I love that you love me despite my flaws...the biggest of which is being late...for everything...just like doing this post. (You're thinking that's not my biggest flaw right now, aren't you?)

For all that you do for me and so many others,
this Rome Rob's for you!


If you haven't already, please check out the other tribute posts.
Thanks to kiTT from Tongue Twied for letting us tag along.

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