Friday, July 30, 2010

Investing in Robert Pattinson (Guest Post by MissAmyJoon)

A few months ago I discovered a movie called Bright Star – a movie about the romance between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. I loved it. I even bought the companion book of letters and poems. I don’t even like poetry that much, but there’s something so seductive about British historical dramas with their proper speech, bosomy dresses, formal dances, and massive marriage anxiety. Shortly after I watched the film ,I began to Google the young actor who played Keats: Ben Whishaw.

From my limited research, I found the above video. I kind of adore his accent. Especially the way he says beautiful. I don't know why, but he sounds much more Britishy than Rob, and I like it. Amidst this search, I felt a case of déjà vu. Just over a year prior I was feverishly Googling a certain Robert Pattinson. Now I was researching yet another British actor, similarly thin, lanky, and with fabulously untamed hair.

Could this be my new Edward?

Say what!?

Of course this called for serious introspection on my part. What is my identity without Robert Pattinson? I spend a great deal of my time doing Rob-related things. Essentially, he’s my hobby. I don’t speak about him to others very often, but like the Holy Spirit and the perfume department at Macy’s, his influence can be felt everywhere I go. I’m often disturbed by this fact, but it’s a truth I can’t escape.

Some other random British actor can’t recreate the nonexistent relationship I’ve shared with Rob, can he? Could I start all over again?

For the time being, the answer is no. I can’t. I’m invested in Robert Pattinson. I never had a savings bond, but I bought imaginary shares of stock in high school economics, so lets go with that analogy. Hollywood often functions just the same as the stock market. Fans buy into an intangible piece of a celebrity’s identity, whose image has been framed and presented in a very specific fashion. But one of the most important parts of buying stock is longevity. At the end of the day, you really have to believe in the product and the company.*

Suffice it to say, I believe Robert Pattinson is a quality person and actor. Of course I’m smitten with his charm, humor, personality, and titillating photos. Still, I honestly don’t think I would care much for him if I didn’t think he had talent. There's an ebb and flow to these things, just as there are spikes and falls in the market, but I’m sticking with him. With stocks, you hope for a profitable return, but all I ask for are good movies, great interviews, and maybe an Oscar just to make the infatuation more publicly acceptable.

I keep thinking back to the little jolt I felt watching Twilight for the first time. I didn’t get that from watching Ben Whishaw in Bright Star. He too seems to be a talented young British actor, but I was curious about him. Even if we compared Rob to countless other worthy actors or heartthrobs by their performances, it wouldn’t matter**. Robert Pattinson has that inexplicable je ne sais quoi. That’s where I’m puttin’ my money!

And all was right in the world.

*If this whole paragraph doesn’t make any sense, it’s probably because economics was my worst subject EVER in the history of my academic career.

** Plus, in all honesty, none of them are nearly as good looking, and if I'm going to have an imaginary relationship with someone, it best be Robert motherf*cking Pattinson, ya know what I'm saying? Also, I found that there has been a lot of speculation about Ben Whishaw's sexual orientation. It doesn't bother me, but dampens his potential in my day dreams.

Thanks for the opportunity to blog Lisa!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love My Enablers

So most of you know it was my birthday on the 27th. Thank you again for all of the birthday wishes. You really helped make my day special. I just had to share some of the gifts and ecards that I got.

When I got to work, I was greeted by these on my desk.

My co-worker and good friend, Chris, made me the dual-purpose cupcakes,
E for Edward and Eclipse, and found an actual Hallmark Twilight card.

Then I was presented with this.

Another co-worker/friend, Julia, came up with the concept and got another
co-worker/friend, Jason, to draw it. They may or may not have used the VF picture
I have at my desk as inspiration. LOL! The sketch is priceless because Jason rolls
his eyes at me every day when he's subjected to my Twi/Robservations.
I told you I love my enablers!

From Nibbles at Twi-sted Edbrella

From Lacey at Tigerlily's Tirade

Note: Happy Birthday Wh*re! MWAH!!

From @CullenaryCurser

Note: Happy Birthday Lisa! To you, I would give my limited supply
of Rob porn, but only because I know you have way more than me
and wouldn’t accept it ;) Thank you for all your comments and support!
(I apologize for this crappy graphic. I used my own photos for this one.) ♥ Amy

SO not crappy, Amy, but make me an offer on your limited supply of Rob porn ;)

From Amy at MissAmyJoon

Birthday spanks from 50 and Edward. Oh my!

From LwE at Living with Edward

Years later, still carrying a torch,
Rob looks back with pain and regret
remembering that fateful day
when he saw you with that other guy
and realized he had lost 'his Lisa' forever.

(Yes, that's me and my husband's prom picture from 30 years ago.)

From Kit at TongueTwied

From Bleriana at The Cold Shower and @Bleriana

My niece and her boyfriend presented me with this official promotional poster
he nabbed from BlockBuster. It's seriously as big as my dining room table!
(The chandelier overhead caused a glare. Sorry.)

My husband gave me money to get some new pans.
Imagine my surprise when I took off the cardboard
and saw the sticker inside.

Thanks again everyone! You made turning 48 bearable.
(Yes, I'm that damn old. Amy doesn't call me Momma Lisa for nothing.)

Don't forget that tomorrow night is DML. We have a brand new co-host
helping us out. It's not just going to be's going to change lives.
You'll have to stop by to find out who it is. Check out the blog for rules/times.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Eclipse Review by Special Request

I saw you stomping your foot impatiently on twitter the other day, MissAmyJoon, wanting to know where my Eclipse review was ;) Having seen it a few times now *coughsevencough*, I feel I'm better prepared than I was for my New Moon review.

I even had the proper materials to take good notes.

It was too dark to see what I was doing, so it ended up being like writing with my eyes closed. Judging from my scribbles, I might as well close my eyes now while I try to decipher what I wrote.

*wrinkles up paper and tosses in garbage can*

Ok. You've all seen the movie, read reviews, and/or given your own. So I'm not going to talk about the obvious: hot Robward, the wigs, the shaky camera, etc. Here are my observations, and they are just as jumbled up as my notes.

(Bonus: Movie Footage)

Taylor should not have tried to sport a stache.
Why was the young vampire gasping for air while Jasper was choking him?
While Carlisle is addressing the wolves before fight training, Ashley is rubbing Jackson's back.
Taylor was clearly not standing on his box for the "I kissed Bella" scene.
Bella's casual clothes at the graduation party (Kristen's influence)
The way Bella announced to Charlie she was a virgin (pure Kristen mannerisms)
I found myself counting the holes in Charlie's earlobes where Billy's earrings would go.
The way Jasper summoned Rosalie with two fingers during fight practice. Hot.
The way Jasper said "battlescars." Hot.
The way Jasper looked in Bella's dream. Hot.
Why did Edward have the ring at the end of the movie to give back to Bella?
Thank you Jake! No tribal council=no third wife story=no inspiration for Bella=no Edward.
The Bella/Rosalie "I envy you" talk had to be awkward in RL for Kristen and Nikki imo.
When Bella visits Jake after the battle, he has "sweat" everywhere but on his nose.
Jake screams like a girl.

Edward to Bella: Marry me. *sigh*
Edward to Bella: entire explanation of why he wants to get married
Edward to Bella: Does he even own a shirt?
Charlie: Super.
Charlie: I'm liking Edward a whole lot more now.
Rosalie: I was a lot more theatrical back then.
Jasper to Alice: My apologies, ma'am.
Bella to Edward: You want to do that part?
Edward to Bella: Believe me. I want to.
Edward to Jake: Run.
Bella to Jake: Stay
Jake to Edward: I am hotter than you. (NOT - but funny)
Riley: You're dead.

Seth: ...hoovering the grub
Jake: Good lookin' out, bro.
Jake: Seth will spell me in the morning.
Bella/Edward: Where was the exchange between them after he killed Victoria? E looked put out more than anything when he ripped her shirt and wrapped it around her arm.

Overall, I love Eclipse. The time flies instead of dragging like it did for New Moon. Sure I wish the movie was four hours long and that there was more to every Bella and Edward moment, but all of the important elements were there. All along, I was one of those saying they'd better get the leg hitch right. It was in there, of course, and the camera even awkwardly zoomed in on it. Guess they thought we wouldn't be watching for it?? But it didn't have the slow burn that the first kiss in Twilight had or the spontaneous combustion that the New Moon birthday kiss had. But the more I think about it, the more it works for me. Edward is forever keeping himself in check. He has emotional and physical reasons for doing so. So the scene never really going "there" makes sense when I look at it that way.

Eclipse is my favorite book in the series and when asked what my favorite passage from the book was by Marie at Twilight Junkies Anonymous, it was the proposal. I told her I wanted to here Edward say, "I was that boy." Having seen the movie before the rest of us because she went to the Oprah taping, she had already told me that those exact words weren't in there but that I wouldn't be disappointed. She couldn't have been more right.

I remember when I read the USA Today interview where Rob was quoted as saying this:

"I was dreading the day it was coming," he says of the scene that was held until the very end of the shoot. "The first time I read the script, I thought, 'This is impossible.' " References to "promenades" and sharing "iced tea on the porch" as Edward explains how he would have courted Bella in the old days especially stuck in his throat. "It's so earnest. I finally convinced the producers that you can play it with a bit of awareness of not being a fictional character. I'm not trying to be part of a Gothic novel." When Pattinson finally watched it, however, he was pleasantly surprised. "It seems different when you see it."

The proposal scene was the highlight of the movie for me. He truly was Edward in that moment, and the feelings I felt while reading the book for the first time were captured in the movie. *whispers* You can watch it here.

Sparkle for Twilight made some gorgeous wallpapers when the movie stills were released early. Now that they aren't considered spoilers, I am happy to include them here.

And speaking of Marie from Twilight Junkies Anonymous and my multiple viewings of Twilight Saga movies, she sent me an amazing handmade gift. I have found the perfect use for it!

(I spy 17!)

Thanks again Marie for the trinket box, bookmark, and candy!

And speaking of gifts, my bloggy bestie Kit (that's Tongue Twied to you - LOL), sent me a few things. Check out her Eclipse review here and about her trip to the Hallmark store here.

When you care enough about your friends...

The ornaments will definitely be going on
my Eclipse Christmas tree this year.

Kit hit one out of the park by combining my love
of baseball, Fifty, and "vanilla."

This must have been in my package by mistake, right?
(Can't believe I'm actually including this pic!)

Thanks, Kit, for all of my goodies and the letter, which I will be sending
off to the forensics lab tomorrow to be dusted for fingerprints, as suggested.

So. I said I wouldn't talk about hot Robward.
I didn't say I wouldn't show you hot Robward :)

You didn't think I'd forget Angryward in black and white did you?

(How's your scrollitis doing, Mrs. P?)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do you know what today is?

It's "Cheer Up The Lonely Day" at RobMusement. I was invited to do a guest post, so head on over there and check it out, as well as all of the other guest posts for the entire month of July. (No hijacking was involved in the making of that post. Just sayin'.)

In case you missed the hijacking of my blog by Mrs. P (aka the debil) from TwiBite, go here.

I was then forced to put her in her place *coughthebasementcough* and you can hear her heartfelt plea to make it up to me here. I'm talking an actual audio clip, people.

So cheer up! There's no reason to be lonely with so much Robporn to keep you company.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mrs. P is the debil . . .

or a gerbil.

When Mrs. P at TwiBite emailed me and asked when I was going to get around to putting up a new post, I gave her a long list of excuses as to why I don't blog as often as I used to. If you missed her response to my whining, go here. Beware of the dog, though.

Mrs. P and I have been Super Bloggy BFFs for a long time now, so I wasn't surprised when she sent me an email and said that she was sorry for abusing my trust. You see, I have always known that she is a closet Robsten lover. So as a way of making amends, she has decided to out herself.

Some of you know that Mrs. P has another blog called Walk With Mrs. P. But what you may not know is that she has a YouTube channel. (Clearly, the inspiration for her avi came from her look at the 52 second mark. Just sayin'.)

Kind of makes you think of Mrs. Doubtfire, doesn't it?

Mrs. P was thoughtful enough to attach a picture in her apology email, just one of many in her extensive Robsten image library.

I guess all that's left to do now is hit "publish" on this draft.

Peace, Love, I hear something in the basement,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mrs. P Has Decided To Hijack Lisa Because She Refuses To Post

Well hello there!

I would like to introduce myself to any of Lisa's followers that do not know me.  I am Mrs. P...writer and founder of the illustrious TwiBite.

You see, Lisa is on my blogroll and she has decided to descend to the depths of Davey Jones' locker by refusing to post.  If I log on one more day and see " I. Am. Loved." as her last blog post then I am going to think of reasons NOT to love her anymore, and we don't want that.

So...what shall I do while I'm here?

Hmmmmm....let me think.

Well, Lisa likes black and white.  Let me see what I have.

OK...I think that works.  What else do I have?

OK...It's black and white and they are wet.  It's not Wednesday but I think we can forgive that.

I think Lisa will like this shot because we can't see her nostrils...and we all know how she feels about the nostrils.

OK...I think I've done enough damage here.

So, Lisa...if you want this post to GO AWAY...which I am sure you do...then I suggest you get here and hit "publish" on some of these Drafts I see here in your Blogger account.

Until Lisa Posts Again,

Peace, Love, WHERE ARE YOU LISA???

Mrs. P


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