Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spotlight is On (Part 4)

Today's "Music to scroll by" is inspired by the time I just spent playing at the RobMusement playground with itsjustme and Tina's been Robd :)

Music to scroll by

Well, it's New Year's Eve, and tonight's post over at RobMusement has us taking a look back at some of our favorite blog posts (and I thought narrowing down the fanmade videos and Rob pics was hard!!). Since starting my little blog, I've "met" so many awesome bloggers, followers, and commentors.

And if we thought 2009 was the Year of Rob, just wait until this time next year when we're looking back on 2010. You know the Eclipse and Remember Me (GAH!!) goodies are going to start surfacing soon. Little Ashes will be out in the States. Rob will begin filming Bel Ami. Hopefully, we'll get solo Rob promoting Remember Me just before it's unleashed in theaters (even if it's just on Ellen!). Eclipse euphoria will erupt. Breaking Dawn ??!! And he's still on board to film Unbound Captives with Hugh Jackman (win-win). Yes, a fangirl alert will be in full effect for 2010.

Thanks to itsjustme (aka Jeanette) at RobMusement and Tina at Tina's been Robd for inviting me along for the ride. It's been a blast! To see our fave blog posts, click here.

Here's to more Robsanity in 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spotlight is On (Part 3)

Music to scroll by

Day three of the collaborative post I am participating in over at RobMusement is dedicated to our Top 20 favorite pictures of Rob Reiner. I kid. I kid. As Mrs. P has already pointed out, the three of us each seem to have a "type" of Rob that we love the best. I don't think it will take you long to figure out what I think Rob's smexiest feature is :) To view our picks, click here.

Hmmm. What about Rob Reiner for Breaking Dawn?

He did deliver these gems:

If nothing else, he could inject a little romantic
humor in to the chaos that is BD. Just sayin'.

Spotlight is On (Part 2)

Music to scroll by

The second installment of the team post at RobMusement is up (in more ways than one). Jeanette is having a little trouble with the text wraps, but you should be able to get the of things. To view our ff picks, click here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Pictures of You

While working on my top five fanmade videos for the team post at RobMusement, I decided to cut this video because I wanted to give five different videographers their moment in the spotlight. So I was forced to pick one over another of Honolulu Girl's videos. The more I thought about it, and after just watching it again, I decided it needed it's own moment to shine. HG, you have a knack for this. I just love your use of music, tones, and transitions . . . beautiful.

So without further ado, I bring you "Robert Pattinson My Pictures Of You" by Honolulu Girl at the YouTube channel Truebloodtwilight1. You can also visit her blog at True Blood Twilight, even if you're not a True Blood fan. She hasn't kicked me out . . . yet.

To see her video that made my top five, click here. It's smokin' hot - literally!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Spotlight is On (Part 1)

Music to scroll by

My bloggy buddy itsjustme (aka Jeanette) over at RobMusement invited me to join her and another bloggy buddy, Tina at Tina's been Robd, for a year-end countdown of our faves.

Today is the first of four posts, which includes our personal list of top five fanmade videos. It was much harder than I thought it would be to narrow it down to five. Jeanette couldn't believe it when Tina and I turned in our submissions. We all three had one video set to Rob's music, but had picked a different song. That's when I knew I had two new bloggy besties :) Click here to view today's video faves.

Don't forget to sign up to follow RobMusement and Tina's been Robd when you stop by to check out their blogs. You are going to check out their blogs, right? Right! Because we LOVE our followers!

Remember me?

I haven't posted for awhile. The long holiday weekend spent with friends and family was time well spent. Not to mention the fact that the Mr. and Mrs. Ps wedding and family photos, including our first Christmas together, aren't back from the photographer yet ;)

So in the meantime, I'm updating the site a little bit to gear up for Rob's next big release (and, no, there won't be a photo of that). The Remember Me trailer will stay at the top of the blog for easy access. There is the countdown widget on the rh sidebar. And below is some of what I've collected so far if you want/need any for your files.

(not sure this is official)

(in b&w, of course!)

And, yes, I think Rob was put here just to tease us :)

(Think Kirsten Dunst in "Interview With a Vampire")

To view more b&w screencaps, click here.

To view TONS of beautiful color screencaps, click here.


For more gifs, click here.

Set Pics

Remember Me
An Unofficial Fan Site
(Love the time and effort they're putting in to this!)

Visit the site here.

As always, you can follow all of Rob's film projects at

Can you tell I'm excited about this movie?! Rob looking like Rob AND the potential for an R rating? Um. Yeah.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Been a Very Bloggy Christmas

I've been MIA from my blog for a few days, but after the wedding was the honeymoon, and then Mrs. P and I each gave birth, so things have been a little hectic.

He did just fine. Thanks for asking.
Family photos to follow on a later post.

Thank you to all of my new bloggy friends for the Christmas wishes. Looking forward to more Robsanity in 2010!

Music to scroll by

My super bloggy BFF Mrs. P at TwiBite

STY & JJ –
My heroes, mentors, and fearless leaders at Twitardia

Listen to STY & JJ's interview here.

The first of my four Robmasy Christmas cards
from Jeanette at Robmusement.

Stan's Jingle Balls story was a definite highlight!
(Stop by the neighborhood at Twi-sted Edbrella.
Stan tends to the sheep,
Twi-Weasel bags the wild game,
and Mary makes a mean brandy sauce.)

Loved this one posted at Tigerlily's Tirade.
And you have to check out today's post here!

mmMoxie from Twilight SagaPalooza
caught Lil E and Bumble sittin' in a tree

Oops! How did that get in here?
(Thanks again, Mox, for posting this one.
It shouldn't be hot, but it just is.)

My holiday screensaver by CSI-Kat from

Honolulu Girl at True Blood Twilight thoughtfully wished
us a Merry Christmas with a little RPattz Delight.

Mama Cougar at The Cougar's Den gave us
The 12 Days of Twismas, which included
12 drummers strumming (and a PFach yum bum).

Jelena from Confessions of a Twiholic knows I'm
Team Edward. She didn't ask me to choose
because she's knows it's him.
It's always been him.

rpattzgirl at For the love of RPattz won my heart a long time ago because every time I go to her site, I get to hear Rob singing when her MixPod launches. She also shares my love of all things to do with Rob's upcoming movie Remember Me and has the trailer firmly planted at the top of her site.
It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

My bloggy friends Twilove1, F-Kat, and Z Any Mouse
wished me a Merry Christmas from sunny SoCal.
So wish I could have been there since
I played matchmaker for them.

Z Any Mouse gifted her new Twi-Friends
with these awesome candles.

And last, but not least, I received the perfect card
this year from my friend/co-worker Melissa –
the one that talked me into starting this blog.
Since I'm now "down with the kids,"
I can say that I puffy heart her BIG time!

She even wrote this on the envelope:

Have a very Robmasy Christmas
and BE SAFE!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Becoming Mrs. P

Music to scroll by.

KStew, come take a walk with me.

That went well.

Ready for the big day

The best man

The guests start arriving.

Rings? Check.

Mr. P

Mrs. Ps

Left: Margaret P at TwiBite
Right: Lisa P at 17 forever
(Yes, HG, those are really our mugs this time.)

Mingling with guests at the reception

Time to throw the garter

Time to eat cake

Time to make babies


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