Friday, June 25, 2010

'Nuff Said

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but I only need one:


A big THANK YOU to sft at sparkle for twilight for tweeting this twitpic to me.
(Naturally, I had to make it black and white.)

Last night while watching the live stream of the Eclipse premiere online, I was Gmail chatting with Dangrdafne and Twired Jen. At one point, I said I was glad that Rob's bitch on wheels of a publicist from New Moon was nowhere in sight. Then I ran across this video posted by Cullen Boys Anonymous. Maybe it was Adorkable Rob swearing that brought her out of her hole. Check out her politely gesturing to the MTV News crew to wrap up their interview. Rob, honey, if she's not any relation to you, she needs to go...away.

As mentioned in my last post here, Twilove1/Sue camped out for the Eclipse premiere. She emailed us late from inside the Nokia theater. That's right. Not only did she get to be on the red (black) carpet barricade for the premiere, she ended up getting tickets to go inside the theater and watch the premiere. She said she could see Rob from her seat. More details and pictures will be coming in a follow-up post, but in the meantime, check out pictures of Mrs. P's avi at the Eclipse premiere at TwiBite and a picture of Sue's group meeting Rob's sisters (and other amazing Robsten pics) at Twired.

It's Friday, so you know what that means. Time for DML! My bloggy bestie Dangrdafne will be hosting, so don't forget to join us. For details and the start time in your area, go here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank You

Music To Scroll By

Thank you Amy for my new twitter background!
It is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.
Check out all of her work at MissAmyJoon.

Thank you Sue (Twilove1) for the goodies you sent to me, 
from your epic trip to breathe the air of The Precious at the L.A. Twilight Convention.

Sue is currently camped out in line for the Eclipse premiere as I type this.
There are five in her group (Sue, her daughter, and a family friend; Linda [F-Kat] and her daughter).
Their dedication paid off. They are part of the first 100 in line and got the coveted red carpet wristbands.

Sue's wristband. She's #74.

We have our fingers crossed that she gets a picture of Rob as he makes his way down the red carpet.
Since getting there on Saturday, they spotted Jay Leno coming out of a nearby auto parts store
and went to an autograph signing with Eclipse director David Slade. They have tickets
to see Rob's musician buddy Sam Bradley tomorrow night in hopes that
Hobolicious Rob makes an appearance. Oh to live in California!!

Sue, Jay Leno, and Linda

Sue, David Slade, and Linda
(Maybe he forgot his bra?)

While they were there waiting, the NBA Championship L.A. Lakers had their parade,
and it went right by the camp site. Sue said there were two helicopters and a blimp,
and the parade announcer mentioned the Twihards camped out for the premiere.

Tent City, as Sue calls it, is right across from the Staples Center.
L.A. Lakers parade float in the background.
I spy Fifty (ka-ching!).

Sue said two Eclipse trailers are playing on a big screen
every 10 minutes and it's getting old already. LOL!



Outside the Nokia Theater

The L.A. premiere is June 24th and will be streamed live online.
Twilight Saga: Eclipse is released in theaters nationwide on June 30th.

Don't forget that Remember Me comes out on DVD June 22nd!

And if you missed my tribute post to MotU, please check it out here.

Falling head over feet in love with Twilight 
is what got me here.


Falling head over feet in love with Rob
is what keeps me here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The End

I did it. I finished MotU Saturday and had to say goodbye to Fifty and his Bella. I have never read anything so slow in my life. I did not want it to end. Luckily, I have an awesome support group to help get me through the withdrawal.

Fifty Shades of Sexy

First, I have to thank my bloggy bestie Dangrdafne at Dangrdafne's Days of Delirium for repeatedly telling me I needed to read this story; for pushing me to keep reading it when I worried that I couldn't picture Rob as this Edward (which is all I ever want to do); for patiently listening to my ever-growing love of the story and the character development of Edward and Bella; for answering the phone when I tearfully finished the last chapter; and for assuring me that life would go on. I love you, DD.

I thank Twilight Cupcake for also insisting that I read this story and for writing a wonderful post about it on her blog Twilight, Travel, and Treats clear back in February! Ti amo, TC. Can't wait to hear about Italy!!

I thank the brilliant Biel for creating a video that was beautiful even before I knew Fifty and that stirs me even more now that I do. Check out all of her videos at IamBiel.

I thank STY for writing the post on her blog Twitarded that finally pushed me over the edge.

I thank Bleria at the cold shower for writing a week's worth of rehab posts that I had to file away until I finished the story. Now I know why she needed to do them.

I thank Kit *wink, wink* at Tongue Twied for understanding my love of Fifty, making me smile daily with her witty emails and posts, and for giving me a heartfelt reason for why I should read The University of Edward Masen next, which I will, as soon as my rehab is over.

I thank all of the girls who have been putting up with my constant references to the story and to Fifty, which includes Stan, Mary, Twi-Weasel, Nibbles, and Becky at Twi-sted Edbrella; Lacey at Tigerlily's Tirade; Starlit Violets at Violet Delights, and Jelena at Confessions of a Twiholic.

I thank my Super Bloggy BFF Mrs. P at TwiBite for putting up with me in general. You are fifty shades of funny every single day (ka-ching!). I am holding you to your promise to read it next! As Mrs. P pointed out, she was surprised I didn't have a permanent link to the story on my sidebar. Good call.

I thank Snowqueens Icedragon for writing a story that helped me realize what "It pwns me" means. She wrote a story that will stay with me. I'm glad she left it open-ended. It gives me hope ;)

@SQicedragon on twitter

I also got beyond excited when I got an email alert stating she was writing an outtake from Fifty's POV and would be publishing it to raise money for Alex's Lemonade. You can read about the bidding here.

And I can't finish my post without thanking Twilove1, Twired Jen, and Elusive S for keeping me entertained after I finished reading it on Saturday with their text messages, pictures, and phone calls during their trip to the Twi-Convention in L.A. Twilove1 even went so far as to call me during the actual panel with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor and leave her cell phone on so that I could try and hear the Q&A. I could hear the tone of Rob's voice and I did hear him giggle/laugh which gave me goosebumps. Can't even imagine what it was like being there in person. Twilove 1 was even giving me commentary from time to time. For her to think to do that for me during the highlight of her journey to breathe the same air as Rob is humbling beyond belief. I'm still shaking my head and smiling just thinking about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! XOXO

Check out some of Twilove1's pictures as well as her adventures with Mrs. P's avi (with the help of her partner-in-crime F-Kat) here.

And please check out the two-part post by Jen at Twired for a recap of their most excellent adventure ;) She has great pics, including a pic when they met Twilove1 and FKat, as well as a link to the complete 30-minute Q&A video.

One last thing. I know. I'm a wordy bitch today, but I don't blog that often so thanks for sticking with me if you're still reading. I know I lost Mrs. P to scrollitis about 17 paragraphs ago.

I have to share one of the sweetest thank-you cards I've ever received. As some of you know, I helped design a banner for the Twired blog. This is what I got in the mail last week from my "I give a big fat Crapsten" bloggy bestie, Jen. Please note the attention to detail, right down to Rob bringing me some boxed wine. LOL!

Mwah, Jen!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


I know I've been MIA lately, and I feel so guilty about it. I hate when RL gets in the way of blogging. All work and no play makes for a dull bloggy bestie, and I apologize.

That doesn't mean I'm not keeping up on the OMG Robporn.

And this was a GQ outtake?? Really?!

Of all the gorgeous WFE set pics, I keep going back to this one.
Does anyone else think this is the equivalent of Rob's sex face?
I'm sure Mrs. P will say she got cropped out.

I have also been working on another project that will make its debut tonight. The now infamous Drunk Mad Libs, originated and hosted by mmMoxie at Twighlight SagaPalooza, is getting its very own blog. Since I feel responsible for getting Mox to entertain us every week, I wanted to find a way to help with the hosting duties and also give her a chance to play. So after some discussion with DangrDafne, some pixie dust cheerleading from Starlit Violets, and a sigh of relief from Mox, DML has a new home.

So grab your drink of choice and join us tonight and every Friday night for DML starting at 6:30 pm Pacific, 8:30 pm Central, and 9:30 pm Eastern.

Bottoms up!
(She said that.)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Speed Bump on the Road to Twiobservations

"Actually, there are eight of us,
but Bloggy almost never leaves the hut."

A male co-worker who shockingly (not) knows of my blogging and Robsanity, cut this Speed Bump comic strip out of the newspaper and gave it to me, saying he thought of me when he read it. I love my enablers : )

Speaking of enablers, I went to a Cubs/Cardinals game on Sunday with a girlfriend from work, my son, and his girlfriend. I didn't have my Twiobservations notes out in the open. Honest. But that didn't stop my enablers from pointing things out to add to my list.

My List:

1) We'll start with this one and use it as our Music to Scroll By. This song played at least 10 times during the course of our trip. There's a line in the lyrics that every time I hear it, I think she's saying, "I said I wouldn't come, but I lost all control..." Actually, she's saying call, but give it a listen and see what you think. It's probably just my mind in it's usual place – the gutter. (Sorry if you're reading this, Mom.) This of course made me think of the breakup scene in New Moon where Bella famously says, "I'm coming," and Edward replies, "I don't want you to come." Try watching it without laughing. Talk about a mood killer. I did a YouTube search and found a Twilight-themed video set to this song (shocker, I know), and it's really beautifully done.

2) Overpass column with the number 1217 painted on it. Of course I thought of itsjustme1217 at RobMusement.

3) Mini Cooper - what Kristen drives

4) License plate that said H2O 50 (Ok. It really said H2O 61, but I've got MotU on the brain.)

5) Playing on the radio: Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" where at one point she says Roberto, which made me think of Bleriana at The Cold Shower

6) Restaurant sign for Charlie's Place

7) Sign for Blackberry Historical Farm, which made me think of my BlackBerry background (and computer screensaver) designed by Amy at MissAmyJoon

8) My ticket stub: purchased on 3/17 (I spy 17); Seat 109 – age of my favorite vampire; Row 24 – favorite number of my son and my bloggy bestie Dangrdafne at Dangrdafne Days of Delirium

9) Met my girlfriend at the Chicago Premium Outlets mall in Aurora, IL, where she had been shopping with her sister-in-law. She picked the parking lot to meet at. I picked the row to park in.

10) Volvo dealership. 'Nuff said.

11) Subway station I've been by countless times on my way to Chicago, but this time it made me think of Remember Me.

Leigha's List:

1) Sign for Wolf Road
2) Scoreboard at the game that said, "Happy 60th birthday Carter Black!"
3) Sign for Jacob's Park.

Anyone else see a disturbing pattern here?!!

Travis & Leigha's List:

1) When we got back to the outlet mall after the game, we split up and walked around for a little bit before heading home. They spotted the Calvin Klein poster with Kellan on it. I was bummed they didn't get a picture of it.

Team Jacob AND a Cubs' fan?
Good thing she's so good to my son. LOL!

Jeanne's List:

1) No Twiobservations for Jeanne, but she is the one who bought me the Rob Cannes poster at her kids' book fair that I have at work : )


Don't forget to set your DVRs for Rob's upcoming appearances:

• 2010 MTV Movie Awards
June 6, 2010

• The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
June 15, 2010

• Jimmy Kimmel Live
June 23, 2010

• Eclipse Premiere
June 24, 2010


And I leave you with these gorgeous pictures of Rob on the H2O film set. (Click on the Water for Elephants icon on my sidebar to see all of the set pictures taken to date.)

Sexpenders up

Sexpenders *gulp* down

Duuuuuuhhhhhhrrty Boy

White linen shirt
"I'm coming, Fifty."

I think this just turned into a
Wet Wednesday post ; )

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