Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Post Brought To You By The Letter B

Belated birthday card from . . . Edward Cullen.
Talk about a total fangirl moment!!

You are completely forgiven, Edward.

Big thank you to the bloggy bestie who helped Edward get my address.
I am keeping my tongue twied and not giving away her identity, though. XO

Music to Scroll By
Bob Marley

Blog a lot of these images were swiped from: RobzSinger

Brown looks good on Robward.

Brown looks good on Tybert.

Brown looks good on Robowski
(and Kinko - for you, Mox!).

Brown looks good on Rob.

Brown jacket on Beanie Rob. *DED*

Brown leather jacket, if you can get past the smile.

 Brown everywhere, if you can get past the fingerp0rn.

Brown background

Brown chair and desk

Brown hair ;)

Brown . . . lost my train of thought.

Brown wood (she said that)

 Brown scruff.

Brown sideburns.

Brown ripped jacket

Brown. Amen.

Beautiful Sunday everyone!


Twired Jen said...

Mmm...I needed that. I'm so PMS-Y today. Feel like going off on all of these guests. Rob is a surefire way to calm me down.

Love the card from TT! I never posted about it, but ES helped the entire Cullen family send me a card after my birthday ;)

xo J

kassiecullen said...

Awesome card! Edward is so thoughtful.

Wow you have completely made me rethink my hatred of the color brown. But now... gah seeing Rob in all that brown... oh my every time I see the color I will think of Rob and not hate the color anymore :)

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

mmmmmm, brown is one of my favorite even more so. And it is one of Rob's best colors too (aside from blue....I love him in blue) Gorgeous pics Lees!

Anonymous said...

What can brown do for you? Heh heh ;)

mmMoxie said...

Rob covered in chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

TongueTwied said...

OH CRAPSTEN! Is nothing sacred? I'll pass along the msg.

Both Edward and Rob look fantastic in brown.

(my comment: signed, sealed, and delivered)

I_heart_Fifty said...

OK I so did not read this post before I emailed you that photo!! Complete coincidence!

I flove every photo on this post. As soon as my new computer arrives (Squee!) I am coming back here to RC+S. Alot.

Nice work, bb x

Twilove1_sue said...

Whew, brown is my new favorite color. I'm even wearing it at work today. Coincidence? I think not. I just want to match Rob in case (when?) he shows up to whisk me away. That last picture is absolutely to die for. Yep, I'm dead.

TwiWeasel said...

*sigh* Thanks, Lisa. I needed that.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what Brown has done for me lately. Yum.

rpfangirldc said...

Brought to you by the letter B, the color Brown, and the integer infinity for how many times I die just looking through the RobP0rn.

If I could only figure out who sent you that card... (~.o)

Mama Cougar said...


I am in love with you. And I want you to chose me instead of him.

You wouldn't have to change for me, Lisa.

Wait...shit, yes you would. You'd have to learn to like fish tacos. ;-)



The kid could wear dayglo orange and puce, and he'd still melt my girl bits.

Jayla said...

Lisa, I'm brown... so does that mean I'd look good on Rob too? I think so :-)

Kelly said...

OK... Did I know it was your birthday? I don't think so.. so belated Happy Birthday.

And... who knew Brown could be so beautiful.. I think I love brown


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