Monday, May 16, 2011

The song heard round the world.

I know everyone is posting this, but I have to have it for my blog archives. Since I can hardly put into words what the picture and audio mean to me, I thought you might get a kick out of my reaction in real time.

Email: from Jeanette at RobMusement
Subject: full Songs from A Room Audio!!!!
Link: ROBsessed

Me: Gah!!!!!!! Really?

Jeanette: I got all kinds of f*cking excited and forgot to send the pic *dead*

Jeanette: This is amazing!

Me: Where's the pic? LOL! I'm eating supper and practically choked. Need to get to my computer...

Jeanette: JFC! This is it Lisa, he has officially ruined me. BTW, I am convinced this is his bday gift to me. No one will ever change my mind.

It took Jeanette three emails to send the picture.
I totally understood after seeing it :)


Source: ROBsessed

rpfangifljr: I keep sitting here and saying... Wait. What??? Over & over. The pic is TDF! I need to get on the laptop and hear it!!! Thank you!!! I'm so dying!!!

Me: Oh. Shit. Oh. Shit.

Jeanette: It's beautiful isn't it? He sounds amazing.

Me: That was just me reacting to the picture. I'm seriously crying right now. WTF is wrong with me? Downloaded mp3 now. Listening. BRB...

Me: Just hearing him sigh, speak, and stroke...

Jeanette: Well the pic is amazingly gorgeous.

Jeanette: I love that he says, "...if I f*ck this up" LOL


Me: I can't even function right now.

Jeanette: I'm right there with you.

Me: JFC. I'm just sitting here stunned. It's all I've ever wanted from him, Jeanette. More music. He has such a gift. I hope we get the video too, but just to hear him play and sing is almost too much. It's everything.

Jeanette: I agree. I'd love to see him play but I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it.

Me: Happy, happy, happy birthday, Jeanette!! Best present ever. As  kiTT said, Rob totally trumped our gift :)

Jeanette: Rob trumps all. Always. But what you guys did was amazing. I'm still stunned.

Email: from Jen at Twired
Subject: Rob singing!

Jen: GO TO ROBSESSED NOW!!!!! Full recording of Rob singing from that Songs from a room thing.

Email: me to kiTT at Tongue-Twied
Subject: Re: Is it my turn to say good morning? (He he. Inside joke. Thread from this morning.)

Me: Holy hell! The audio is out for Songs from a Room!! Jeanette emailed me, as did Jen, along with a tweet. I'm shaking. Getting ready to listen right now. BRB...

kiTT: Well Rob just showed us all up for Jeanette's bday.

Me: Yep. And I'm literally crying right now.

kiTT: crying? aww is your team losing to the phils? lol

Me: I have no idea. LOL! I don't even have the TV on. I am just listening to the song over and over and over.

Phone call: me to Mary (Mama Cougar)

Mary: I'm just getting ready to listen to it. Are you ok, baby?

(Note: My soul sister didn't even have to say hello.)

Me: Oh, Mary. *sobs*

Mary: I just saw the tweet and I knew you were going to call me.

Me: You know this is all I wanted.

Mary: You've followed them for a long time waiting for this.

Me: *sniffs*

Mary: I love you SO much.

Me: I love you too.

Mary: Ok. I'm going to listen to it now.

Then I emailed Fran (belladuluk/bellatesoro), tweeted ROBsessed, tweeted my Beanie Rob loving bestie Terri (rpattzgirl), and tweeted Sofar Sounds.

Email: to Rafe at Sofar
Subject: The song heard round the world.

Me: Thank you for finding a way to get the full-length version of Rob's song released. You know how long I've been waiting for it. Obviously, I hope that you get permission to release the video of it as well, but the beautiful photo and audio are amazing. Rob has no idea how much his music touches us and how badly we want him to record more. You've given us something to hold onto in the meantime.

Any chance that he sang more than one song?

Thanks again.

Rafe: nope just one song that night hopefully he'll come and sing again (if we don't scare him away)

you are most welcome Lisa....

(Note: You can learn more about SofarSounds here.)

Here is video footage from performance, filmed in February of 2010. When I emailed Sofar shortly after the video was released, Rafe informed me that they were working on securing permission from Rob and his management team to release the full-length video. *fingers crossed*

Thank you, Sofar.

Thank you, Rafe.

Thank you, Marcus.
(Rob was there because Marcus was performing.)

Thank you, Rob.

Thank you, enablers and handholders.

And thank you, Jeanette, for having a birthday 
and sharing the best present ever with us ;)



itsjustme1217 said...

I'm torn between swooning over the pic, crying over his beautiful voice and LMAO at us

TwiKiwi50 said...


Thank YOU Lisa, for being the first blog I saw with this included. WOW.

*no words*

Twired Jen said...

Oh my gawd, I am slightly embarrassed by your banner...and loving it at the same time. I just look HORRID!

Moving on, beautiful post. SIMPLY PERFECT LISA!

I never knew you emailed the Songs from a Room peeps! So cool. So they are waiting to get permission to release the whole vid with audio? Did they have to get it to release the audio portion and or vid? I would assume so.....

xoxo Lova ya!


Munkee said...

Aw, this is amazing. So can you download the song as mp3? I'm not savvy like that....

TwiloveSue said...

Wow. That song just leaves me happy and speechless (and I love the new banner! XOXOX)

rottymama said...

I could hear you squeeing all the way over here in Idaho! LOL

Thought of you when I say this on FB.


Smitten said...

Where to start....

Lovely post Lisa. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

The song, well, there are no words. He is such a talented man, and I am so happy to hear it in its entirety. Wow. Just. Wow.

And that picture... Scruffy beanie Rob FTMFW!!! Hello new wallpaper.

BellaTesoro said...

Well hell, you thanked everyone, now let me thank you!
When you called, and we finally got the link straight, and I listened to that voice full of his Old Soul, and looking at the beanie bearded Rob, well it made my heart happy.
Brings back memories and gives me one more reason to love Rob.
Thank You Lisa for sharing.

UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...


This is the first time I'm hearing it.....just beautiful!

Rob, you have to record an entire album of that amazing voice of yours. Pretty please!

Thanks Lisa!


StarlitViolets said...

I heard it here FIRST!


Now does anyone own a transcript of the lyrics? Hee hee.

Chloe Cougar said...


I had this on constant replay yesterday (oh, and I'm STILL clueless about the lyrics) - but having watched vid you posted, it makes it all the more real. He wanted to play more!!!

Loving the new look to your blog, hun. I think it's about time I overhauled mine... How long did it take you?

Thanks you so much for sharing this bb x

CC x

Mama Cougar said...

GAH! I just can't even.....still kinda reeling, actually. Because, FUCK this kid is going to kill us both someday. And it means so much more to me that I can share my batshit irrational attraction to Beanie-Beardy-Singing Rob with you.

You are my Soul Sister 4eva!!!


rpfangirljr said...

Can you believe I cried? CRIED! I am still in shock over the whole thing! I LOVE THAT SONG!

And the pic is still TDF!

Did I mention that I love the new look of the blog *cough* my favorite colors *cough*

Dangrdafne said...

I will go back and read and listen but I wanted to say I LOVE YOUR BANNER. That is AWESOME!!!! It is tooooo perfect and makes me miss Forks soooo much. Love it!!

TongueTwied said...

"It took Jeanette 3 emails before she sent the picture" LMFAO!!! Jeanette is the most efficient person I know so that is just hysterical how frenzied she was over this.

You weren't watching your team playing baseball. LMFAO!!! That is how caught up you were in this that you abandoned your baseball team. Hysterical!

Rob trumps all.

And he can totally trump me anytime!

Trixie and Tess said...

That is beautiful!! I'm so glad I stopped by here today to see what was new at 17Forever. Gah. I'm going to embed that somewhere so I can listen to it anytime I want.

The convo between all of you is hysterical and heartwarming. I love it!

Trixie and Tess said...

OH and I love your header sofa king much!

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