Monday, December 5, 2011

Libenet has outdone herself.


Twired Jen said...

WOW. Mind blowing. AND I never realized how sexy Paul was. Holy smokes. I know totally late to the party on that one.

Thanks so much for posting Lisa! Miss you.

xo J

Chloe Cougar said...

Oh, Lisa, thank you SO much for posting this! I would never have stumbled across it otherwise!

What an amazing vid. And, Gawd, I SO HOPE for Rob and Kristen that they can recreate the magic that Paul and Joanne shared. It's what dreams are made of, right?

Beautiful, beautiful vid. And the soundtrack was just perfect!

CC x

CarolOates said...

Forget Rob and Kristen. lol. I think the relationship between Paul and Joanne is something we all dream of in our own way. We may not have the cameras or the fame but we all have the opportunity and desire to be loved the way Paul Newman loved his wife.

Besides being a fabulous actor and a gorgeous man, Paul Newman founded Barretstown in Ireland based on the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in the US. It's a place for children with Cancer and other serious illnesses to go, have a holiday and forget they are sick for just a little while. He is one of my heroes.

Robert Pattinson has some big shoes to fill to walk in his footsteps.

Better get started Rob. :)

BellaTesoro said...

The comparison between these two are stunning. I always felt they both had so many things in common. First and foremost their personalities. This just confirmed it for me.
You're right Lisa, libnet out did herself with this one.
The song was a sweet paring with the clips.
Let's hope that Kristen and Rob have both the long lasting careers as well as the forever love. Hopefully too, once they mature they'll be able to fill those big shoes, as Carol so elegantly stated.

laureate04 said...

Its always awesome to find those comparisons....amazing how many pics and interview answers were the same! Great find Lisa!

laureate04 said...

Its always awesome to find those comparisons....amazing how many pics and interview answers were the same! Great find Lisa!

TongueTwied said...

Interesting timing considering we were just talking about Paul Newman on a thread last week.

Long-lasting love is always something to be admired. And when we sit back and say 'time will tell' about any present day couple we can look to Paul and Joanne and say, 'like it did with them.'

It's obvious Libenet has a lot of vision and patience.

And I'm with Carol, I would love to see Rob turn his fame into doing as much good as Paul Newman did.

rottymama said...

I finally got to watch this. I love the comparisons made and even in some of their pics! I have been a fan of Paul's since his Butch & Sundance days. Here's hoping!

17foreverlisa said...

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to view the video! I am still blown away by it.

And I agree with you Carol and kiTT...Rob has some big shoes to fill to reach that status. I hope he does some good in the world with his money, too.

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