Monday, September 13, 2010

Bella, your birth is definitely something to celebrate.

Glad it was still her birthday so she could ask Edward to kiss her.
*sigh* (and that's putting it mildly)

Happy Birthday, Isabella Marie Swan!
September 13, 1987


Sierra said...

you know she doesn't like her birthday being celebrated! lol

I_heart_Fifty said...

OK Bella, sorry, I got distracted by the JAW P0RN! Um, happy birthday... I guess. Roll on June 20th. Now, that's cause for a celebration...

twilightcupcake said...

Happy Birthday Bella! It weirds me out to see the 1987. I feel like things are so recent that my brain hasn't melded how old she'd be if she wasn't changed. No Bella birthday avi Lisa?

TongueTwied said...

"Today's the big day!" -Jess

Dangrdafne said...

Happy Birthday to my sister Susan!!

oh yea and Bella too :)


Dangrdafne said...

Actually I wanted to add - I can still hear my Mom in our room in Italy saying "Hey, Bella has the same birthday as Susan!" She thought it was neat that they shared the same day. I even have it on tape as I was filming our view from our room.

rpfangirldc said...

She may not want her birth to be celebrated, but I have to side with Edward and say glad you went there.

Happy Bday B!

Trixie and Tess said...

LOVE love LOVE that parking lot scene!!

Happy Birthday, Bella!


Twired Jen said...

All I can hear when I think of Bella's Birthday is Alice's sing song voice.."It's time, it's time!"

xo J

17foreverlisa said...

@Sierra - LOL! Good one!

@I_heart_Fifty - Kristen is one luck girl, isn't she? I mean Bella :0

@twilightcupcake - Of course I made a Bella birthday avi for twitter :)

@TongueTwied - Clever quote ;)

@Dangrdafne - Happy birthday to your sister Susan, too! That's too cute that you have Dangrmomma on film saying that.

@rpfangirldc - I'm glad someone's glad I went there!

@Tess - There is so much win about the parking lot scene, isn't there? After listening to Rob say in an interview how embarrassed he was to do that long walk makes it even cuter when you watch the expression on his face and then he dips his head in shy embarrassment half way through. And, of course, the noises that boy makes when he kisses. Unf!

@Twired Jen - That's all you can hear when you think of Bella's birthday?? I hear that birthday kiss in a constant loop. Let me tell ya!

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