Thursday, September 16, 2010

What if Rob came...

(she said that) to my town?

That is the question that Kelly from My discomROBulation threw out for a few of us to answer.

I'm always saying that nothing Roblated happens in Illinois. I had to travel three hours to watch Eclipse on the IMAX screen for cripe's sake. Not that it wasn't worth it to spend time with Marie, Kassie, and Kris from Twilight Junkies Anonymous and Mary from The Cougar's Den. The only time he was close was when he made an appearance on Oprah with Kristen and Taylor. To get a spot on the show like the girls at Twilight Junkies Anonymous did, you had to send in a submission as to why you were obsessed with Twilight. I couldn't bring myself to do it. The problem is, I'm not obsessed with Twilight. I don't think Oprah's staff would have picked me when I told them it's all about Rob.

So here I sit in the rural Midwestern town of Taylor Ridge, Illinois, population 3,439 . . . a town that borders the Mississippi River where it divides Illinois and Iowa. What in the world could we possibly have here that would make Rob want to stop and stay for a while? There's no SoHo, no In-N-Out Burger, no Mark and Spencer's. Then it hit me. He already has London. He already has the West Coast. He's stood on the pier in Cannes. He's stated that New York City is his favorite city. He freaking owns Rome (and the rest of us because of it).

So, where does he go to relax? Where does he go to hang out with friends and enjoy himself? Where does he go to be the musician he was born to be? A bar. Whataya know. We have a few.

We have one where local bands play on the weekends.
 Rob would fit right in.

We have one that has a piano bar.
Rob would fit right in.

Not to mention the fact that I need Rob to have his beer goggles on when we meet.
I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours.

So take off your coat and stay a while, Rob.
You'll fit right in.

Thanks Kelly for asking me to participate!
Check out the other bloggers showing Rob a good time.

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TongueTwied said...

The bar picture...LMAO!!! I'll make my popcorn and be back for more reactions to THAT!

It's no Songs from (an undisclosed location) Room, but it is one way to get Rob to play his music for you!

Dangrdafne said...

He would love the restaurant and theater right down the street from me. Good food and great acoustics, he would fit right in. The only thing I would hate... Lisa wouldn't be here to share it with me. I would be sure to film it all for you ;)

Twired Jen said...

Aww Lisa I love this. It's funny how I take for granted everything being 20 minutes or less here in San Diego. The thought of driving even an hour for anything is nuts. LMAO...granted it takes 2.5 sometimes 3 hrs to drive to LA, but that's for good cause...Jackson..Rob..etc.. ;)

Beautiful post. That first pic of Rob makes me go weak in the knees! And you, you're adorable, but you already knew that!

xo J

Kelly said...

Love the post.. and he would be lucky to stop and rest in your neck.....

of the woods that is :)

Thanks for doing this!!!


Twired Jen said...

PS- PMSL at your "Dean, Tom and Rob" arrows! LOL that guy kinda does look like Dean!

Munkee said...

*Sigh.* Here in "Redneck Vancouver" we don't have much to attract those sophisticated guys, either.

TongueTwied said...

Aww Munkee, I think you should make Rob's mum a kicka$$ totebag, maybe use some of his baby pictures on it. Then send Rob an invitation to come pick it up.

Good plan, no?

rpfangirldc said...

Beer Goggles are weird little things, aren't they? Great pic... LOL

I think you could have faked your way through that essay to get to the Oprah show. I could have written it for you.

I always thought that Illinois was highly populated. I had no idea that there were still rural towns... I think the same way of Ohio and Penn... But, atleat you have the bars and the high chance Rob could actually relax and enjoy the peace. I doubt that any paps would find him there.

Trixie and Tess said...

Those beer goggles are hott!! :) I think Rob would love it there. He seems like a laid back kind of guy...he would probably appreciate the slower pace.

LOVE the pics!!

Have a fabulous Friday!!


Twilove1_sue said...

Lisa, my sweetie, I have no doubt that you would show Rob a great time :) Can I come too? (she said that) I'll bring snacks.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Let me try that again.....without typos! LOL

@Lisa - Please call me when Rob stops by Taylor Ridge! I promise I will make the 3 hour drive from Chicago in 1 hour flat!!!!! I will totally drive like a Cullen! And don't worry - I have a radar detector. LOL

Thanks for the shout out chickie!!!! I was joking around with one my fellow teacher's today about already wanting to take days off, and I said (jokingly) that I couldn't because I needed to save all my personal days for Oprah tapings! LOL

I_heart_Fifty said...

Nothing happens in IL? At least you're in the same freakin continent! Come down to NZ Rob, no paps here! ................PLEASE?

You can sleep on my couch, @StarlitViolets and @Myg have already reserved their spaces, but we'll make room for you xxx

17foreverlisa said...

Well, if Rob won't come to my neck of the woods, all of you are welcome. Hell, if Rob does come to my neck of the woods, you're all welcome. I'm sure I'd have a heart attack and die, so it would be nice having bloggy buddies at my funeral to say a few words.

@kiTT - You inspired me to point things out in my photo. LOL! Pass the popcorn, please.

@DD - It would be a tragedy if I wasn't there to share it with you because I know you'd let me keep him :)

@Twired Jen - You already know how lucky I feel you and Sue are. So jealous.

@Munkee - "Redneck Vancouver" LOL!! I think kiTT's onto something with a totebag for Rob's mum!

@rpfangirldc - I think the numbers drop off once you get away from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Lots of farm ground around here, especially cornfields.

@Tess and Twired Jen - Obviously, you two were looking at me through YOUR beer googles ;)

@Twilove1_sue - You may come (How Fifty does that sound? Ka-ching!). XO

@Marie - Sounds like you have your priorities straight!

@I_heart_Fifty - Good point!. And what's this? You've invited SV and Myg, and now Rob, to New Zealand, but not me? *tear*

I_heart_Fifty said...

@Lisa - it goes without saying! You are always welcome! Just be sure you know that when Rob shows up, you ladies are waitin' in line ;)

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