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If you missed my F post, click here.

Now it's time for the big O. (She said that.)

Um. Yeah. That does it for me ;) This gorgeous new wallpaper was created by my bloggy daughter, Miss Amy Joon. This also looks great as the wallpaper on my BlackBerry. Amy also helped design my current blog banner. Today is her birthday! Happy birthday again, Amy. Please stop by her tumblr account and wish her a happy birthday and see all of her beautiful creations.

Outside my comfort zone

As my family knows, I am NOT a fan of having my picture taken. I can count on two hands the number of pictures I've had taken of me in the last 10 years. So having my picture taken so many times in FORKS, was definitely outside my comfort zone.

I mean seriously. I don't have this many pictures with my kids.
What a shame there's a glare on the dog's face. *snickers*

I have a stupid, idiotic phobia about wh*les that has steadily gotten worse over the years and now extends to all sea life. There is a reason they live in the water and we live on land people! The two should NOT meet. We left Seattle to make the four-hour drive to FORKS, and somehow I missed the memo saying we would be taking the ferry part of the way. I pretty much had an anxiety attack when I found out. The water was choppy, I got nauseous, and Mama Cougar held my hand during most of the voyage. Hey, we were on that damn ferry an entire 17 minutes! *shrugs* It might as well have been 17 hours. I was beyond disappointed in my reaction. Embarrassing.

I took this out of the van window. I should have stayed in there.

As part of the Dazzled by Twilight bus tour we took when we first got to FORKS, we went to Rialto Beach, which is one of the beaches near La Push. It was a nice, short visit and I was able to admire the beauty from afar. Then the group I was with wanted to go back because it just wasn't long enough and they wanted more pictures. I was a trooper and went back. How I let Twilight Cupcake talk me into hiking down close to the water in my flip flops is beyond me. She's so tiny. I could have taken her, too.

Chubby white chicks can't jump. Just sayin'.

L to R: Twilove1_Sue, Starlit Violets, Chubby White Chick, Twilight Cupcake,
TrueBloodTwilight/Honolulu Girl, Twired Jen, Cullenary Curser, Mrs. P

There was also much discussion prior to making our trip as to who wanted to go hiking and who didn't. By now, I'm sure you can guess what my vote was. But VitaminR told me that there was no way I could visit her beautiful state and not do some hiking. So it was that I found myself in the Hoh with a bunch of hos :) VitaminR was right...her state is beautiful.

Twired Jen channeling Sandra Bullock

This can also serve as music to scroll by.

L to R: Me, Cullenary Curser, Cullen Family Crazy,
Mama Cougar, Twilove1_Sue, Twired Jen, Mrs. P

Pictures do not do it justice.

Mrs. P and Twired Jen

Had to have proof for my family

Mrs. P and Twired Jen

Twired Jen: Look! There's Edward's spooge.

Dandgrdafne and Me at the end of the trail
Just look at what I would have missed out on if I hadn't let them
take me out of my comfort zone. Thanks, girls! XO


HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

Such beautiful photos! I did not know that you had a phobia of water (or I should say what lies in it). I sorta do too, and believe it or not. I hardly go in the ocean-the few times that I did on a board, I had a freaking heart attack because I was sure I was to be eaten by a tiger shark any moment. It would be just my luck...

I’m so happy that you went beyond your comfort zone-memories of a life time.

Dangrdafne said...

Any time you need to get out of that comfort zone I am there for you! I am so proud of you and so happy that you faced all your fears and plowed through. Just think next time it will be so much easier :)

And for the record, I don't think you could have taken TwilightCupcake at all!!! LOL!!!

Twired Jen said...

OMFGLMAO! I loved The Proposal and esp that scene. Never thought about it when I was gettin' ghetto in the woods ;)

Love this post too Lisa, your Fooooorks re-caps are awesome. I even fwd the last one to my Mom.

Proud of you!

Love you long time!

xo J

twilightcupcake said...

Lisa yes you totally could have taken me lol. Thank you for pushing yourself on this trip. I think we all did. I have that whole wet thing phobia and of course the anxiety about meeting new people. None of us passed out from fear and we all came out laughing at the end. Love the O :)

StarlitViolets said...

YAY for O!!! First off - I have literally referenced or reenacted the Sandra Bullock scene about 3 times so far this week!!! NO shit! LMAO!

I know how far outside your comfort zone you went, bb. But you did it. And in the company of several other chicks who were jumping outside their zones just by being there too. We all took a risk and ended up with a huge WIN on the friendship front! I've never fallen so easily into a group of people before!. And I'm usually an easy fit. This was something SO different! It was supposed to happen and I'm convinced it's supposed to happen again!

Great post, Lisa! I can't wait to read F! ;)

Pocket Edward said...

I'm glad you got out of your comfort zone, too! I think you are beautiful! The pics are awesome...PROUD FOR YOU, but also insanely jealous that I wasn't able to go. *sniff whine*

ANYWHOO. Thanks for following my blog...I feel a little starstruck *gasp--Lisa is following me...SQUEEEE!*

I'll try and get good shots in BR...maybe of real life Rob. Knowing that shot will be blurred from mah hands shaking....

Anonymous said...

I am still verrah jealous of you bb! You got to meet all those beautiful chicas (and they got to meet your awesomeness) and damn it seems like you had loooots of fun in an impressivly (?) beautiful ambiente...

Twilove1_sue said...

Lisa, to say that you were a trooper would be a major understatement! Thanks for going along with all the craziness with a smile on your face :) None of it would have been the same with out you!!!!

rpfangirldc said...

Wow! You net Edward and Sharboy whilst in FOrks. Very cool.

Of all thie things to get pics of though, I cannot believe you took a pic of Edward's um...

Now I wonder if any of you all touched it...

I can't wait to see what I've missed for R... Robert maybe?

And Miss Lisa... you look lovely in those pics. Quit bad mouthing yourself.

Jayla said...

Yay for you Lisa!
The pictures are absolutely wonderful. I really love the jumping pic... I see Mrs. P channeling her inner cheerleader. Whereas the trail pic isn't TwiredJen channeling Sandra- she's imitating JJ crapping on something.

Trixie and Tess said...

I love The Proposal! That clip is hilarious.

Good job on stepping out of your comfort zone!! The pics are fabulous!! I love seeing all of them...lets me live vicariously through all of your Twitarded people.


17foreverlisa said...

Thanks, girls!!

@Jayla - ...imitating JJ crapping... LOL!

UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

I am loving your Forks posts!!!! The pics are fantastic and so is the commentary. You had some great gals there with you to get through the rough stuff. I am still so jealous that you guys all got to go and meet each other! I'm looking forward to the R post! ;)

rottymama said...

Lisa, I am glad you step out of your comfort zone! "You are a strong, independent woman!" as Bella said. I know I did on this trip. I just didn't think about it too much. Now there are no what if's...Now there's when do we do it again!

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