Sunday, October 10, 2010


How are his pants staying up? Seriously!

Twired Jen sent me the link to this video earlier tonight. I may or may not have watched it about 17 times already, so I thought I'd share.

"Tell me you feel it, too . . ."

I recently answered the call to runaway, too ;) My FORKS posts start tomorrow.

Fun with friends
Outside my comfort zone
Road trip
Kickin' it and kicking back


Dangrdafne said...



Twired Jen said...

Um.....I love that vid & I love you.
That is all.

I_heart_Fifty said...

I've never seen that before but I LOVED IT.

I've always been on the fence about Robsten, but just lately, I'm so team Robsten. Just quietly, Jen & Lisa have totally got me on side.


UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

Lisa, that was beautiful! You know I've always been right there with ya on the whole Robsten thing. That video just nailed it! LOVED it! There are so many parts that made me squee! I love when there are people all around them, but they just seem wrapped up in their little Robsten bubble. I love when they are flicking mosquitos off of each other. I love how they look at each other. Thanks for the Monday morning treat!

Kelly said...

I'm all about Rob.. period.. but that was a sweet video.. and you know I adore you...

I'm totally looking forward to your
posts :)

Twilove1_sue said...

Oooh, I can't wait to watch this video tonight!! Of course, Lisa, I'll watch it 18 times just to beat you :) I'm SO looking forward to your Forks post!!! XOXO

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