Thursday, November 11, 2010


Nah. It's black and white to me ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa! So glad someone loves them as much as I do!! I just love the way he looks at her!! I could watch these videos all day just looking for them to be holding hands or something off camera! Love your blog by the way:)

Twired Jen said...

Um you already know what I'm going to you are tuned into my Robsten loving ways, but I'll say it anyways... Holy shit-balls that 1st vid rocked!!! I think there is a sense of relief with them now, they can be open on set. They look so carefree!

Ahhh, love the blk/wht theme as always and thank you for posting this.

Love you!

xo J

Demanda said...

Why does this couple continue to tug at my heart? THANK YOU for sharing this! The first video was so "precious" .. Ahhh *MELT* :)

TongueTwied said...

This will be a treasured scene between Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn.

SEPARATE from that...

It sounds like a tight filming schedule, but I do hope that Rob and Kristen are enjoying their time hanging out together and will be able to look back on these days with fond memories.

Kelly said...


Not sure I have stated this to you before, and I know that there are many who would say there are only two sides, either you are with them, or you are against them.

I am neither fore or against "them" I'm in this for Rob, period. Whatever makes him happy. And if there is something going on.. I hope it doesn't bite him in the butt down the road should things .. well not work out. (I was brought up in the "Don't sh!t where you eat" school)

That said, I can totally appreciate the close relationship they apparently have, and beyond that, as TT said, I also hope that they can look back on these days, these years with fondness when they are older, no matter where they both end up.

OH and I love the chemistry that looks to be stirring between Bella and Edward, something that, for me... has been a bit lacking in the past movies. I too love love love the way Edward looks at Bella in these scenes :)


Trixie and Tess said...

Ohgoodness. I love these so much. Black and white just brings to the forefront their love and chemisty. It's a beautiful thing. Thank you for posting these!!

Have a fabulous Friday!!

Living with Edward said...

Wait! Who is that girl he is with??! He is supposed to be with me!! He's getting punched in the face again!

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