Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just for shits and giggles

Life is too short not to laugh, right? Exactly.

There is a whole series of videos by TooVamptastic on YouTube
done Family Guy style. Here are two of my favorites.

Kristen gets the last laugh on this video as two different photographers
fall down while trying to take pictures of her arriving at JFK.

I found this online one day looking for images of Rob (shocker, I know).

It prompted me to create this.

Damn her and her fade to black!

If you aren't familiar with Rifftrax, you need to visit Twitarded
and watch the Rifftrax videos posted there. Too funny!

Speaking of too funny, do yourself a favor and check out this new blog: Tongue Twied. It won't
take you long to get caught up on all her posts. I promise you, every one of them is full of WIN – 
so much so, that I'm willing to forgive her a few things *coughsheisnotabigrobstenfancough*.

Banner design by MissAmyJoon

I am also loving Musing Bella's blog called Cheaper Than Therapy.

And a big welcome to smartEpantz who just launched
her brand new blog called Take Some E.

If you're still with me, I'll leave you with this. It's the video I made about
my Pocket Edward's adventure with Mrs. P at TwiBite's avi.

I know, I know. I said I was leaving you with that video. But if you
are into Pocket Edward, visit the blog Living with Edward.
It makes me laugh...out loud...every time she posts!!

Live, Laugh, Love


Snarkier Than You said...

Ha! "this is what sex looks like in SM's head" - that's priceless! and yes, i needed a laugh today for sure... thanks!

: )

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Look how cute you are making your PE video. I love it!!

TongueTwied said...

Wow thank you for those kind words.

What makes you think I'm not a Robsten fan? I just don't want to invite her to my Cougar's Choice Awards show because I want to keep her out of harm's way. The judges are a tough bunch! I'm doing her a favor!

I feel my current post + banner make it very clear I may or may not be a Robsten fan.

Musing Bella said...

LOL @ TongueTwied: "...make it very clear I may or may not be a Robsten fan." Yes, very clear, indeed. :P

Lisa!!! There I was, happily reading your hilarious post ( I love the "this is what vampire sex looks like in SM's head" pic - too funny), and then you shouted me out! Girl, I love you hard. Thanks for that.

I'll have to come back to watch the videos, as it's almost time for Lost, but I will be back for them!

MissAmyJoon said...

I definitely needed a laugh today Lisa, so thanks for this. I also re-visited the funniest Robert Pattinson article EVER: Robert Pattinson Humps His Pillow. At first I dismissed it, but once I read it I couldn't stop laughing! I laughed so hard I started crying and my mom was looking at me like 'wtf!?'

Your video is wonderful Lisa! The ending it perfect!

Living with Edward said...

Your "This is what vampire sex looks like" is absolutely priceless!! Props to you for that one. The family guy voice overs are good. There is a really funny one that you have to see.
It's called James wants his money: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfjU_FpyKhw

And the sequal, James still wants his money: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_8YgzXh58k

These had me rolling and crying!

Thank you so much for the shout out love. XOXO

norevoli said...

"This is what vampire sex looks like" ...WIN!
Also LOVE Kristen's reaction when the first pap falls over - you can hear her yell "Ye-hess!" in triumph. Now I know why she looked so smiley in those photographs! And why she usually looks so unhappy. Seriousy, I would've thrown a punch or several hundred before now if that's what was waiting for me everytime I went outside. People oughta have some respect!

mmMoxie said...

Thank you for the silliness! I needed it today :)

Twired Jen said...

Great post as usual Lisa. That Kristen vid is crazy, I saw a snippet of it last week and love that she laughs...She is so pretty when she ACTUALLY smiles.

smartEpantz said...

Well slap my ass and call me Nancy!!! Those posters left me wiping my mascara off my cheeks...and then you go and mention my little infant bloggybaybay!!!???
I am nuzzling your neck and resisting the urge to just bite you and make you mine right the fuck now!!!!!
I'm humbled, honored, and grateful to be recognized by the likes of you. I'm not just putting my tongue in your ass either...
Me love you longtime.

Anonymous said...

Definitely lauged at this post. Love the "this is what sex looks like in Stephanie Meyer's head" Sooo funny!

I wonder if she writes it in for herself and then cuts it out to make it "PG-13"??


Anonymous said...

Loving it.

17foreverlisa said...

@STY – Well, I’m not as funny as you are, but I’m glad I made you smile :)

@HG – I’ve got some mad video skillz, don’t I? Yeah, right! It’s basically a glorified slide show. I did try to add some “real” music to it, but YouTube kept shooting my song choices down. Any advice?

@TongueTwied – I am enjoying our emails almost as much as your blog ;) I should have known you were a Robsten fan when Twired Jen recommended your blog to me in the first place. *waves at Jen*

@Musing Bella – Mwah!!

@MissAmyJoon – Thanks for the link to the article. I hadn’t seen it before. LMAO! Glad you liked the video content.

@Living with Edward – Those videos are hilarious, too. I’ve watched all of the Vamptastic ones. I could spend hours on YouTube. Wait! I already do. LOL!

@norevoli – It was such an honest, unguarded moment from Kristen, wasn’t it?

@mmMoxie – XXXOOO

@Twired Jen – I first saw it on TMZ *hangs head in shame* and literally clapped my hands in applause. And I’m sure Rob makes her smile in private ;)

@smartEpantz (aka Nancy) – So is it wrong that I was slightly turned on by you nuzzling my neck and making me yours? LMAO! And believe me, I am the one that is humbled that any of you stop by my blog in the first place!

@V – So when are we going to get you a Blogger name, girlie! Not that Anonymous isn’t a nice name. LOL! I think that SM is laughing and taking her fade-to-black sex scenes all the way to the bank.

@TwitardedMom – Yay!

17foreverlisa said...

This was too important to get lost in my long follow-up comment. I totally effed up when I did this post and forgot the link to Tongue Twied's blog. Geesh!! I have fixed the post, but this is for anyone who subscribed to follow-up comments:


Please check out her blog and sign up to follow while you're there :)

sparkle for twilight said...

I love your "fade to black" rendition! lol! One of the FUNNIEST Twilight videos I watched was from The Soup. Not the Gossip Girl Chuck/Twilight mashup which is the only video youtube will turn up if you search Twilight and The Soup. It was another video they did which depicted crazed Twifans. They had like a montage of craziness till it made no sense at all and there was a clip with someone blowing a horn and a bull stampede, but by then I had tears filling up my eyes from laughing.

On a more "serious" note, I just watched this particular Kristen video for the first time, and I have to say that it completely sucks to be followed around like that. And as a 19 year old girl, even worse. Because when I was a teenager (omg I can say phrases like that now), I HATED drawing attention to myself, and if I was ever hey baby-ed walking down the street I'd freak out and run away. I think that's why when I'm alone, I still tend to walk fast, looking down towards the ground. Imagine walking out anywhere and dealing with that only it's not 1 but like 15 sleazy guys who hoot and holler at you while following you around? Terrible!

TongueTwied said...

Homerun! thanks!

All should please note 17 did not totally eff up. She just got sidetracked by my research and documentation that supports the suggestion that Robsten was hatching on film in Twilight right before our very eyes.

Dangrdafne said...

Love all your blog recs :) Great choices!

Can't wait to go back and watch all these vids when I am awake again this weekend.

That first picture made me smile so big. Thanks for this fun post :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you again soooooo much for that awesome video. I need to download it somehow and make a dvd...to go with my other AVI photos. It was incredible. Thank you...

Have an Happy Happy Easter!!!


spellbound said...

OMG, this is why I love your blog so much Lisa! "This is what vampire sex looks like in Stephenie Meyers head." I can see you're still bitter like I am! LOL

rpattzgirl said...

LMAO Lisa! Love the videos!! And the living with edward blog is hysterical!!!

17foreverlisa said...

@SFT - I will have to check out the Soup video. Sounds hilarious! I loved the vindication Kristen got when that photographer bit it. It's the only reason I was willing to post the video in the first place. I seriously was clapping on her behalf :)

@TongueTwied - You are a girl after my own heart with the baseball reference right off the bat. LOL! And thanks for defending my idiocy ;)

@Dangrdafne - It's crazy trying to catch up when you've been on vacation. Trust me, I know. Glad to have you back. XXXOOO

@Mrs. P - You're welcome. Your idea of taking your avi on location was pure genius. Not that I expected anything less from my Super Bloggy BFF. As you and I were talking the other day, it's almost weird to comment on each other's blogs any more since we email pretty much every day and have the email blog alerts. LOL!

@spellbound - Me bitter? What gave you that idea. LMAO!! Nice to see you out and about on blogs again. I've missed you!

@rpattzgirl - I am SO glad that you got over and checked out the Living with Edward blog. There hasn't been a single post that hasn't made me laugh out loud. I hope you got a chance to start at the beginning of her archives. Brilliant! Love your new avi. DuRob is going to do us in, isn't he?

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