Saturday, March 20, 2010

Twiobservations While On Vacation

You knew I'd have a few, didn't you? LOL! This is the same person who had Twiobservations at a church Christmas program (here) for crying out loud.

There were some I didn't have my camera out and ready for, such as a Rite Aid pharmacy (we don't have any where I live in Illinois), a motorhome made by Cougar, and a Swan Furniture store.

Our journey began at Travis's first spring training baseball game.

Pocket Edward was stoked.

Of course my mind went to "New Moon Spa" –
bonus points for it being on Exit 117.

While traveling in Mississippi, we stopped and 
did a little touring of Natchez and Vicksburg.

This made me think of Tigerlily RoseTwilight Cupcake, and Fanficzombie.
I know, I know. Rob's a Coke addict, too (his only downfall in my eyes).
I am a diehard Diet Pepsi girl, so this took some dedication, girls. LOL!

This, of course, made me think of all of you, but especially
JJ at Twitarded for some strange reason ; )

We stopped at one Antebellum home in Natchez.
Guess what it was called?

I shit you not!

Took the flower pics for you, Lacey!

Then we went on to Vicksburg.

Naturally, I thought of the Great Penis Debate at TwiBite.

And the discussion regarding cut . . .

vs. uncut at Twi-sted Edbrella. LMAO!

Jackson Road for Mrs. P, Twired Jen & Sarah, Twilove1, Z Any Mouse,
and the rest of us who have caught Jacksonitis because of them.

Watched Twilight on my iPod Touch one night while the hubby 
had control of the remote and Travis was at a team dinner.

But imagine my surprise when I found this another night
on the TV menu in our hotel room!

As Pocket Edward is demonstrating, "SCORE!"

(And yes, that's my cheap-ass box wine. That's how I roll,
much to my dad's dismay because he is a wine connoisseur.)

And speaking of New Moon, it's time I started getting packed up for my trek to meet Mama Cougar at The Cougar's Den in real life. SQUEEEEEE!! I am going to her New Moon DVD Release Party and spending the night. It's about a three-hour drive. SO excited. Obviously, that's a post in the making for both of us.

Let me know what you did or are planning to do in regards to the DVD release in the comments!


Living with Edward said...

Omg. I must totally be wearing Twilight goggles. When I saw the picture of the sign of NM Spa I didn't even see NM, I saw New Moon!

It sounds like you are in for a good time at Mama Cougar's. I wish I had a group of Twi buddies here to relish the moment with. But, alas, the Twitards in the area are hidden. I have to devise a plan to find them I think. I just got home from work and am now going to dig into my dvd. Now I just have to decide movie first or special features?!

MissAmyJoon said...

LOL! Rite Aid! We have Rite Aide here and I'm not a fan. When I was little it was Thrifty. They have the best ice cream. Only a few have ice cream stands in-store now.

I'm confused about your Antebellum reference. Antebellum is the period before the Civil War (1861-1865). Edward was born in 1901, right?

Great pictures and post as always Lisa!

17foreverlisa said...

@Living with Edward - LOL!!! It's crazy how we do it, isn't it?

@MissAmyJoon - Geez. I don't know what I was thinking, either. Deleted it. Thanks for keeping me on my toes :)

Twired Jen said...

OMG Lisa I love this...I love it because I see Twi in everything too. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy. I love knowing I'm not the only one.

Usually I keep the stuff to myself, or text my Sis. I say stuff out loud sometimes to the bf, but he usually rolls his eyes and/or smirks.

Anyhoo, I'll be thinking of you tonight. I'm sure you'll have a blast. What great motivation for a mini-overnight road trip! I went to Target this morning at 8am, and purchased my copy of NM. I'm not supposed to get the one I ordered online until Monday...At least we'll have two copies by Mon, one for me, one for Sis.

She's coming over after I get off of work at 4pm and we're gonna crack open this bottle of Rasberry Champagne I purchased at a winery a couple years ago. I was saving it for a "special occasion." I figure this is as good as any! Though I'm sure we'll polish it off and move on to something else ;) The bf is working till 10, so we can be as "squeeeeeish" as we want.

Can't wait to see pics from your adventure to Mama Cougars!

P.S. LOVE the boxed wine! Much more travel friendly! Never thought about doing that...we always try to stuff wine bottles in our bags. My Mom always used to get boxed wine for parties when we were kids...It's really made a comeback!


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Lisa. Your observations are quite amazing. I mean, I am astonished at your ability to find all things Twilight. That is so cool.
Have fun at Mama C’s, btw!
I’m going to a New Moon party tonight too, and these bitches roll hard. I mean the one has Twilight on her car (I mean all across the paint job). So I will be in good company with some diehards.
Everybody have fun tonight, whether you are just w/your s/o or at a party w/friends!!! It’s all about your love for Twilight!

Dangrdafne said...

When I was at Borders the other week, I kept seeing bloggy people everywhere - FanFicZombie the obvious one ;) but there was a book called Honolulu and I thought of Honolulu Girl, there were all the cupcake books that made me think of TwilightCupcake and CupcakeDonna and so many others I can't recall at the moment. I love when my Twilife and RealLife intersect.

@LivingWithEdward - we will have to get together soon :) Maybe I will be able to release Dangrmomma from seeing Eclipse with me :) Who else is out there from northeastern PA??

Lisa have a great time tonite and Be Safe as always!

My DVD did not show up today and it is now 3pm so I doubt it will. Oh well, I might get it on Comcast On Demand if my hubby goes out. But there is college basketball and wrestling to watch today too.

Living with Edward said...

@Dangrdafne: An Eclipse buddy?? Yaaayyy!! We should definatly set something up!

TongueTwied said...

Saying hi and welcome back!
Love the new banner--first time I saw the ripped part of the coat your hubby was referring to. I guess he's more observant than me because I had not noticed it...but maybe I was just staring elsewhere. <>

Looks like a great trip!

mmMoxie said...

Love the vacation pics & the cannons were freaking hilarious! I knew he was hiding a cannon in those boxer briefs!

Have fun at the NM release party. The Saga Mafia will be having ours on Sunday since we pretty much worship Twilight :P

sparkle for twilight said...

I don't know why I always find the pictures people take with Pocket Edward so amusing. Your vacation sounded like it was a lot of fun LOL NM Spa... all of your observations would have been my own had it been me! I pass a lot of Bella things around me. Twilight on the go is SO handy. I have it on my iPod, I'm sad they didn't have a digital download with the NM dvd this time.

Anonymous said...

I see Twilight stuff everywhere too. It's so fun to see what you found on your travels.

Just bought New Moon at Wal-Mart after this morning's motorcycle club meeting. Was thinking about going last night for the midnight release. Then decided it wouldn't be very fun to go by myself. Was so worried they would be sold out this morning. Wal-mart had stacks and stacks of New Moon right by the door & much more in the electronics section.

Musing Bella said...

So funny! While we were out today, I saw a "Cougar" mobile home, too! I read that just now and went, "I wonder if it was the same one??" LOL - probably not.

I'm with Jen - I love knowing that other people do this, too. I see Twipeople!!!

I have GOT to get me a Pocket Edward - those pics are hilarious. TH has even agreed to help me and not make fun if I get one and take pics of him while we are out and about. Isn't that nice?

I love the Rosalie house!! Totes looks like somewhere she might have lived, too, if she lived in the country and in that time period...

twilightcupcake said...

I love that the Coke made you think of me and Rob at the same time. The cock restaurant is hilarious and the penis cannons too funny. The Rosalie and Jackson finds were ironic. Your iPod set up with mini E is super cute. I like how he was cheering too. Can't wait to see your cougar den post. Want to see your goody bag. Her cake looked Awesome

Twilove1 said...

OME, everything makes me think of Twilight too!! However, Lisa, you are the Queen of all Twilightedness, cause you came up with those gems AND took pictures! A few days ago I drove behind a car with a license plate frame that said "Jake's Motorcycles" and I had this crazy notion to follow it, and I'm not even a Jacob fan... I'm really looking forward to hearing about Mama Cougar's NM party & have been following your tweets tonight :)

Stacked Like Sookie said...

I TRY & keep my twi-observations to myself coz of all the eye rolling that follows! You saw some gorgeous places on your trip & yes I also rekon Rosalie would have lived in a place that grand. The cannons cracked me up, of course it's a cannon! I hate you all for getting NM coz I have to wait until APRIL 14! Grrrr..... by hate I mean a jealous love kinda hate. A sympathy drink at your NM parties for me please.

Stan said...

LOL at all the observations! Can't wait to see the posts about Mama Cougar's party :o)

mysharona said...

OH MY GOD, I snorted at Welcome to Rosalie. It's like the Twilightiest Holiday ever! Wicked! xxx

TigerlilyRose said...

AWWW Lisa...I am touched at the flower pics! Really, almost cried. You posted this the day before my birthday, so I consider those pics my birthday present!!! I can see that I have been neglecting my online buddies way too much lately! Your new blog design is GREAT!

Good post, glad you had fun at Travis' game. You know, really you can't be THAT far away from me and wease...what like 4.5 hours or something...we should do something about that!

See you on Twitter tonight! I WILL be online tonight!!!!! No one will stop me!

17foreverlisa said...

Thanks for all the comments!! I've been so bad replying. Now that Travis's baseball season has officially started, we are on the road a lot.

@TigerlilyRose - I didn't make it on twitter last night. I'm on there tonight (this morning now!) but it's quiet. Glad you liked the pics. I really did think of you when I took them :)

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