Tuesday, May 18, 2010

His Black Eyes

When you think of Edward, you think of his amber/golden eyes. It's been a long time since we've seen his black eyes...you know...before the flourescents changed them...the way they should have been when Bella finally reunited with Edward in Italy. I seriously gasped out loud when I watched the teaser trailer on Oprah last week and saw this:

Um. Yeah. Now I'm hungry, too.

Eclipse is my favorite book from the saga. When I think of Eclipse, I think of the special moments between Bella and Edward. Yup. I'm a sucker for romance in my books and movies. So imagine my surprise when after watching the teaser trailer on Oprah, that this is the scene I keep going back to:

You can view the entire show here:

You can view 85+ screen caps from the teaser trailer here:

Angry Edward totally owns me. He is practically growling at Jacob. That is useful information to have tucked away in my brain as I read ff.

Since they are fighting over Bella,
I really should include a picture of her, too.

Oops. How did that get in here?

There. That's better!

Speaking of ff, I've done it. I've finally started reading MotU. The funny part is that it's like a secret club I've been wanting to join but didn't know the password to. Well, the password is Fifty Shades, and the owner of the club is Snowqueens Icedragon.

It only took pleading from bloggy besties Dangrdafne (Dangrdafne Days of Delirium) and TwilightCupcake (Twilight, Treats, and Travels), an awesome video from the one and only Biel (IamBiel), and a reminder post by STY (Twitarded) to get me there, too. I'm a quick learner...obviously. And yes, ladies, you can start the I told you so's now.

On a side note, don't forget to set your DVRs to record Ellen tomorrow. Rob will be on and unless he's wearing a baseball cap or his beloved beanie, we are going to get our first real look at his new haircut for Water for Elephants. WFE (or H2O as it is affectionately called) begins filming on Thursday. Click on the WFE banner under Rob's Projects on my sidebar for details.

Now please excuse me.
I have an elevator to catch ; )


Dangrdafne said...

I will not rub it in (that's what she said). I will just rejoice that you are reading MotU and LOVING it!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Excellent post by the way! Love the pics of the eyes.

TongueTwied said...

Kudos to Slade for making THAT scene better than the book. (again this kind of thing gives me hope for a colorful honeymoon) And I love how even JB seems remorseful in saying "I kissed Bella" like he's admitting it rather than being smug like he was in the book.

MofU! Now you'll know why I refer to hubby as Fifty sometimes! lol

Twired Jen said...

So at first I was thrown off by the black eyes, but ES reminded me that he's super HUNGRY because he'd skipped out and come home early from a hunting trip at that point in the book. Totally makes sense.

I sooooo LOVE angry Edward. Mmmmmmm. Mmmm angry Edward sex....What? Did I just say that?

xo J

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

You know I read upto chapter 30 on MotU but got busy with RL, so now I have it on my phone and I am starting over at the beginning. I have to admit, I do love it. But I have never made it to the... ya know. Good stuff yet. So I can't wait.

Musing Bella said...

Oooohh, the elevator is GOOOOOD. I can't say I told you so, because my last rec post was about only *finished* stories, so I don't think I *did* tell you so, but I'm glad you're in the club! That story is HAWT.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Edward's eyes are soooooo much better in Eclipse than in New Moon. Black or gold....they are gorgeous! I want to say more, but I don't want to be a spoiler!!!!! It's killing me!!!!!

17foreverlisa said...

@DD - You did say that, didn't you. LOL!!

@TT - I just love that whole scene. I just watched it again before I started typing follow-up comments. LOL! And Holy Crow, you sometimes refer to your hubby as Fifty? Lucky you!!

@TJ - Another blonde moment, huh? LOL! And I agree...mmmmmmmmm!

@HG - DD told me to promise I wouldn't stop reading it, but it's 85 chapters and counting. Yikes!

@MB - It does make me smile to know my foot is in the door of the club. I need to read some more to feel like I've earned the right to belly up to the bar, though ;)

@IMC - Now that's just mean!!! Now you're killing me!!!

Toefunny said...

I joined the secret MoTU club about 2 weeks ago and devoured it in a matter of days! Biel's Video is soooo HAWT!!!! And I'll never be able to be in an elevator again with out squirming!|

Oh, and Rob CUT HIS HAIR!!!!!! I'm so so sad about it actually.... There's not much left in the back to grab on to


17foreverlisa said...

@Toefunny - First of all, welcome!! I used to read like that. Start something and not be able to put it down. Now I'm so easily distracted and have online withdrawal from blogging. I will get there, though!

I follow the WFE film site, so I had seen the pics of Rob's new haircut, but thanks so much for the link! The way his hair grows, it won't take long to get it back to grabbable length ;) With the Eclipse premiere so close and the filming for WFE starting on Thursday, it's safe to say that we'll be seeing that haircut for a lot in the next few months.


Living with Edward said...

I puffy heart the black eyes! They make his eyes look a bit bigger and he looks really sexy.

I'm going to admit it, I'm not reading MotU either. I don't even know what it's about. Should I duck from the tomatoes now

Dangrdafne said...

@ LwE - Don't duck ... just go read it!!!! LOL!!

mmMoxie said...

oh I lurve me some angry Edward! I especially enjoy his surly side when he yells at Bella in Twilight, you know, when she confronts him in the hospital "I hope you enjoy disappointment." *sigh*

He was such a colossal pussy in NM he HAS to redeem himself in Eclipse.

I'll pass on the FF versions of Edward. Still haven't been able to get into it. I have, however, been fantasizing plenty while reading the Dexter books ;)

Jayla said...


BTW loved your FFF fave autograph, so sweet, Travis is one lucky son!

Welcome to the Fifty Shades fan club (don't forget to join the page of facebook too!) He is one sexy man.

Angry Edward- oh yum! ferral and fierce!
Um, cutting out Bells would have been a better crop- just sayin' (hiding from Twired Jen, again)

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Welcome to fan fiction crack cocaine! I resisted reading it for ages as I'm very vanilla & I didn't think it would appeal to me but, shit I was wrong.
I just finished watching Ellen about half an hour ago & his hair is gorgeous. The bitch who got to play Patting Pattinson made us Aussies look bad, she didn't even cop a feel of his ass, junk or hands (which would have been a dead givaway). I know you love musician Rob as much as I do so check out Edwards Concert (hand porn) http://youtu.be/EkH8B1dWMic?a

Trixie and Tess said...

LOVE that pic of Rob and Kristen...so cute!

Twilove1 said...

Oh good, I was beginning to think I was the only one not reading MoTU yet. I know all the cool kids are doing it, but I'm already involved with way too many fanfic Edwards, the hoor that I am. One of these days I'll give in to the peer pressure, I'm sure. I lovelovelovelove WFE Rob!!! That new haircut is absolutely driving me crazy :)

Jenny Jerkface said...

Jeebus frucking crispies is Edward hot in those pics. {shivers}

Welcome to MotU!! You have a lot of catching up to do (like STY) so I good luck getting any sleep!!


Nocona said...

Great attention to detail. I did not notice that but his eyes should have been black in NM when they reunited. I do like the anger in the scence. The book made it very light hearted. I liked it that way too because it was kind of funny. I just wish Bella was not being in the middle of this scene. In the book she is mad at Jacob for kissing her and I liked that. It showed her love for Edward and she was not always so torn between them. Can't wait for the tent scene. I also have hope that the engagment scence will be as fun to watch as it was to read. All I have to say is that this director has made Edward look like the greek God that he was described as in the book. The 1st movie was horrible and did him no justice. The second was better but he looked to the side too much this one we get to see his smile. Eclipse was my favorite! I loved the romance but I loved the banter between Jacob and Edward. I hope they put in the movie where we breathed in her hair before Jacob came over to check out the vampire smell in her room. I also loved in the clip they showed on Oprah where he asked Jacob if he owned a shirt. That was great!

17foreverlisa said...

@Living with Edward - I love you too much to send you packing because you aren't reading MotU. It took me months to finally dive into it. Dangrdafne was relentless ;)

@Mox - I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't see "Edward" when I read ff ;) But our differences is what I love the most about you. XXXOOO

@Jayla - Hey, girlie. How are you?! Email me when you can and give me an update. Thanks for the heads up on the FB page for Fifty. And Imma gonna pretend I didn't here your crop comment. *plugs ears* lalalalalalalalala

@Stacked Like Sookie - Man, I haven't watched that deleted piano scene for a long time. Thanks for reminding me about it. I love the way he's holding his lips, too. You know me well. I am totally in love with Rob, the musician. I want him to record in the worst way. Yes, the girl getting to manhandle our boy missed a golden opportunity, didn't she? LOL!! I didn't make the Aussie connection. Too funny. And you're right about ff being like crack cocaine. It is definitely an addiction and you need a fix every day :)

@Trixie and Tess - We Robsten lovers have to stick together :)

@Twilove1 - Since we talk every single day, I know how much you love WFE Rob. I'm still smiling thinking about you getting to see the set locations over the weekend. And with all of the ff you read, I am surprised you haven't read MotU. Now that I've started reading it, you probably are the only one left. LOL!

@JJ - Sleep is highly overrated :)

@Nocona - Glad to see you again. I follow Marie at Twilight Junkies Anonymous, and she was at the taping of the Oprah show and actually got to see Eclipse. She says we are going to love it and that is a lot of humor in the movie, especially between Edward and Jacob. If you get a chance, you should check out her blog and catch up on her and her friend's comments about the movie, the Oprah show, etc. Very entertaining stuff. I'm glad that Eclipse is your favorite, too. I am so looking forward to all of the Edward scenes because when we finally get to Breaking Dawn, he will go all emo again and there is just way too much of Jacob in it for me. Oh, yes, I hope that scene where he leaves his scent on her for Jacob to find is in the movie, too. Good call! The line in the clip that Edward gives about Jacob not owning a shirt is a perfect indication of what we can expect from the movie, I think. Can't wait!!

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