Saturday, May 8, 2010

Twiobservations Happy Dance

Last weekend I got an early Mother's Day present. Travis had his last regular season conference baseball games, and my daughter had cleared her schedule to make the trip with me. My husband had decided to stay behind to finish roofing part of the house, so it was just me and Danica. Happy dance!!

It was a 4 1/2 hour drive through Iowa to get to the ballpark. We had our MapQuest directions, our overnight bags, and snacks. We got on the road around 10 am Saturday morning for the 4 pm game. Did I mention that my husband didn't make the trip? It was the most relaxing road trip I've had in years!!!!! Usually when we travel together, it goes something like this once we get out of familiar territory:

Hubby: Do you have the MapQuest directions?
Me: Yes.
Hubby: How many miles are we on this stretch of road?
Me: 109.
Hubby: What exit are we looking for?
Me: 17.
Hubby: I'm going to set the trip odometer.
Me: Ok.
Hubby: How many miles?
Me: 109.
Hubby: *sets trip odometer* What's the exit again?
Me: 17.
Hubby: Hand me a piece of paper, would you?
Me: *get piece of paper from my purse*
Hubby: How many miles did you say?
Me: *grinding teeth* 109.
Hubby: *picks up pencil he always has handy and writes 109 on the piece of paper*
Me: *look out the passenger window, shake my head, and roll my eyes*
Hubby: What's the exit again?
Me: 17!! *&$%# under my breath*
Hubby: You don't have to be a bitch about it. *writes 17 on the piece of paper*
Me: *reach for my iPod Touch so I can put my earbuds in and drown him out*

This is how it went with my daughter:
Danica: After this exit, we'll be on the interstate for 109 miles.
Me: What's our next exit?
Danica: 17.
Me: If you want to put in a CD, go ahead.
Danica: *puts in Lady GaGa*
Me & Danica: Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah, Roma, Roma-ma, GaGa, ooh la la, want your bad romance
Danica: Here's the exit, Mom.
Me: How long are we on this next stretch?
Danica: 21 miles.
Me: Can you grab that piece of paper and a pen?
Danica: What for?
Me: Well, I do these Twiobservation posts on my blog.
Danica: *reaches for paper and pen and rolls her eyes*

Talk about no stress!! We had an awesome time. Travis's team got a three-game sweep and clinched the #1 seed in the conference tournament, and Danica jotted down Twiobservations for me. By the time we got to the ballpark, she was suggesting Twiobservations to add to the list :)

Precious Petals - The Precious, of course
Mason City - Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
Britt, 17 miles - road sign; if only he were that close
Smile YOUR MOM Chose Life - billboard; had to explain Living with Edward and TongueTwied to Danica
Shirtless boys working in a field - dogs
A.V.I. weigh station sign - the adventures of Mrs. P at TwiBite's avi
North 69 - Twilove1 was Follower #69 on TwiBite's blog
Totem Pole - It's LaPush, baby.
Spahn & Rose Lumber, Inc. - or Royce & Rose Lumber, Inc., whichever you prefer

Crystal Lake - "Edward sparkles like crystals, doesn't he?"
Wolf Pack - chewing tobacco behind the counter at the gas station
Jacob Tanner Hall and London Hall - campus buildings at the college Travis played at
Taylor Trucking

Clearly, she's Team Jacob. I thought I raised her better than that!

In honor of mother's day, I'd like to thank my kids for making me proud to be their mother. I'd like to thank my mom for loving me unconditionally. I'd like to thank Rob's mom for obvious reasons ;) I'd like to thank Twitarded for being the mother of all blogs and helping raise so many baby blogs, like mine.

Weather permitting, we will be traveling to Travis's tournament games on Sunday. A day at the ballpark with my daughter, my potential daughter in law, and my that's my idea of a perfect Mother's Day.

If you haven't seen this already, please do yourself a favor and read it. SuzsPetals is the author of the ff The Family Business, blogs from time to time, and tweets 24/7. She also wrote the most amazing Mother's Day tribute. Grab a Kleenex and click here.

The week long celebration of Rob's birthday on May 13th, starts on Monday. Engineered by RobMusement fifteen blogs will be participating in a birthday blog train. (See icon on sidebar.) Should be fun.

Whether you are celebrating with your kid(s), your mom, your pet(s), or all three, I wish you all a safe and
Happy Mother's Day!


TongueTwied said...

Had your first conversation been with a bloggy bestie you would have been answered "17, like your favorite number" and "109, like Edward's age."

Great job Danica! I think she'll abandon the dog when she hears Edward's favorite team is the Red Sox. It's true! I'll find some reference in the book/movie to support that claim, too!

Happy Mother's Day all!

Trixie and Tess said...

Love your Twiobservations...I was thinking the same thing as TT...Edward was all over those observations!

Hope you have a great Mother's Day!


SuzsPetals said...

Thanks so much for the acknowledgment, Lisa, it means a lot. Have a special and wonderful Mother's Day!

MissAmyJoon said...

Great post yet again Lisa! On my road trips with my brothers there's barely any talking. It can get boring, but it's way better than someone talking in my hear for 8 hours!

Happy Mother's Day!

"I thought I raised her better than that." ;o)

Dangrdafne said...

Who needs a short post when it is an awesome post like this one?!

I love it. I love Danica playing along, I love your convo with your hubby (I hate to say I do the same as he does with directions at times, Type A's can't help it, we need perfection), I love the observations, and I love you.

Have a fabulous mother's day!


Twired Jen said...

Happy Mom's Lisa! (a bit early)
As you know, I have Twi-observations all the, and often have no one to tell! Grrrrr.

Sounds like you had a blast with your daughter. My Mom & I travel well together too. It's just so easy going with her.

xo J

Living with Edward said...

OMG! I love that "your mom" is now Twilight related. I see I've done my job. I can rest easy now. LOL The I thought I raised her better than that line is hysterical.

17foreverlisa said...

@TongueTwied & Trixie and Tess - I had to throw in 17 and 109. Glad you were observant enough to catch it ;)

@TongueTwied - Can't wait for you to make the Re Sox connection so I can pass it along to Danica. LOL!!

@SuzsPetals - You earned it. XOXO

@MissAmyJoon - Boring isn't always bad, that's for sure ;) Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes! Have a great day with YOUR MOM.

@Dangrdafne - I really thought it was going to be a short one until I decided on the convo portion. LOL!!! Mwah!

@Twired Jen - Thanks! And that reminds me...I forgot to tell you I enjoyed your Twiobservations in your video, especially the Eclipse one. LMAO!

@Living with Edward - Yes, you raised me right. LOL!

Twilove1 said...

Lisa - OMG, road trips with my husband are SO stressful too!!! We finally came to an agreement that if the trip is over an hour, then I'm driving, cause otherwise I would have to kill him and hide his body somewhere along the side of the road. While I was driving home this weekend, I thought of you when I saw a sign for "Newton's Outpost Cafe" and then when I drove behind a car with the license plate "wolfpak" (and yes, I did pass him just to make sure it wasn't someone we "know").

twilightcupcake said...

That is sweet Lisa. Your conversations with your husb sound as frustrating as the ones with mine but in a different way. He is not good at criticism and basically he is always right until proven wrong. But of course he is usually not that far off and everyone's life is easier if we just do things his way.
I love your Snoopy happy dance picture too.


mmMoxie said...

Sounds like you had a really nice Mother's Day :)

Z Any Mouse said...

Congratulations to Travis' team! I hope they do well this weekend. It's all about doing your best, but winning is a whole lotta fun!

On our way to Reno for the boy's HS jazz competition, I saw Robb St., or Rd, Ave, Hwy, something like that. My mind went fuzzy when I saw Robb. I had to keep it to myself, because Mr. AM would never have understood, pffft.

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