Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rite of Passage

Wallpaper created by MissAmyJoon for her bloggy bestie Sparkle for Twilight

Music to scroll by
(Love this live version he sings with his sister.)

I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but 17 is my favorite number. It has been since I was in Junior High. I really don't remember why exactly, but it may have had something to do with the fact that I knew I would graduate and be "free" of school when I was 17.

So when I got an email alert (source) stating that Twilight's prom scene was recently chosen as one of Seventeen magazine's "17 Best Prom Scenes of All Time," it caught my eye. Not to mention the fact that Kristen Stewart was 17 when filming began on Twilight.

Excerpt from article:

"Bella isn't like other girls – she falls in love with Edward, a vegetarian vampire, and she could care less about going to prom. She has other things to worry about, like falling prey to the evil vampires. But Edward won't let her miss this human rite of passage, so he takes her to prom, where they dance the night away in a beautiful gazebo."

Also making Seventeen's cut are scenes from Prom Night, High School Musical 3, Never Been Kissed, Saved By The Bell, 10 Things I Hate About You, Dawson's Creek, Drive Me Crazy, Romy And Michele's High School Reunion, Footloose, Carrie, Mean Girls, Pretty In Pink, and others.

I don't know about you, but the roles were reversed for me. I had to drag my boyfriend to my senior prom. Pretty sure I used the rite of passage argument with him. Of course, that rite of passage may have included some country back roads and refreshments. Just sayin'. Apparently, I showed him he had a good time because five months later, he married me :)

Sparkle for Twilight did a post back in March dedicated to Twinkly Lights, Gazebos, and Foot-Popping Kisses. It sums up the charm of the Twilight prom scene better than I ever could. She also created these beautiful wallpapers for the post.

If you're like me, all of this has you in the mood to watch the prom scene again, too.

And I'll never forget the blooper video of Rob for a Q and A with Seventeen magazine. I just had to dig it up and include it with this post. It still makes me smile. (Bonus: Adorkable Beanie Rob)

And what's a prom post without a trip down memory lane? The year was 1980 – one year after I had a horrific experience with a home perm gone bad (picture NOT included), and my hair was finally growing out. Dave had a full head of hair. I was thin. We were engaged and planning our wedding for that fall. Damn life was good at 17!

Before Prom

After Prom

Just sayin'.

A postcard came in the mail last week announcing the details of my upcoming 30 year class reunion. Um. Ya. I'm that old – too old for blogging and too old to have been diagnosed with Robsanity, yet here I am. My tagline reads "growing up is overrated" for a reason. LOL! So...

1. Where were you in 1980?
2. Did you go to your senior prom?
3. Any good prom stories?
4. Any good prom pics?
5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17?

Talk to me. And if you have prom pics you'd like to share, email me at I promise not to laugh and/or share them in a follow-up post *wink, wink*.

In another Twilight (Zone) moment, one of my bloggy besties, Jen at Twired, was talking to me on Gmail chat last night and told me her new post was up and ready for me to read on her blog. Imagine my surprise when I checked it out. To see why, click here.



MissAmyJoon said...

Lovely post Lisa! Thanks for including my wallpaper.

Where were you in 1980? Easy, I didn't exist yet :)

Did you go to your senior prom? Yes, with a group of girlfriends. Most of us didn't have dates.

Any good prom stories? Nope. Nothing really eventful. My dress was very pretty though: white with sparkles and a flower on the waist.

Any good prom pics? Sadly, no.

Anything special happen to you when you were 17? Not that I remember. I got my driver's license when I was 17. That wasn't a fun experience for me.

There's a new show on MTV called, "When I was 17" and I thought of you Lisa! You might want to check it out.

Your post didn't show up in my Google Reader for some reason :(

17foreverlisa said...

@MissAmyJoon - Amy, you are quick! I'm on my lunch break. I had the post ready to go last night except for the scanned pics. Once I posted it, it was all screwed up with spacing issues, etc., so I pulled it back into draft mode to fix and publish again. That may be why it didn't show up on your Google Reader. Sorry! At any rate, you know I love that wallpaper you made and the timing of you posting it couldn't have been more perfect for this post.

So your prom dress sparkled, huh? Very appropriate ;) I haven't heard of that MTV show. I used to watch a ton of TV before blogging took over, including MTV's Real World. (I know. Immature.) I will have to check it out.

MissAmyJoon said...

Well, I can be fast when I don't have a full time job ;) Your post did show up in my reader. It was just delayed for some reason. I just noticed your Prom Rob picture in the sidebar LOL!

Jayla said...

1. Where were you in 1980?
elementary school – um 3 grade I think.

2. Did you go to your senior prom?
Yup (actually my jr high/hs school (one bldg) was so small we only had a jr prom- but seniors could go. I went both jr. & sr. year)

3. Any good prom stories?
my mom tried to smack my date when he pulled up to the house after bringing me home a 1/2 hour late. We’d been hanging out with some friends drinking gawd knows what.

4. Any good prom pics?
yea- i just sent one to a friend on FB.. lol ya know- the table picture.. I’ll mail it to ya.

5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17?
i was a freshman in college- it was the best time of my life!

Jayla said...

@Lisa I LOVE the prom picture. Why is it that the girls always ended up w/ the guy's bow tie?

MissAmyJoon said...

P.S. I did a search of "17 Forever" and it turns out to be a song by the group Metro Station - a band with Miley Cyrus' brother.

Mama Cougar said...

1. Where were you in 1980? - I was a freshman in high school and had

2. Did you go to your senior prom? - I did. My boyfriend at the time was a professional singer and he had done a wedding that day. We were invited to the reception and got wicked tipsy. Made out in the limo on the way to prom. Sustained our buzz from by sipping champagne we stole from the wedding reception in our Icee cups from the 7-11.

3. Any good prom stories? - See above. After the prom, things in a hotel room.

4. Any good prom pics? - Got 'em. I'd have to dig deep though!

5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17? Lost my virginity. Went to my first Alabama concert. Lost my viriginity. Developed an affinity for Amaretto. Oh, and did I mention I lost my virginity?


Sarah & I are seeing The Runaways this weekend. Are you jealous? Awwwwwww. Well, you know where I live sister!

Twired Jen said...

1. Where were you in 1980? I was born February 16th of the firs month of 1980, I was technically in my Moms womb, the majority if 1980 was spent learning how to talk, walk and poop on the pot!

2. Did you go to your senior prom? YES...and I MIGHT email you a pic.

3. Any good prom stories? If so, I'll include them in the email.

4. Any good prom pics? see above

5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17? LOST MY VIRGINITY...don't know how special that was...but...

Thanks for the shout. And Lisa, that was too weird! I totally thought of you when I was planning that post. And, I ALMOST, just almost emailed my idea to you thinking you should do it since 17 is YOUR obsession ;) (aside from Rob of course)

xoxo Jen *MUAH!*

Anonymous said...

Aw Lisa, I love this post! What a prom cutie you were. Thanks to you, I just spent two hours with a huge suitcase on my lap, poring over all the photographic evidence of my youthful indiscretions. I'm feeling uncharacteristically warm and fuzzy, so thanks for that.

1. In 1980 I was a freshman in college.

2. I enjoyed two senior proms.

3. I grew up on the coast, and the prom tradition for my crowd was to anchor the best of our families' sailboats in the waterway the afternoon of prom. Then we'd dock a few motorboats to carry us back and forth to land. After prom, we'd spend the night on the sailboats, literally with lights strung all along them (the closest image I can think of is the sailboat date in John Tucker Must Die). Houses along either side of the waterway and their docks would sometimes be strung with lights, too. It was blissful. The next day we'd just motor back to the island, hit the beach, and it was nothing but beautiful kids with the smell of sex, Hawaiian Tropic and Coppertone clinging to them.

4. Prom pics? Did I mention the suitcase and the two hours?

5. How much thread space do you have?

Twired Jen said...

OMG I forgot the most important part of what I wanted to say...LISA YOU LOOK HOT! And your husband was quite the looker too! No wonder he snagged his beautiful bride asap!
xoxo J

17foreverlisa said...

@Jayla - As you know I got the prom picture you emailed me. You are gorgeous! Starting a folder for a future post :) That's too funny about your mom trying to smack your date. Was it because he brought you home late, because he brought you home drunk, or both? And to answer your question about the bow tie - definitely due to the refreshments ;)

@MissAmyJoon - I am so glad you told me it was a song by Miley's brother. Ugh!! I had searched for songs with seventeen in them on YouTube, and that one kept coming up. I didn't recognize the song or the band. Now I know now to use it!

@MamaCougar - You may need to clarify for Twired Jen. She's blonde and gets confused easily. Did you lose your virginity at 17? LMAO!! And you know I want to see a picture of If you show me yours, I'll show you mine ;)

P.S.: I am very jealous that you two are going to the movie again...without me! Friday I am watching New Moon with some co-workers (two of which have never seen it). It's also a house warming for the host. Saturday will be the last chance I have to watch Travis play on his home field (the season is almost over - so sad!). Sunday I am the confirmation sponsor for my husband's oldest niece (be nice!). Have fun!

@Twired Jen - How much wine have you had already? You must be looking at that picture of me with beer goggles on. LOL! Thanks, though. So another virginity lost at the age of 17. You girls must have been teases waiting so long. LOL! And you'd better send me a prom pic. Tell Elusive S I want one of her, too.

@Hypoallergenic Vagina - No way! You're here. Woot woot! *looking around for neverthink* Your sailboat prom sounds AMAZING. Can't wait to see pictures. Hopefully they are scratch and sniff ;) Don't worry about thread space. Unravel all you want.

Twired Jen said...

Okie dokie...How can do a Bloggy Girls Prom Pics post! I don't have a scanner...shit. Hmmmm my parents do, so I'll try and use theirs.

PS NO work. =(

17foreverlisa said...

@Twired Jen - Just got done reading your twitter post. LMAO!!!!

Jayla said...

@lisa : thanks :-) i wasn't drunk, my mom just feels very protective of me. lol - a blog post w/ prom photos...hmmm

i passed a tux shop on the way into the mall last weekend & it was soo busy. the boys looked so darling.

@jen- when you do leave work, please have a glass or two or three for me.

17foreverlisa said...

@Jayla - LOL!! Yes, there has been a lot of prom advertising around here. Definitely that time of year. I used to do so much to help with prom when my kids were in school. Kind of miss it.

rottymama said...

1. Where were you in 1980?
In S. Cali until July then moved to Idaho.

2. Did you go to your senior prom? Yes

3. Any good prom stories? Had to convince Mr RM that my prom was my “right” of passage to and had to promise sex and blow jobs for the weekend so he would fly up.
My bf/future Mr. Rottymama flew up just for the weekend to take me to prom. Went to dinner on a floating restaurant, went to prom, stayed out all night and went to breakfast in the morning. Let your mind wonder for the in between. Yup, totally, fer sure, fer sure. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. LOL shhh! Don’t tell my mom.

I will have to retract a post I did—I don’t know where—about K-Stew flying to London to be with RPattz. I’m such a hypocrite. LOL. I had to keep my prom on the down low cause my parents weren’t to happy with Mr. RM at the time. Except we didn’t have sun glasses and beanies to hide behind. LOl

4. Any good prom pics?
Um, the typical couple pic. I would have to dig it out.

5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17? Got engaged to see #3 and graduated in June of 83. Moved back to LA and them turned yikes, 18.

@Lisa, is that a cowboy hat you are wearing? Giving thumbs up on your prom picture-cute couple.

@Mama Cougar, #3, can of whip cream. LOL!

Its funny to see the comments of not being born yet to being too little to remember!

I love Sparkle For Twilight’s wall papers of the prom scene!

Lovely post Lisa! You rock!

mmMoxie said...

@Lisa - You and "Hot Pants" were pretty HOT in 1980! Very cute. I'll send you a prom pic of me sometime but it's just me. I had some taken w/ my date too but I think I threw them away.

1. Where were you in 1980?

I was eight years old. I lived in PA at the time. I'm sure I was being beaten up by my sister as you and Hot Pants danced to "Do That to Me One More Time" by The Captain and Tenille.

2. Did you go to your senior prom?

I did go to my senior prom but only because I felt like I needed to say I did. I went with a boyfriend but he wasn't a serious boyfriend. We ate dinner then left for the hotel room which was pre-stocked with wine coolers. We didn't even dance. I broke up with him a few days later.

3. Any good prom stories?

It's hard walking down several flights of stairs after someone pulls the fire alarm in the hotel when you're hammered.

4. Any good prom pics?

Like I said....just me, but I really did go with a date and he was cute.

5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17?

I lost my virginity like Mama Cougar. Thats about it.

sparkle for twilight said...

Lisa, your prom pictures are pretty! I think my obsession with movie proms (ahem Twilight...) is because I didn't go to mine. This is how apathetic I was about high school lol. Me and a bunch of my girlfriends passed on prom and took our money to The Atlantis, so those are my "prom" memories. I was a junior when I was 17, and I remember feeling pretty darn excited about life. I can't believe that was seven years ago!

BTW I meant to tell you that like every single time I see your 17forever pop up, it always makes me think about that Mandy Moore song I used to listen to all the time (when I was 17 haha) called Only Seventeen. And while I'm sharing, I just noticed your Eclipse Widget. I want that version!

TongueTwied said...

missamyjoon's wallpaper-sooo dazzling. @amy "didn't exist yet" LOL! So young!
sparkle's post-awww my heart just loved that post. Funny Rob video. I never saw it before.

Well I think sharing photos of your prom when your date became your spouse is a tad easier than for the rest of us. You guys looked great. Your hair and dress represents the times but simple enough, not overly dated.

I'm really wondering though how you forgot to mention what the prom theme song was. So I thought I would take a guess based on some of my favorite songs from that year.

You say you showed him a good time so maybe the the song was "I Know What Boys Like" by the Waitresses

"You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC (errr.. that was probably the 'in the car' theme song)

"Celebration" by Kool and the Gang would be a great choice but maybe it was too much of a fast song?

It probably wasn't "Mickey" Sure its a very high school song but not lovey dovey enough for the magic that is prom.

Final guess is "Keep on Loving You" by REO Speedwagon because even if it wasn't the official prom song it seems fitting of you and hubby being engaged and still married!

Twilight prom scene is my most favorite prom scene of any movie.

sparkle for twilight said...

Aww thanks TT! I love Amys prom sparkliness background too!

Lisa, correction, the song is just "17". I think I combined titles with her other song "Only Hope" lol

Dangrdafne said...

1. Where were you in 1980?
Could it be true that I was in 5th grade in 1980? That seems odd but I guess it is true. I graduated high school in 1987. Wow

2. Did you go to your senior prom?
Yes, with 2 of my best girl friends and my Mom drove us. I was too stupid to ask the boy I wanted to ask to go, he ended up not going at all. I apologized to him for not asking him at my graduation party, he said it was ok but sad he missed out on going with me (awww). Not sure why he never asked me.

3. Any good prom stories?
After the prom we went to a local diner and had French Fries and chocolate ice cream since we didn't need to fit in our dresses any more. I think my Mom may still have my dress.

4. Any good prom pics?
If I find one I will send it along.

5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17?
I fell in real love for the first time. It was with an Englishman and wow was it amazing. It was one of those good girl with the bad boy stories. He never thought he was a good person but I kept showing him how he was and in the end he fell for me too. BUT (there always is one) he was older and I had to go to college. We tried to make it work but it just didn't. In the end, I am sure it all worked out for the best. I do miss that time in my life and whenever I think about him, his mom usually calls me. *waiting to hear the phone now*

Thanks for sharing your prom pics and thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Musing Bella said...

OK, in 1980, I was half in utero and half a teeny baby. :)
I did go to my prom... and the prom the year after I graduated (my high school boytoy was one year behind me).
No great prom stories, it was pretty run-of-the-mill. I did get food poisoning from the fancy dinner we had before hand, that was fun.
I have some photos...
When I was 17... I don't remember anything in particular special happening... Oh, well, I graduated high school (being born in July makes you younger than classmates), so that was something!

Thanks for sharing this, Lisa! You looked gorgeous at your prom, and your husband was a cutie patootie!!

Munkee said...

Yeah, I agree, you look gorgeous, Lisa.

I didn't go to prom. I was the outspoken feminist girl and looked down my nose at prom...I didn't ask anyone. Kind of uptight back then. I did go to the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., and saw the Dirty Dozen Brass Band with a bunch of friends.

I don't remember too much but I am pretty sure that when I was 17 (in 1989) I was just waiting to be 18. Oh, to go back!

twilightcupcake said...

I love your prom pics and you know Im a huge fan of missamyjoon and sparkle so lovely wallpapers girls.
Where was I in 1980? I was in junior kindergarten at age 4.
Did I go to senior prom? We don't have prom here but we had a senior formal. Yes same thing and I was happy to go.
Good stories? First time having champagne. Cheap crap. Was late as always for my own party. Nothing bad happened because my friends and I were all too goody two shoes.
Age 17? The year I lost my virginity.

Trixie and Tess said...

Ah, yes. The prom scene...a true favorite of mine. The first twi-autograph(s) I ever scored was a high-gloss picture of the prom scene w/ RPattz and KStew's autograph. My prized possession. I've listened to Flightless Bird a million times...and watched that scene at least that much. LOL *swoon* I'm a hopeless romantic.

1. Where were you in 1980? Um, I was 3. I really don't remember. LOL
2. Did you go to your senior prom? Of course, it was 1996 and I had big poofy hair and a black and white tuxedo dress...I thought I was so cool. I think I burnt all those pics. ;)
3. Any good prom stories? The only one I can remember is that at o'dark thirty in the morning when my date dropped me off (we were only friends), he tried to kiss me and I slid out the passenger side door of his pick-up...we didn't talk for a few days.
4. Any good prom pics? I actually probably do...somewhere.
5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17? I was in LOVE w/ a biggest attraction to him was that he was a "bad boy". See, this thing w/ loving the "bad guy" is a lifelong trend with me. ;)


Jenny Jerkface said...

I was only 3 going on 4 in 1980 so I was probably wandering around wrecking shit.

I did go to my senior prom. I originally wanted to go with a guy friend because my boyfriend at the time was, er, a bit older but he flipped out and only came with me to the prom because I told him I was going, with a date, and didn't care who that date was. I did love that boy something fierce but I was a stubborn bitch...

I wore a purple dress and dyed my hair to match. He wore a nehru jacket and we spent the entire prom out in the smoking lounge, sneaking drinks. Then we went to Poconos and got annihilated with a bunch of other people. I'd show you the pictures from that (because WTF?!) but I can't post them online, since I don't talk to any of those people anymore and I'm pretty sure they'd be pissed. lol.

smartEpantz said...

I'm late but I made it!! Love your prom pics. Look at you sexy!!! Rawr.

I was 3 going on 4 in '80. I don't remember shit!

I did not go to my prom because I dropped out of HS in my junior year. I do not regret it (or dropping out) because if I hadn't gotten my GED and got a job managing a CD store, I never would have met Mr. Pantz. Who I met when I was that's something special!

Oh, and my button is officially up now! Feel free to grab it. Teehee. ;0


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Oh Lisa, I love your blog. It is your passion for finding beauty that I adore.

I enjoyed the wallpaper, beautiful I might add. I enjoyed the blooper clip of Rob, I love that man. Last I really enjoyed the pics of your prom. Toooo cute.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

1. Where were you in 1980?
I was in 8th grade and totally grieving John Lennon's death.

2. Did you go to your senior prom?
Yes, with my first serious boyfriend....hmmm, whatever happened to him???? Actually, I found him not too long ago on Facebook.

3. Any good prom stories?
My boyfriend was younger than me (I was digging younger men, even back then!) and I don't even think he had his driver's license, but I got my boss to rent a car for us and he drove all night without a license....crazy, right? After prom, we drove downtown because the whole Senior Class had rented the Spirit of Chicago for a midnight cruise, and of course we missed the friggin boat....literally. So we hung around to watch the sun come up on Lake Michigan, and of course it started to no sunrise.

4. Any good prom pics?
I will scan and send a few. I know I have one where I am wearing the bow tie, of course. LOL

5. Anything special happen to you when you were 17? I met Paul McCartney....well got about 3 feet away from him and took a couple pictures. I didn't actually get to talk to him. But I will say that I literally pushed past a bodyguard to get close enough. I was like a paparazzi bionic woman is slow motion! LOL

@Lisa, I love your prom pics!!!! You look beautiful! Your hubward with the ruffles! I love it. It's so funny because my hubs is only a year older than me and for his senior prom (1984)he is wearing the ruffles too. My senior prom (1985) was only a year later, and there no one was wearing ruffles. I will have to send you pics!

17foreverlisa said...

I am loving your answers and the prom pics I'm getting. Keep them coming!! Looking forward to working on the follow-up post :)

@Isabella Marie Cullen - Marie, I still can't believe you get to go to Oprah and see Rob in Don't forget to get your signal worked out so I know you're giving me a shout out. LOL!

17foreverlisa said...

Got so excited I forgot to finish the sentence, Marie. I can think of a few things I'd like to see Rob in *wink* but in this case, I meant to say in "person." LMAO!

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

I'm trying to think of a signal....but I probably won't know if the camera is even on us. I was thinking of the doing the "L" sign for Lisa, but that might just look like I'm calling someone a Loser. LOL

17foreverlisa said...

@IMC - I've been called worse!! I know. You could flip the L upside down with your left hand and hold up your index finger with your right hand. Together, they will look like the number 17. LOL!!!!!!!

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