Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twiobservations in the Land of Cheese

Over the weekend, my husband and I drove to Wisconsin to watch Travis and his college baseball team play three games. It was a beautiful drive and great weather for the games. As is always the case, I can't shut off my Twi-filtered brain, especially while my husband is driving. Of course I took notes during the trip. My husband asked me at one point what I was writing and I asked him if he really wanted to know, which was met with a never mind.

It started when we got out of our local radio station's range. I was surfing stations when Tom Petty's Free Falling came on. Normally, that wouldn't mean anything other than a classic song. But a Follower that I recently had a conversation with in a comment thread over at Twitarded emailed me about how she tied this song into a presentation she was giving for a convention. Without going into all the details, she timed a slide of Robward walking to these words in the song, "All the vampires, walk through the valley, move west down Ventura Blvd." Ironically enough, it also played once between innings at one of the games.

After smiling and writing that down on my notepad, I looked at the radio station's call letters. They were WMOI. This made me think of the smexy voice of Moi on the Twigasm podcasts.

Next I spotted a license plate that said JAG XXX (leaving out the numbers to protect the unsuspecting). How could I not think of JAG (aka Just a Girl) who contributes to these awesome blogs: Random Acts of Rob, Bel Ami, and Water for Elephants.

Fleming Road: Ian Fleming + James Bond Books + Pierce Brosnan + Rob = Remember Me

Soldier's Grove: Soldiers + Army + Newborn Vampires = Eclipse

Sime Furniture Store: Blue Cartoon Wh*le Logo + My Phobia + Mrs. P at TwiBite + Twired Jen at Twired = Mean Girls

Hellwig Street: Jasper + Rosalie + Esme + Bella = Twilight Saga Wigs

The sign for Frieman's Hobbit Travel reminded me of the nickname Nibbles at Twi-sted Edbrella has for her boss.

A restaurant sign stating "Serving Mahi Mahi" had me thinking of the gorgeous Honolulu Girl at True Blood Twilight

There was a restaurant near our hotel called Grizzly's. What Twitard wouldn't think of Emmett/Kellan?!

Just before our turnoff to the ballpark, there were storage units. The name on the sign? Edward's Mini Storage. That made me wish I had brought Pocket Edward along for the trip for a photo op : (

At the game on Sunday, my husband's canvas lawn chair came apart. He said he was just going to throw the chair away but wondered what we could do with the bag used to carry it in. He said, and I quote, "The only thing it would be good for is a condom for an elephant." Rob's Details interview anyone and/or upcoming movie Water for Elephants? Um. Yeah.

DISCLAIMER: When I told Mrs. P about the following story, she reminded me that mmMoxie has a phobia of her own that involves cranes, and we're not talking those of the feather variety. So, Mox, if you're reading this, close your eyes and scroll down. (I guess Mrs. P likes you better than me. Just sayin'. LOL!) XXXOOO
The biggest slice of Twiobservation in the Land of Cheese came while we were driving around Sunday morning killing time before the game. My husband says, "There's a name I recognize." "What name?" I ask. He points and tells me to look up and to the left through the front windshield. I gasped out loud. He said, "I suppose you want me to pull over so you can take some pictures." I couldn't quit grinning (a) because of what I saw, (b) because he saw it first and actually pointed it out to me, and (c) that he was willing to pull over so I could take some pictures. He really does love me : )

The construction company J. P. Cullen & Sons was working on a new building for the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. I'm sure the J. P. stands for Jasper Pants, right Mrs. P? LOL!

And just in case I put anyone else to sleep besides Rob with my long post, here's something that might wake you up. Biel has uploaded the last video for her 100% Robert Pattinson Content: Pure Unadulterated Sexy Bliss series. Check out all of her awesome videos here.

And before I forget, Dangrdafne and Living with Edward are bloggy besties of mine who have discovered that they live close enough to get together for Eclipse and are looking for other Twitards in the PA area who would like to join them. Check out their blogs for details, and don't forget to sign up to follow while you're there! You can also find them on my blog roll.

Dangrdafne Days of Delirium

Living with Edward


Dangrdafne said...

Insert Twilight Zone theme here (and I do mean the Rod Serling show): We really have to stop living the same life ;) MY hubby recently beat me to pointing out a Twi related item too... We were shopping all of all places, Dick's Sporting Goods, and I was looking for shorts. I found a pair I really liked but couldn't decide if I even wanted to try them on. Well my hubby turns to me and says, "You HAVE to try them on." "I do??" I asked him. "Yes, you do, they are Twilight shorts!" and he was right. The name of the shorts was Twilight. So I tried them on and yes, I bought them. I was lucky that they looked good in addition to their most awesome and perfect name ;)

Glad you are home safe!

Favorite Twi-site in the post... Mean Girls LMAO!!!! Even my hubby laughed at that one.

Anonymous said...

Did you call me mean? LOLOL!!! JP is actually my hubby's initials...too weird.

Dangrdafne said...

MWAH!!! Thank you for the shout out! So far the only person to RSVP is the commenter above this post. And to say that I am thrilled is an understatement :)

Musing Bella said...

Too funny, Lisa! We were driving down the street the other day and passed a little mom and pop grocery store named, you guessed it, Cullen Family Grocery. I need to go back and take a pic, but I thought of you girls!!

mmMoxie said...

LMAO you are too funny! That would be my total nightmare. A "Cullen Crane" falling on me. Don't worry though, pictures of them don't scare me. Only the real thing and only if I'm within squishing distance.

That Beil video is awesome as usual. She picks the best songs. Love Pixies.

Jayla said...

Wow Lisa, you have a great husband!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

You are awesome, and I love how you keep a notebook to write notes. Too bad my ADD kicks in, and I forget what I am supposed to be observing. :)

Dangrdafne said...

@HG - Is it really your ADD or is it that you see something to remind you of Twilight and then you get lost in thoughts of Robward for hours instead of looking for more Twi related items?? ;) tee hee

rottymama said...

Great post Lisa. I guessed Cullen when you got to the last part. Now that you have been mentioning the Twi-observations, I notice more stuff everyday.

17foreverlisa said...

@Dangrdafne - Too funny about your husband noticing the tag on the shorts said Twilight!! And you're welcome for the shout out. So one of the Mean Girls may be going to Eclipse with you, huh? LOL!

@Mrs. P - Maybe. Probably. Yeah. LMAO!! What a coincidence that your husband's initials are JP. Do you call him XXXXpants?

@Musing Bella - I could seriously find something to link back to Twilight every day.

@mmMoxie - Well, you are stronger than me. Pictures, TV commercials, twitpics, avis...they all do me in. You do know your music, don't you?

@Jayla - Do you want him? Ten dollah!

@HG - That's why we bloggers have to stick together. To you, I'm awesome. To others in RL, I'm crazy. LOL!! I definitely have to take notes or I'd forget the specifics. I don't carry a notepad around with me every day. Now that would be crazy ;)

@rottymama - Hey stranger! Good to hear from you :) Like I said to Musing Bella, the Twiobservations are hard to shut off.

Jenny Jerkface said...

@Mrs. P - Yes, you are mean. ;) We've discussed this.

@Lisa - This post is fucking great. I love the Hellwig St reference -- seriously, that is a very twi-obsessed mind!! And also, true.

But the construction site was most definitely a win! Yay for hubby for stopping so you could take pictures.

17foreverlisa said...

@JJ - She is, isn't she? But we love her anyway :) Thanks for stopping by, especially since you probably haven't come down from Billy Burke day. LOL!

Living with Edward said...

Thank you for the shout out! And also thank you for helping Dangredafne with my birthday surprise. I loved it!! You are awesome! Mwah!

I have to say, that I find cranes a bit creepy too. But if it says Cullen, it can't be that bad, right?

17foreverlisa said...

@Living with Edward - You're welcome, and happy belated birthday! I hope you had fun at your slumber party with Rob ;)

Living with Edward said...

Yes, I had so much fun! He was great..oh I mean it was great! lol

twilightcupcake said...

Any post from the land of Cheese sounds interesting - yum!
The Cullen crane is awesome and so funny about the quote from your husband. He is as bad an enabler as my husband ;) the biel video is lovely as always and thanks for sharing.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Haha Lisa, I love it, I read this and was smiling, my God, your brain never switches off...like mine...hence the conversation we had at 5am my time when I couldn't sleep lol.
Loving the Cullen crane, how brilliant is that and the fact that the Hubtard stopped for you. I tip my hat to your man.
Thank you for my shout out too...I had to laugh cos as I may have said I go into hospital again on the 29th this month for the hysto...now every year a few of us inc Hobbit go to medical convention....whhooooo party...NOT, v, v, boring anyhoo he says to me (Hobbit) are you coming to NEC with us, I said when is it, he says 5th of May...er I have major abdominal surgery on 29th April so I don't think so...so he says oh I thought you'd be back at work by end of May anyway....sigh...bloody Hobbitses.

Loved your post....mega fun xxx

TongueTwied said...

So now your husband is catching on putting it out there about pulling over so you can take pictures. Score!

Love how your road trips are Twilight Scavenger Hunts. Homerun!

rottymama said...

{{{Waves}}} Hi Lisa! I've been lurking. RL is keeping me busy. But definately still a Twi-brain!

MissAmyJoon said...

I think you need a special note pad to make your Twi-observations Lisa! I wouldn't think of half those things you listed, so you are a definite pro! Thanks for posting that new Biel video as well.

Snarkier Than You said...

I'm in the same boat as you - everything makes me think about something Twilight or Rob-related (Roblated?) - and I just watched that video earlier this morning (probably will post it late as usual tomorrow - lol) - I LOVE biel's vids - they're all so yummy!

Twired Jen said...

Did someone say CHEESE? I LOVE CHEESE. -just sayin'

Anyhoo, how the f*ck did I miss this post Lisa?
I totally love how your mind works...mine is VERY similar. I would have taken a pic of that Cullen crane too! Except my s/o would have never made the connection. Lame.

PS Mrs. P & I are just trying to give you more Wh*ale exposure to cure your irrational fear. Did you know they call San Diego "The Whales Vagina"? Seriously.

xoxo J

sparkle for twilight said...

While I was at work this week, I came across someone's last name--Kilcullen. That was too easy!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Late to the party as usual. We went away for the weekend and was going through a tiny one horse town & I saw "J Whitlock Rural Supplies" which made me laugh. Then we were waiting at traffic lights trying to catch our bearings & my husband says "I'm not sure which street this is" & I found the sign & I said "it's Edward Street" & you can imagine the comment from my teenage son from the back seat! Lol! We also have a bus line in a town near us called "Cullens Coach Lines" & my daughter & I always have a laugh & say stupid shit like "I wonder if Edwards driving today coz Jaspers having a bad day having to sniff all those humans".
My husband wants to buy a new car & you can imagine all the eye rolling when I say "I wanna volvo".

17foreverlisa said...

@TC - Thank God we're married to enablers. Makes our Twi/Robsanity a whole lot easier :)

@Nibbles - LOL! The Hobbit (like most men) just doesn't get it, does he? I'm so glad your back is doing better. Now we just need to get the hysto out of the way and you are going to feel like a new woman!!

@TT - "Score!" and "Homerun!" You know how to make me smile with the baseball references. XOXO

@rottymama - I completely understand. It's why I don't post every day. Need to strike a balance. Just good seeing your avi and hearing from you every now and again :)

@MissAmyJoon - I will have to look into a special notepad. LOL!

@STY - Roblated works for me! And you know that you and JJ have to shoulder some of the blame for my Twitardedness!

@Twired Jen - Great minds think alike, as they say. Although that doesn't explain you and Mrs. P thinking alike about the wh*les. Nothing great about that. Just sayin' ;)

@sparklefortwilight - That was too easy! But let's face it. It gets easier to do every day, doesn't it?

@Stacked Like Sookie - See? You just did your very own Twiobservations post. LOL! I love that you and your daughter come up with stuff together. Too fun(ny)!

rottymama said...

I had 3 yesterday. 1--I was pulling into Wally-worlds parking lot and to the left of me waiting to come out was a shiney silver volvo. 2--Looking for stuff to do in Seattle(going this weekend) and a Rosalie Doll store shows up. 3--a guy who drives truck for my work asks to see the phone book he needs to look up a telephone number of a repair shop to fix his wifes car--a volvo! Too funny!

We need to have a twi-oberservation open post area! hint-hint.

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