Friday, June 25, 2010

'Nuff Said

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but I only need one:


A big THANK YOU to sft at sparkle for twilight for tweeting this twitpic to me.
(Naturally, I had to make it black and white.)

Last night while watching the live stream of the Eclipse premiere online, I was Gmail chatting with Dangrdafne and Twired Jen. At one point, I said I was glad that Rob's bitch on wheels of a publicist from New Moon was nowhere in sight. Then I ran across this video posted by Cullen Boys Anonymous. Maybe it was Adorkable Rob swearing that brought her out of her hole. Check out her politely gesturing to the MTV News crew to wrap up their interview. Rob, honey, if she's not any relation to you, she needs to go...away.

As mentioned in my last post here, Twilove1/Sue camped out for the Eclipse premiere. She emailed us late from inside the Nokia theater. That's right. Not only did she get to be on the red (black) carpet barricade for the premiere, she ended up getting tickets to go inside the theater and watch the premiere. She said she could see Rob from her seat. More details and pictures will be coming in a follow-up post, but in the meantime, check out pictures of Mrs. P's avi at the Eclipse premiere at TwiBite and a picture of Sue's group meeting Rob's sisters (and other amazing Robsten pics) at Twired.

It's Friday, so you know what that means. Time for DML! My bloggy bestie Dangrdafne will be hosting, so don't forget to join us. For details and the start time in your area, go here.


Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Wow, that's a great photo of Robsten. In that photo, I don't mind her dress at all.

And, thanks for linking that Twibite post. I would've missed it otherwise, as Mrs.P. had already updated by the time I got to her blog.

Dangrdafne said...

Looks like a wedding photo to me :)

Thanks you sooo much for hanging with me last night. That was tons of fun. Mwah!!

TongueTwied said...

Looks like they were enjoying themselves! (finally) Great picture sparkles!

kassiecullen said...

OMG he so needs to fire that assistant. Seriously that look on her face ugh I just want to slap her. That's why Rob should hire one of us, we would be a hell of a lot more polite. Like the movie and other reporters wouldn't wait for Rob pfffft.

Love your post, love the pic and absolutely love Rob swearing (he's so adorable)!!

Twired Jen said...

And you know I LOVE that picture. LOVE IT.
xo J

Twired Jen said...

...and is it just me, or does that look like it belongs in a wedding album?!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

I can't watch the video of Rob's assistant, it won't play here! I want to hear Rob swearing (stamps foot & pouts like a 2 year old)!

sparkle for twilight said...

Lisa you're so fast! lol I was half kidding but I did think you were going to have some thoughts ;)

Thanks TT!

Jen, I saw a lot of people twitpicing that yesterday and one of the comments were like, "BD manip alert!!"

Nocona said...

Love this picture!

twilightcupcake said...

Oh I love that sweet look she is giving him. Have to check out TwiLove Sue's stuff now. Dammit missed DML for a work dinner :( Can't imagine being in the same theatre as Rob and actually seeing him. I'd probably hyperventilate and pass out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! How are you? I'm good. The PR lady has some sass, huh? Maybe he likes blondes that get feisty. Well, I don't see anything else here to comment on. There's a big red x on the photo on the top of the screen for some reason...huh. I can't see it. It is something good? I'll never know. Too sad.

17foreverlisa said...

@Jelena - You're welcome :)

@Dangrdane and @Twired Jen - I don't have a problem imagining it being a wedding picture at all. *sigh*

@TT - The more public appearances Rob and Kristen do as a couple, the more comfortable they seem to be. That's what you meant, right? Right. LOL!

@Stacked Like Sookie - Really? Shoot! Here's the direct link to MTV's website. Maybe you can play it from there:

@sparkle for twilight - LOL!! I am so glad that you thought to tweet me that pic. I even went into work late so I could get the post done first thing in the morning.

@Nocona - I do too, just a little ;)

@twilightcupcake - Welcome back! I'm pretty sure I'd hyperventilate or pass out, too, and Sue has somehow managed to survive being in the same room with him twice the convention and the premiere. FYI - There won't be any DML this Friday because of the holiday.

@Mrs. P @ TwiBite - Hi, Lady M. I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Glad to hear your good. Pretty sure he's into sassy brunettes. If only you could see the picture on my post, so you could see what I mean. I hate to leave you hanging. As your Super Bloggy BFF, I feel it's my duty to email you a copy of the picture so you don't miss out on it. LOL!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Hey Lisa, thanks so much for going to all the trouble to get me that link but MTV are a pack of bastards, you can't watch anything on MTV USA if you are from another country It has this big notice over the screen telling you to go to MTV Aus & then when you go there, it's impossible to find what you're looking for coz it's a shitty site. Assholes! Thanks again anyway XOXO.

Elusive S @ Twired said...

bahahahaaa! Wrap it up, Wrap it up! I just fell off my chair laughing.

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