Friday, June 11, 2010


I know I've been MIA lately, and I feel so guilty about it. I hate when RL gets in the way of blogging. All work and no play makes for a dull bloggy bestie, and I apologize.

That doesn't mean I'm not keeping up on the OMG Robporn.

And this was a GQ outtake?? Really?!

Of all the gorgeous WFE set pics, I keep going back to this one.
Does anyone else think this is the equivalent of Rob's sex face?
I'm sure Mrs. P will say she got cropped out.

I have also been working on another project that will make its debut tonight. The now infamous Drunk Mad Libs, originated and hosted by mmMoxie at Twighlight SagaPalooza, is getting its very own blog. Since I feel responsible for getting Mox to entertain us every week, I wanted to find a way to help with the hosting duties and also give her a chance to play. So after some discussion with DangrDafne, some pixie dust cheerleading from Starlit Violets, and a sigh of relief from Mox, DML has a new home.

So grab your drink of choice and join us tonight and every Friday night for DML starting at 6:30 pm Pacific, 8:30 pm Central, and 9:30 pm Eastern.

Bottoms up!
(She said that.)


Jayla said...

Lisa: your bloggy absence was noted- but forgiven (Missed you!). Thanks for posting the GQ outtake photo and the WFE sex face photo - what a happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

I'm clearly cropped out. Damn tall metal thingy with red knobby-knobs.

StarlitViolets said...

It DOES look like a sex-face!!! I actually read that and fel myself blush! I'm a dirty, dirty girl!!!

@Mrs. P - I don't see any blonde wavy hair... Oh - that's because this was ACTUALLY taken when I went down on Rob on the set of WFE. He had to grab onto the train car to keep from falling over! He'd never experienced skill like mine before!

Just like those legs in the Details cover shot were MINE too! But your ass looked great where he was grabbing it. ;)

mmMoxie said...

H-H-H-HOT! I have not seen that WFE pic! When does that movie come out?

I can't wait to see how DML turns out tonight. TAINT!

Twilove1 said...

Wow, DML is hitting the big time now with its own blog! Thanks to all four of you for keeping it going. I've been MIA lately OMGing over Rob's WFE sex face too, so I'm glad to be in good company.

I just can't get enough of Robowski, and am starting to get a little freaked out by the idea of being in the same room as him tomorrow night. Lisa, I hope the phone reception is good when I call you so that you can clearly hear the voice of the precious. I'll keep a paper bag handy for when I start hyperventilating.

sparkle for twilight said...

Hi hi! I have been talking to Amy about this too, but I'm half way through WFE and I like it so far. I'm having a bit of a hard time imagining how they're going to have Reese play Marlena, have there been pics of her yet on set (I have been totally MIA in the world of WFE set pics)?

Can't wait to see what you have planned up your sleave!

Dangrdafne said...

Lisa, I think being absent in order to create the new DML blog is an excellent reason to be absent. It looks great. It is great. It was great. We had so much fun. I am glad you were the first word for the first mad lib on the new blog. Very appropriate! We had over 200 comments!! Sooo much fun.

And remember blogging is fun too, no need to worry about posting all the time. We are here whenever you are :)

Hugs and kisses!!

17foreverlisa said...

@Jayla - Awwwww, thanks!! I've missed you, too. Hope things are going well.

@Mrs. P - Just as I suspected ;)

@SV - If only I could have the NM kiss audio spliced with that WFE pic. LOL!

@Mox - You'll have to wait until 2011 to see Kinko on the big screen ;) Hopefully, DML wasn't tainted too badly at its new home! SV did an awesome job hosting.

@Twilove1 - Very clever opening sentence :) Well, today is the day! I cannot wait to hear about the convention and see your pictures of The Holy Trinity. I can't imagine how excited you are this morning. Gah! I'm excited to get the chance to live vicariously through you. I'll be home waiting for your call, of course, but if it doesn't work out, don't worry about it. Enjoy every single minute of it!

@sft - Hello!! (((hug))) Always good to hear from you. Glad you and Amy are keeping in touch. You know how protective I am of you two ;) There seems to be a general questioning of Reese playing Marlena. There are tons of set pics on the WFE film site. Just click on the WFE banner on my sidebar to check them out. Pictures of Rob and Reese are just now surfacing, but you may have seen them already by now. Write when you can. Mwah!

@DD - My competitive spirit was showing through again wasn't it? If you only could have seen me sitting there grinning like a fool, hitting refresh, and then racing to be the first one to comment. LMAO! Wish I could have stuck around for the second DML, but I had fun with my RL family, too :) And you already know how I feel about you. XXXOOO

sparkle for twilight said...

Thanks Lisa, always keeping me up to date when Rob is concerned!

TongueTwied said...

Exciting week all around! btw, I didn't think your presence was missing at all! Everywhere I went where there was Robporn, you were there too!

17foreverlisa said...

@sft - I do my best :)

@TT - Stalker!

Twired Jen said...

And I am just now seeing this. See what happens when a girl looses her mind due to Rob, she forgets to read posts.

Glad DML had it's own site now. It was much easier with the W/V gone. Looking forward to this upcoming Fri.

xo J

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