Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank You

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Thank you Amy for my new twitter background!
It is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.
Check out all of her work at MissAmyJoon.

Thank you Sue (Twilove1) for the goodies you sent to me, 
from your epic trip to breathe the air of The Precious at the L.A. Twilight Convention.

Sue is currently camped out in line for the Eclipse premiere as I type this.
There are five in her group (Sue, her daughter, and a family friend; Linda [F-Kat] and her daughter).
Their dedication paid off. They are part of the first 100 in line and got the coveted red carpet wristbands.

Sue's wristband. She's #74.

We have our fingers crossed that she gets a picture of Rob as he makes his way down the red carpet.
Since getting there on Saturday, they spotted Jay Leno coming out of a nearby auto parts store
and went to an autograph signing with Eclipse director David Slade. They have tickets
to see Rob's musician buddy Sam Bradley tomorrow night in hopes that
Hobolicious Rob makes an appearance. Oh to live in California!!

Sue, Jay Leno, and Linda

Sue, David Slade, and Linda
(Maybe he forgot his bra?)

While they were there waiting, the NBA Championship L.A. Lakers had their parade,
and it went right by the camp site. Sue said there were two helicopters and a blimp,
and the parade announcer mentioned the Twihards camped out for the premiere.

Tent City, as Sue calls it, is right across from the Staples Center.
L.A. Lakers parade float in the background.
I spy Fifty (ka-ching!).

Sue said two Eclipse trailers are playing on a big screen
every 10 minutes and it's getting old already. LOL!



Outside the Nokia Theater

The L.A. premiere is June 24th and will be streamed live online.
Twilight Saga: Eclipse is released in theaters nationwide on June 30th.

Don't forget that Remember Me comes out on DVD June 22nd!

And if you missed my tribute post to MotU, please check it out here.

Falling head over feet in love with Twilight 
is what got me here.


Falling head over feet in love with Rob
is what keeps me here.


mmMoxie said...

mmmmmk Twired Jen posted that new pic of Rob on FB and I about lost my shit! It is difficult to have sex in a hammock but I would make it work God Dammit!

Anonymous said...

I love my Twilove01 package I got in the photo is of Edward in his eclipse jacket, and he's alone. She knows me so well...

Hang in there Sue! You're living a dream!

Lisa...another beautiful post and another song I forgot about and NEED to have again...I'm off to iTunes!

Twilove1 said...

I love you, Lisa, and those new Rob pictures are absolutely killing me!! We're having a ton of fun living the hobo lifestyle in the Eclipse camp. Thanks for sharing it with me! Hey, guess what's playing on the big screens right now??

Twired Jen said...

So sweet of Sue. She's a doll. I cannot wait to go to the Twilight Nights event with a her on Sat...if she's still know, after smelling the precious! I love how she's taking the time to share this all with us.

That pic of Rob is so, so.....there are no words really. Let's just say I have a new lap top background, courtesy of your black n' white skillz.

xoxo J

Dangrdafne said...

First, the Twitter background from MissAmyJoon is STUNNING!!! I may just have to steal it somehow :)

Second, what is that Sweetheart tin from Twilove1?? And is there anyway I can pay her to get me one too?? I have what I thought was all the Sweetheart stuff for Twilight but I hadn't seen that item (and it is for New Moon - so jealous). I really like it.

Third, I am moving to California. I know most of you would not camp out but I just think it would be so much fun. And it would be a once (in this case five) in a lifetime opportunity. I am so excited and jealous of Twilove1.

I hope Twilove1 gets to see, touch and photograph Rob and all the other actors. It is going to be so much fun.

Lastly, when I went to look back at the post, I noticed her # 74 - that is the last 2 numbers of 17 and 24, Lisa, our two favorite numbers. She most definitely is a lucky lady and she is not guaranteed to touch Rob now!!! :)

Latchkey Wife said...

Very nice post... and I am SO jealous! Sounds like loads of fun will be had be all! I really hope they get some awesome pics of the cast.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

I'm crossing my fingers and toes that Twilove1 gets close enough to Rob to touch him! That would be amazing! I would looooove to be camped out there right now. I don't enjoy camping like I used to, but for Rob, I would totally do it!

And Lisa....I am drooling over the new Rob pics in B&W. HOOOOOTTTTT!!!!! Whew! Very nice!

rpfangirldc said...

The pics from Tent City in LA are AWESOME! The wrist band is too cool and they are very blessed to get those.

Those new Rob Pics are so To Died For! They are ruling my world right now!

Jayla said...

MissAmyJoon: Fabulous twitter background.

Lisa: Awesome recap of the events and the drool worthy photos.

Twilove1: Thanks for the play by play. Crossing fingers that you get your Rob shot or better.

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

I'm dying. "SUUUUUE! What an adventure. And to spend it with a friend and your daughters, you have no idea... I adore you."

Lisa, as always, Twilight brought me here, but you and all the other lovely ladies, is what KEEPS me here.

"It's not how you got here, but the journey that you take. Enjoy the ride."

fanficzombie said...

Wow. That video made the acting look SO much better! And those pics??? THUD!!! Haven't been online for a while (as usual!) so this is the first I saw of them. NICE!!! Love new background..

sparkle for twilight said...

Oh my gosh, the tents! That is so hardcore! I don't know how they can do that for days but I'm happy they got what they came for! Does that mean they can go home and just come back with their wristbands on the 24th? I hope so!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

There's some lovely pics on Twitter today of Jackson, Peter Billy & Julia visiting Tent City. How gorgeous is that?! I'm jealous of anyone meeting any of the cast.
I love those Rob pics, especially in B&W. He's so like a fine wine, bet he's just as delicious.

StarlitViolets said...

AWESOME post!!! I love the b&w pics of Rob! *Drool*

MissAmyJoon is a genius!!! It's beautiful! So perfect for you, Lisa!

The tent city is CRAZY! I would LOVE to be there and meet the cast and camp out! I hope they have so much fun!

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