Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yes, I've been into the wine. Yes, I'm a little emotional. Yes, I am loved.

One of my bloggy besties, Dangrdafne from

The best part was DD calling me and telling me not to freak out/laugh too much when I got her package. Let's just say that I am a Pepsi girl through and through, and DD realized AFTER she ordered the mug what it represented. I still love her BIG time! The Cullens Baseball mints are effing perfect!!!!!

Then Marie at Twilight Junkies Anonymous had me and Mama Cougar from The Cougar's Den over for lunch before we went to the IMAX screening of Eclipse. It was awesome. Marie, Kassie, and the gang were too sweet.

Mama Cougar, Kassie, b&w FSE (of course!), Marie, and Fat Ass

Me and Mama Cougar before the IMAX viewing.
Still trying to figure out why Riley's poster is bigger!!

While we were waiting in line, I showed Marie, Kassie, and Mama Cougar
the emails sent by our mutual bloggy bestie Tongue Twied.
Yes, Kit, I did not forget you!!

Mama Cougar and I stayed over night at a hotel and despite 
our best intentions, we did not get our drink on! WTF?!!

Yep. When we checked in, all they had left was a room with 
a king-sized bed. Mama Cougar decorated it appropriately.

We had to give a shout out to VitaminR70 of Twitarded fame, who I will definitely 
be getting my drink on with in FORKS! Still working on MC to decide to join us!!!


 Instead of getting drunk, we ate too much at Chili's. When we got back,
we had to stop at the one place in the hotel that made us think of Robward.

Mama Cougar and Pocket Edward

Me (aka Fat Ass) and Pocket Edward

Then we went back to our love shack on the 11th floor 
and proceeded to try and outbest each other on Twitter.
Suffice it to say that Mama Cougar kicked my fat ass. Just sayin'.

Me trying to keep up on Twitter.

Me practicing my sign language.

Ever wonder what it sounds like to hear a cougar purr?
Wonder no more.

I asked my bloggy besties Mrs. P at TwiBite
and Starlit Violets at Violet Delights
to help me escape, but to no avail.

I tearfully, literally, said goodbye to MC this morning and headed home. After a three-hour drive and a stop at the grocery store (Heaven forbid my family function without me for two days!), I got home to something that came in the mail yesterday from a loyal follower from Alaska, Munkee:


Then Travis's girlfriend, Leigha, noticed that there was
something on the inside. It's REVERSIBLE!!!!

The big picture is from the twitter avi that MissAmyJoon,
my adopted bloggy daughter, created for me,
along with pictures from the same awesome photo shoot!

I was stunned. Thank you, Munkee!!!!!

It's been an incredible holiday weekend. I celebrate the sacrifice troops that have gone before,
and the troops that continue to fight the fight, do for all of us in the great U. S. of A.

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Eclipse!
Happy Robward!

Yes, Rob, you are visible to all of us.

Be sure and check back for my post dedicated to Twilove1 and her epic journey to
breathe the air of The Precious. It will be in her own words, because I cannot do it justice.
A few of us lived vicariously through her and it was the next best thing to being there.


sparkle for twilight said...

Oh my gosh Lisa, what a fun bunch of mail you've received recently!! I'm jealous. I just came home from an IMAX second viewing of Eclipse tonight and it was so good. I love that Amy's got a side "business" going on with her images on tote bags, so cute, and with you're new favorite picture too! Have a wonderful rest of the holiday! I'm going to load up with more barbecue from lunch! ;)

Mama Cougar said...



I just pissed my barcolounger laughing at that post. Srsly.

Quit pissing around on blogger and go put on some lipstick or something you three-nippled twat waffle.


Twired Jen said...

If you call yourself a fat ass one more time I am going to send you a wh*le in the mail. Yup, you heard me right. Stop it, NOW.

Totally love the pics of you & MC. I had no idea you met up with Kassie & Marie, how fun! As far as getting your drink on...I feel that whenever I plan for that to happen, it doesn't. Either I can't get drunk, or their is no alcohol in site...

Anyhoo, I adore your bag! Munkee is sooo thoughtful!

Happy 4th!

Laters Baby xo

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

LMAO!!! Awesome post!! It's so nice to be & feel loved. I felt that for an entire week during Robstock, as I do not get it from family..

I'm so happy you had this weekend and had a ball with Mama Cougar!!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Oh, and BTW, I'm fat ass, so you can't call yourself that!

Twired Jen said...

*There not their. Good lord I am retarded sometimes.

Living with Edward said...

I love that all us Twitards are meeting and getting together. I love hearing about the fun times together. The fact that you not only recorded Mama Cougar snoring but actually posted it is sooooo funny. I'm LOL'ing.

Dangrdafne told us the story of the coke mug at the theater, which we all got a big kick out of. Because of it, I mentioned you and coke in my post of the premiere night.

It looks like you had such fun. And Munkee has been making some awesome bags!

Enjoy the rest of your 4th. And yes, you are correct, you are loved.

ps. No matter how many times you say it, I will not be calling you Fat Ass.

Amy said...

Very sweet Lisa! Although I think you and Mama Cougar are double trouble! Your IMAX adventure sounds like much fun, especially when a trip to Chili's is involved.

Isn't Munkee the best!? Btw, the inside picture is a wallpaper I did. The large photo is the same photo as the avi I made you and the picture below it are from Extra's photo booth pics. Just though I'd clear that up ;)

I'll try to ignore the fact that you like Pepsi. *bleh*


17foreverlisa said...

@sft - I know, right? I am so lucky. Two screenings of Eclipse at the IMAX? You are lucky, too :) They aren't showing it at our local IMAX, which is why I had to travel. Maybe it was meant to be. Seeing MC again was awesome and getting to meet new bloggers is fun, too. Glad you had a nice day! (Even if she's not a Pepsi girl!)

@MC - I am still LMAO over our trip. We are WAY too much alike. And you totally need to go to Forks, if for no other reason than for me to be able to turn the light on for my next video of you sleeping. Just sayin'. Mwah! P.S.: No idea what you're talking about with the lipstick reference ;)

@Twired Jen - That's what Travis's gf said, too, about my fat ass references. LOL! I'll stop. Definitely don't want you to send me any wh*le pics, even though I resemble them. ;)

@rpattzgirl - A fellow fat ass? I knew I loved you!!!

@LwE - It's epic, isn't it? I'm so behind on blogging. Promise to get the infamous East Coast blog posts checked out! I feel like I cheated because everyone sent such awesome text messages and pics that night.

@Amy - Sorry I forgot to mention that it's an actual wallpaper of yours, too!!

@All - Please click on Amy's link in my post and check out all of her graphic designs. She's amazing, and I love her to bits!

Amy said...

LOL I wasn't trying to pimp my wallpaper. I just wanted to clear up that the pics are from different photo shoots in case someone was looking for them :)

17foreverlisa said...

@Amy - Just leave the pimping to me. That's what we moms do ;)

Amy said...

I guess I'll just have to call you Big Pimpin' Lisa from now on (BPL for short) ;)

Anonymous said...

Lisa! You had me laughing through this whole post. Meeting twitards is awesome, and I know our trip is going to be insane. I can't wait.
You are not a fat ass...

kassiecullen said...

Lisa I had so much fun meeting you and MC *waves to MC*. The four of us all have to get together again soon and we can all get our drink on, feel up FSE and talk about Robward! You are loved. We all love you!! You are not a fat ass!!!


Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I cannot wait to get home and listen to Mama Cougar snoring, LMAO. Who knew you were so evil Lisa, LoL?

You got fantastic goodies. How wonderful. Oh, and Lisa, I am so sad that you keep referring to yourself as Fat Ass. If you're unhappy about your looks (and I know you are), then do something about it, you know? If you need cheering, you know where to find me; and I know a group of women who are standing by waiting to root you on. ;)

Twilove1 said...

Lisa, I loved the post and, most definitely, You. Are. Loved. :) I'm so glad you met up with some fellow Twitards and it sounds like you guys had a blast! It's like we were all separated at birth or something. Can't wait for FOORRRKKSSS!

Anonymous said...

Love the post. Looked for Fat Ass in those pictures & couldn't find anyone that looked like me. LMAO

Was thinking of you last Friday on my anniversary. 17 years together with my 3rd husband. Decided to stop counting anniversaries and just stay at 17 for "a while" as Edward would say.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

OMG Lisa, I am so lame! I still haven't posted anything about Sat. yet....I was trying to prove to the fam yesterday that I can spend a day without being on the computer 95% of the time. LOL That's my goal post about our epic time meeting up and seeing 5 story Robward....*sigh*.

I loved meeting you and MC and am still in shock over the amazing gifties you brought!!!!! We definitely have to do this again sometime, and maybe throw back a few. Hmmmm, maybe we can plan a set stalking trip to Louisiana!!!! Rob, you better look out! LOL

Meeting up with you chicks makes me want to go to FOOORRRRKKKSSSS! even more than ever - *sniff* - wish I could.

TwiWeasel said...

@ Lisa - you know what I just realized that scares the ever living shit outta me? You're gonna freaking post a bunch of pix after we get together, aren't you?!?!?! YIKES!!

I still can't wait!!

Munkee said...

Yippee!!! I'm so happy you like it. I've had a lot of fun making them tho' Mr. Munkee was a little freaked. Yours came out a little more wedding looking that I planned. Technically it is not reversible but I ain't gonna stop you. And Amy's pictures make me soooo happy!!!!

17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. P - I'm still laughing! And, yes, it is going to be insane.

@Kassie - It went too fast. It would be nice to visit with a smaller group :)

@Jelena - Hope you got a chance to listen to the audio. And trust me, MC had it coming. LOL!! And thanks. You know I love our group and it is definitely a wonderful support system.

@Twilove1 - Seems funny typing that now after all that we've been through together. You are loved, too!!

@TM - LOL!! Good one! And happy belated anniversary! It's funny how I have so many of you thinking of the number 17. Another reason I feel loved ;)

@Marie - You're not lame! I'm the one who only gets a post up about every 10 days. I was just too excited not to post right away :) Thanks again for having us over for lunch and organizing the IMAX screening. Had a blast!

@TwiWeasel - Hey, if I can brave posting pictures of my...ok, fine, I won't say it, people...self, you know I'm posting pictures of you and Lace. LOL!

@Munkee - Too funny that it's not really reversible. It totally could be, though! It looks great both ways. You did an amazing job. It's so well made and so thoughtful. Thanks again!!

Cap_n_Hub said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! That "purring" is too funny! I gotta love my mom. Glad you guys had fun!

Twired Jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Twired Jen said...

DAMN LAPTOP KEYS...shouty capitals.

OMG PMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to come back to listen to the "purring" as I promised. HOLY SHIT that is hysterical.

Sounds just like my s/o. Sometimes I want to strangle him in his sleep. I bet Vampires don't snore.


Mary said...

Fantastic funny post Lisa :)

Still LOLing about your recording MC snoring, that's soooooooooo evil, but very funny too obv ;)

TongueTwied said...

Edward doesn't like it when you call yourself names like that. Please stop.

Looks like a good time was had by all! Thanks for sharing.

@DD, those items are awesome!
@Munkee, that bag is so cute! Such nice work!

Absolutely looking forward to living vicariously through Twilove!

Who did FSE sleep with I wonder?

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

Lisa. Stop calling your self FA. You are beautiful, through and through. I enjoy hearing about your experiences with MA and I am jealous that you are able to connect with someone who enjoys Twilight on the same level as you do. And more importantly, Rob as well, cause as we all know. There is more to us than the books.

There's the movies, the sound track, fanfic, Rob... It's hard to find someone with that level of adoration. Right? *sighs*

Of course you are loved. And that is what makes this fandom different. Viva Twifandom!

xoxox Suz

rpfangirldc said...

AWESOME post! You are so not a fat @$$! I have no idea who told you that, but they were way wrong!

I only wish I had some locals (Or a spouse that didn't mind if I traveled in the name of Twilight) to enjoy Eclipse with.

Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you!


Dangrdafne said...

I love you!

that is all :)

17foreverlisa said...

@Cap_n_Hub - I gotta love your mom, too! Glad you got to stop by :)

@Twired Jen and Mary - That audio still makes me LMAO!

@TT - Well if it means Edward isn't happy...that changes things ;)

@HG - Thanks, girlie. And, yes, it is hard to find someone within driving distance that "gets" all of this. I'm very lucky!

@rpfangirldc - Thanks and you're welcome! And I think it was the camera that told me that, but I'm also getting up there in years. They say your hearing is the first to go ;)

17foreverlisa said...

@DD - That is enough!

Kelly said...

First off.. the picture of you "trying to keep up with Twitter"..that looks like me EVERYNIGHT :)

Second... You are not a Fat Ass.. do not make me come to you and smack you around... (PS You are Gorgeous)

third... where did she order the Coke/Edward Cullen cup from.. I must Order one IMMEDIATELY!

Last... You look like you had a great time... and your post was educational... I learned some sign language :)


Dangrdafne said...

@ Kelly - hmmm do I want to give away all my secrets?? LOL I ordered it on ebay from an awesome seller named bedazzledbytwilight. They are awesome!!

Trixie and Tess said...

Awe! I bet you guys had a blast!!! I absolutely LOVE meeting blogging friends. It's seriously the funnest thing ever. I also really LOVE the bag that you cute!

twilightcupcake said...

Hi Lisa,

Awesome post my friend. You are indeed loved. Amazing stuff DD got you - I am a Coca-Cola fan and that cup/mug is awesome. The mints are just perfect for you too.
The Eclipse imax premiere pics are great. So lucky you got to share it with MC and the pillowcase on the bed is perfect. Wish I could tote that thing everywhere I travel but Mr. TC probably wouldn't like it too much.
You on your ipod tweeting in bed I see? I think we all maintain that same position every night before charging our phones/computers LOL. So good to actually see a pic of what we must look like to our hubbies who are wondering who is absorbing all our attention.
the bag from Munkee is outrageous. A Robsten 17 reversible AmyJoon banner bag. Totally cool and you are definitely loved!
I can't wait to read about Sue's experience about breathing in Rob's exhaled air. Shivers already...

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