Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love My Enablers

So most of you know it was my birthday on the 27th. Thank you again for all of the birthday wishes. You really helped make my day special. I just had to share some of the gifts and ecards that I got.

When I got to work, I was greeted by these on my desk.

My co-worker and good friend, Chris, made me the dual-purpose cupcakes,
E for Edward and Eclipse, and found an actual Hallmark Twilight card.

Then I was presented with this.

Another co-worker/friend, Julia, came up with the concept and got another
co-worker/friend, Jason, to draw it. They may or may not have used the VF picture
I have at my desk as inspiration. LOL! The sketch is priceless because Jason rolls
his eyes at me every day when he's subjected to my Twi/Robservations.
I told you I love my enablers!

From Nibbles at Twi-sted Edbrella

From Lacey at Tigerlily's Tirade

Note: Happy Birthday Wh*re! MWAH!!

From @CullenaryCurser

Note: Happy Birthday Lisa! To you, I would give my limited supply
of Rob porn, but only because I know you have way more than me
and wouldn’t accept it ;) Thank you for all your comments and support!
(I apologize for this crappy graphic. I used my own photos for this one.) ♥ Amy

SO not crappy, Amy, but make me an offer on your limited supply of Rob porn ;)

From Amy at MissAmyJoon

Birthday spanks from 50 and Edward. Oh my!

From LwE at Living with Edward

Years later, still carrying a torch,
Rob looks back with pain and regret
remembering that fateful day
when he saw you with that other guy
and realized he had lost 'his Lisa' forever.

(Yes, that's me and my husband's prom picture from 30 years ago.)

From Kit at TongueTwied

From Bleriana at The Cold Shower and @Bleriana

My niece and her boyfriend presented me with this official promotional poster
he nabbed from BlockBuster. It's seriously as big as my dining room table!
(The chandelier overhead caused a glare. Sorry.)

My husband gave me money to get some new pans.
Imagine my surprise when I took off the cardboard
and saw the sticker inside.

Thanks again everyone! You made turning 48 bearable.
(Yes, I'm that damn old. Amy doesn't call me Momma Lisa for nothing.)

Don't forget that tomorrow night is DML. We have a brand new co-host
helping us out. It's not just going to be's going to change lives.
You'll have to stop by to find out who it is. Check out the blog for rules/times.


Anonymous said...

Holy moly...what an awesome collection. That sketch is just amazing...I'm floored.

kassiecullen said...

Those are some really great gifts and thoughtful ecards... I love the pic LWE sent you it looks like mini-E has got a little 50 in him.

Amy said...

You are so loved Lisa!

Side comment, is your new banner from the wallpaper I made? I saw the MAJ, and got confused lol

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

The drawing absolutely amazing. Your co-worker is extremely talented. Are you getting it framed? Because you should.

I'm really glad you enjoyed your birthday, Lisa. And, you're not old at all.

mmMoxie said...

You deserve every good thing Lisa! Can I start talking shit about "you know who" now?

See ya at DML!

Living with Edward said...

You got so many birthday yummies!! Your coworkers are awesome. The drawing is so amazing. And you got cupcakes! Win!

If DML is going to be epic and change lives, I am sooooo there. See you tonight!

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Wow Lisa!!!! Looks like you had an absofreakinlutely amazing birthday! Those are some wonderful gifts. Just shows how much you are loved.....but you already knew that! :)
I think my favorite it the caricature that your friend at work drew! Everyone is soooo creative!

TongueTwied said...

Really lovin' the new banner.

I was in awe with one thing after another! You are very blessed.

The cartoon drawing is impressive, but I lmao at that Jacob picture and Edward with his whip.

Jenny Jerkface said...

That drawing of you and Edward is hysterical and pure awesome!!

And I totally spewed coffee when I got to the Jacob manip.

Glad you had a great birthday!

Z Any Mouse said...

Jacob all dressed up and ready to take your place at the prom, LMAO! You look beautiful, btw.

Jayla said...

gah, the jacob manip! i had to cover my mouth to prevent from laughing outloud.

glad to see that you have so many enablers and we love you!

fran said...

Lisa thanks for sharing your birthday goodies with us, you should have a birthday more often it inspires us in more ways than one...I'm going to make some Edward/Rob cupcakes with red and black icing and just Marie's "Dream Trip" I still think we should plan a BD one in New Orleans...and I'll bake the cupcakes! Lovin all you share with us.

melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lisa! Looks like you had an amazing day . . . Hope to see you soon, I miss you! Are you ready for #8 yet?

Munkee said...

Awesome gifts! Your friends are amazing!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Great pressies Lisa! That drawing is amazing, the eyebrows are cracking me up! Hey you're not old, I'm not far behind you luv (only 2 years) we're like the precious & get better with age XX

twilightcupcake said...

Hi Lisa

Happy Birthday!! Sorry to have missed it but looks like you got a whop load of Rob stuff. I can't believe the drawing and all those messages (I esp like the commando one btw) were great. Wonderful!!

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