Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Will Never Stray

Thought we could use a little
Robporn mood music for this post ;)

 Video by the awesome petitbiel!

I finally got to my 7th screening of New Moon on Sunday. It was like coming home. I had felt so guilty that I hadn't gotten there last weekend, like I had somehow let Robward down. At any rate, I actually found myself taking notes during the movie this time. Just random observations from scenes like these:

  • Movie lobby  – The popcorn machine is completely empty. A movie without popcorn?! As Edward said to Bella, "That would be a tragedy."
  • Meadow/Laurant scene – In every cut to KStew, her hair changes position (behind the ear, not behind the ear, etc; reminds me of the canula in the Twilight hospital scene).
  • Sam and Emily's house – When Jacob and Paul return from their fight, Jacob's dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Obviously, he should have been nekkid. Just sayin'.
  • Bella's Cliff Dive – Just before she jumps, she takes off her coat and her jewelry. When Jacob drives her home later, she has her coat on. What a gentleman werewolf to have gone back for her things.
  • Alice's Return – When Jake asks Bella how many Cullens are there and how long they are staying, she tells him it's just Alice and that she can stay as long as she like (instead of likes). Noticed it early on and it still bothers me.
  • Aro – First of all, I have no friggin' idea what he says to Edward and then to Bella in Latin (?). Anyone? Then when he gets all up in Bella's face, he calls her Isabelle instead of Isabella.
I'm sure there are lots more, and if you've noticed any, I'd love to hear about them.

Finally, I have to share a few pics of Pocket Edward, my movie ticket stubs to date, and a surprise gift I received from my neighbor/friend's son who is a manager at the theater.

 He gave me the actual reels for the
movie trailers as keepsakes!!


And is it just me, or does that cell say
HEAD with an upside down A? LOL!

Opening Weekend x3

My goal is 11. Pretty sure I'm going to make it ;)

This little blog has really turned into a "Wondrous Place" because of you guys. So I want to thank you the only way
I know how – with some more Robporn (Source: petitbiel)


For an update on who went with me to the 7th screening, go here and scroll down to the bottom of the post.



Amy said...

7 screenings! Wow, that's commitment! I've only seen in 2x. I might seen it again soon. But anyway, Aro says, "La Tua Cantante"-Bella's blood "sings" for Edward. He said it kinda weird, so I didn't recognize it at first.

What an awesome gift! I collect ticket stubs myself, but a movie reel keepsake totally trumps that!

Anonymous said...

I totally noticed the "as long as she like" thing too!!! It totally bugs me!!! You are right about the nekkid werewolves...total mistake. I also beleive they shot the beginning dream right after they shot the italy scene...because a)she has on the same shirt, and b)so does Edward..but they had to throw that damn 1800's jacket on him to cover the new rip in it.

I have no idea what aro says in latin either...also bothers me.

I don't like the way Edward materializes from behind Bella's door after Charlie popped into her room...it seems totally impossible to do...even for a Vampire...besides...was there room for him to fit behind the door?

Anonymous said...

BTW---I think we posted a new post at the same exact time...and we commented on eachother's post at the same exact time...this is just getting freaky now!
Thursday is OhMyRob..., and Friday is Twi-swears. Should be a blast.

Jelena said...

I noticed the "like" even the first time, and I was curious about that - I started thinking that perhaps I don't know English grammar as well as I think I do.

Yes, I also noticed that Jake is dressed, and found that to be silly. They could've had him pick up a jacket from Sam before going out for a walk with Bella. That would've been so much better.

I like Amy's translation. Aro also said something like "one or the other", during the time he was deciding which one to kill.

I also was wondering about the jacket thing after the jump. He also brought her jewelry, cause she's wearing that ring when she sticks her hand out to Aro.

I like this - we should comment on other mistakes in the movie.

Twilove1 said...

@Lisa - Tonight was #8 for me (you know that I will make it my life's goal to stay one ahead of you), and all those things you noticed have been driving me bonkers too! I also thought it was funny that Bella took off her jacket and jewelry to jump off a cliff, but not her shoes. I think the jacket she's wearing when Jake drives her home is tan and the one she was wearing before she jumped was dark brown, so who knows where that second jacket came from. Maybe it was in her truck along with her duplicate set of jewelry. Does anyone have any idea what Aro says to Bella the second time he speaks in Latin?

Sparkle said...

It took me several viewings to finally decide that Bella says "as long as she'd like"..it was driving me nuts too.
And I wondered the same thing about Aro.

TigerlilyRose said...

@Lisa--You are nothing if not committed my dear! The movie reels are a fabulous gift. I have only seen the movie once (shame on me!) so I didn't notice all of these things. I did notice Jake coming back dressed and the mysterious reappearance of jewelry and jacket after the cliff dive, I wondered at the time, why bother taking it off...really...and why not leave it in your truck instead of at the side of the cliff? Seemed stupid and unrealistic to me. Then again it is a movie about an animal sucking vampire and shape shifting wolf who fall in love with a...um...Bella...guess it is supposed to be fiction...lol

Jelena said...

@all - this is one of the yahoo answers. I think it's pretty good, and hope it satisfies you. Btw, Aro speaks Italian to Bella, not Latin.

"Aro tells"la tua cantante"..
that means that "your singer". she is HIS SINGER because her blood sings for him :)
Her blood is such a delicious thing for Edward :D
But he is able to stand close to her,, with a lot of efforts.. ^^

And the second part:
Bella : (to Aro) You don't know a thing about his soul.
Aro: forse nè del vostro l'una per l'altro
( literally -> I know neither about your one for [the] other)
He refers to the fact that he doesn't know anything about what they feel for each other. He also implies about the fact that they are ready to risk their life for the one they love.

So sweet!!!!!!! *_________*
I love that part!!!! *___*

It's always me :D
Source(s): I'm Italian 100%, saw the movie yesterday, read the book a hundred times XD"

17foreverlisa said...

@Amy and Jelena - Thanks for the translations. Good thing I'm an official Twitard, because that's the only explanation I have for wondering if Aro was speaking Latin vs. Italian. Geez!

@Twilove1 - Yes, I know it's your goal to stay one ahead of me, damn it! I noticed the coat was a different color brown, too.

@TigerlilyRose - Only once? Once is definitely not enough, girlie, but you're right about over analyzing the fantasy aspect of it :)

17foreverlisa said...

Anyone seen Z Any Mouse lately?

rpattzgirl said...

LMAO Lisa! I don't feel so bad now...I've seen it 8 times, and will go for #9 this weekend. I feel the same way..if I miss a weekend, I've let him down!!

Ok the cliff, dive...didn't she have on the short brown coat, and then when Jake takes her back she has on the longer puke tan coat? Now I have to see it again or it's gonna bug me!

Yes, I want to know what Aro says as well..

One thing I hated in the movie..when they are in Italy, and all the bad vamps are there, and they think they're gonna die, and Edward hasn't seen Bella in 7 months, and thought she was dead.. why does Edward not have his arms around Bella? In the book, he keeps his arm around her the whole time, and in the movie he barely touches her during that scene.
I don't get why Chris kinda bailed on that part...

rottymama said...

I guess really need to get my butt in gear & see NM again to get my 2 cents in. I am a 1 timer{sniffle, hangs head in shame} But I plan on going over xmas break!

We should Tweet David Slate and say he needs to take a handful of people, hey how about ALL of us, and run through Eclipse with his Editor people, so that, yeah, we can make sure all the "i's" are dotted and the "t's" are crossed.
Bella's hair is not mysteriously moving and that Jacob has his close off, I mean on and that Edward is naked too. LOL.

All in favor, say, OH HELL YEA!

OhMyRob! said...

What's bugged me everytime I've seen this movie is right before Jacob's going to kiss Bella in the kitchen, he mumbles something in his language... does anyone know what the hell that's supposed to translate to??!

Always urked me!

@Lisa, you crack me up how you felt like you had wronged Robward by not getting to the movies last weekend. I'm sure he's forgiven you :)

rottymama said...

PS~ love the vid by Biel. I became a subscriber.

17foreverlisa said...

@rpattzgirl - Giving me and Twilove1 some competition, I see! I'm so glad you understand how I feel about letting Robward down if I don't get to the theater and do my part. I noticed that the coat colors were slightly different shades of brown (puke tan is a fitting description), too, as did Twilove1. We will all have to watch for that on our next screening :) And epic fail that there wasn't more of a connection between Edward and Bella when they're reunited in Italy like the book describes. They barely even make eye contact; Bella makes more contact with Alice on the way to the Volturi Bat Cave for crying out loud!

@rottymama - OH HELL YEA!!! And as long as you promise to get to it again over Christmas break, we'll forgive you. So glad you liked the video and subscribed to Petitbiel. You won't be sorry. You'll have to check out all of the ones she's done.

@OhMyRob! - I read somewhere that it means "stay with me forever" but since it's not in the book and they give you absolutely no flippin' clue as to what it means in the movie, it loses its emotional impact.

Still no Z Any Mouse? Hmmmmm.

Jelena said...

@Lisa and OhMyRob - I read the same thing "Stay with me forever". I like things that you have to do research for, and that one didn't bug me much. But why on earth does Jacob refer to Bella as "Loca" ie. crazy, in Spanish? Since when does he speak Spanish?

And yeah, there should've been more exchange between E&B - I guess Chris thought since they kissed in the movie, and didn't kiss in the book, he got it covered. And I still hate the fact that they didn't talk more of their relationship either on the plane, or in the bedroom - I guess the latter, because cutting from Italy straight to Bella sleeping is a good way of showing how she first thought that she dreamed it all.

Sparkle said...

@Rpattzgirl - There are a number of OOC behaviors for Edward in New Moon.
The way he just looked at Bella when he realized she was hurt @ the bday party?!?!
The Italy no touch "situation"
And when he talks with Jacob at the end. He allows Bella to run between the two of them after Jacob phases. That would not have happened in the books.
I will watch New Moon over and over again because I just love all things Twilight. I am a Rob addict. But after my first viewing, I leaned over to my sister and said Edward is a douche in this movie and I really don't like it.
**keeping my fingers crossed that they didn't wring the charm out of Eclipse"

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Okay, first. Seriously petitbiel makes the most fucking awesome videos. I bow to her awesomeness.
Second, I adore your neighbor. I think that's the coolest gift like ever. It's the unique things that I find special!
So I love the more you go, the more details you're able to observe. Even with the theater itself. Keep them coming. (I didn't say Rob and cum, BTW, I see where you mind is going. *smiles*) Happy Hump Day!

Z Any Mouse said...

@17foreverlisa - LOL, sorry I've been MIA! I haven't even read the above comments yet, but will go back and read every word. I've been frantically trying to get the Christmas cards out, with my annual "we're great and you suck" letter. Kidding, I was much more honest this year, much to the kids chagrine. Plus a marathon holiday concert last night, didn't get home till 10pm, which was tough on the 10 year-old. So, I'm skipping the gym today in order to decorate the tree. It's been in the house for two days, one day with lights, not one damned ornament. That's the whole whiny story.

You're so lucky to get the NM trailer reels! And I just noticed you wore a Cullen Baseball shirt to the movie. I need one of those! One more thing to add to my list :)

Twilove1 said...

@Amy & Jelena - Thank you for the Aro translations! I guessed at the first one, but had no clue on the second one and it was really bugging me.

@Oh My Rob - I have such a hard time not laughing out loud when Jacob speaks to Bella in his "native tongue" in the kitchen scene. It was probably a magic confundus spell to force her to kiss him, cause there's no other reason that she should have let her lips get that close to his.

@Z Any Mouse- I think we need to go Christmas shopping for Twilight stuff on Sunday!

Z Any Mouse said...

@Twilove1 - Yes! Maybe we could grab a drink, and bravely go into Hot Topic under the pretense of shopping for our kids, then go see New Moon. Sounds like a day in heaven to me :)

Twilove1 said...

@Z Any Mouse - I just checked and there IS a Hot Topic in Temecula. It's fate!!

mmMoxie said...

You're nuts! 11 times at the theater???? I managed 3. I'll be able to scrutanize it a lot better after I get the DVD.

I LOVE that last Biel video. She's a genius!

mmMoxie said...

I mean scrutinize. Sorry. I've been sick and on cold meds.

17foreverlisa said...

@mmMoxie - I've been called worse ;) Keep in mind that I get to go for free after opening weekends, so I can justify it a little. Sorry to hear you've been sick and on cold meds!

Twilove1 said...

GAH!! I finally got a chance to watch this video without my family breathing down my neck or my boss sneaking up behind me, and it left me completely speechless. I don't know if it's wishful thinking, too much clubbing, or just natural aging, but our Rob is definitely looking older and more mature these days- and I'm loving it!!

Vero said...

Aro says:

forse...ne il vostro...l'uno o altro?

translated it's:
therefore...neither yours...this one or the other one.

the first part is because of Bella's soul. because she tells him that he doesn't know anything about Edwards soul and therefore he also doesn't know anything about Bella's cause he couldn't "read" her.

the rest means:

he is trying to decide which one to kill, because he somehow feels that Bella has a great power (he doesn't know which one) and that it would be a shame to destroy it. But in order to get her he has also to convince Edward rather than kill him.

I hope you've understand what i've explained because my English.....could be thousand times better!!!

17foreverlisa said...

@Twilove1 - Glad you got a chance to enjoy the video. And, yes, he is looking more mature, which only makes him hotter, which is just too hard to believe.

@Vero - That's a lovely translation. I really appreciate you taking the time to do it. It definitely helps me understand the scene better. Thank you!!

@All - My friend at the movie theater has found the last trailer reel and has it for me when I can get by to pick up. Woo hoo!!

Dangrdafne said...

SEVEN!!!! Man, I haven't even got back to see it a second time.

17foreverlisa said...

@Dangrdafne - I cannot believe you've only seen it once. What's up with that?!!

17foreverlisa said...

@Sparkle - Keep forgetting to tell you that I loved your comment about, "keeping my fingers crossed that they didn't wring the charm out of Eclipse." Me too!

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