Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Sex with Rob

Of course, we need some music to scroll by.
Video is from CSIKAT1. She's also responsible
Here's my current one :)

Let's start with a little finger foreplay.

Katy vs. KStew
Could mean he finds cougars sexy, too. Just sayin'.

Someone pass me a towel.

And this shouldn't be sexy, but it just is.

Even Santa's coming.

The climax.

Happy Saturday!


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Even though I feel like utter crap, I saw the title of this and perked just a little. Loving the last picture, that man is so fuckin gorgeous I think I'd let him do just about anything and I'm really fuckin broadminded. So random sex with Rob, bring it on, I say, don't care if I feel like I have huge hairy donkey balls rammed in my throat I'd give it my all in the attic of the damned.....horny and invite Tigerlily in for sloppy seconds haha well it myt be sloppy 44ths or something cos I wouldn't be done with after 1 time. Plus I'd force feed him viagra or something LMFAO.
Right I'm going to cook as I've suddenly gone freezing cold and need a hot drink as well. See ya soon ya ho ho ho's xx

Snarkier Than You said...


oh and Katy looks HOT! KStew looks a little... ho-house-y in that pic. and not in a good-ish "best little ho-house" tarty kinda way; more like the "imma ho with a drug problem" way. like they went a liiiittle too far with the heroin chic bit, imho - lol.

: )

Anonymous said...

@snarky---she totally looks like a 2 dollar hooker who just gave a blow job to get a hit on the crack pipe. Yuk.

@lisa...Awesome RPatz favorite is the last one. Why is beat-up Rpatz so sexy???? I can't figure it out just is.

Jelena said...

Yep, yep, agree with STY and Mrs.P, KStew is so sporting the whore house look.

BUT - the smokey Rob and the last one took my breath away. Really, Lisa, yummy. I never would've thought this, had I not become a Twitard (just continuing yesterday's "blame Twitarded for my :I'm all wet looking at Rob: attitude". :p

Z Any Mouse said...

Sigh, I won't be able to watch these videos until later (hopefully), as I have a houseful of chaperones and our computer is in a public viewing area. This is great to keep the kids in check (no accidentally on purpose porn viewing here!), but a total buzz kill for jawporn. Crap!

So, instead I am working on something special for F-Kat and Twilove1. Merry Robmas!

spellbound said...

Oh god, when you enlarge that last pic...holy shit! I want to chew his lips off...or at least start with his lips!

spellbound said...

lmao @ nibbleit "force-feed him Viagra..."

17foreverlisa said...

@All - Finally getting home from a late lunch with my parents and nieces and a musical Christmas program. Supper's done, dessert's been served, and now I'm going to squeeze a few minutes of blogging in before I they want to reclaim the computer/internet.

@Nibbleit - Poor baby! Hope you feel better soon!!!

@STY - Thanks for stopping by. Katy does look hot in that picture, doesn't she? I read where KStew's cover shot for Interview magazine was voted one of Time Magazine's Top Ten Magazine Covers. Huh.

@Mrs. P - The last is my favorite one, too, thus the title ;) He's so beautiful is hurts, ya know?

@Z Any Mouse - RL has a way of doing that sometimes. Again, have fun tomorrow with F-Kat and Twilove1. PLEASE don't forget to take a picture for me to post on my blog. I feel like a SoCal matchmaker, you know :)

@spellbound - I know!! I seriously grabbed my computer monitor with both hands, leaned in, and damn near licked the picture. *died - but it's a great way to go*

@Jelena - You said it. If you've ever read my profile, then you know I give a ton of credit (and blame, quite frankly! lol!) to STY and JJ over at Twitarded for feeding this Robsession fire :)

mmMoxie said...

The "climax" pic dazzled me. I forgot where I was for a second. Rob's stare sent me to a place full of orgasms and Nutella. It was heavenly.

Unfortunately I blinked and broke his gaze. Now I'm back at home wearing sweat pants and a holy shirt with a sink full of dirty dishes. At least I have some Nutella in the pantry.

StarlitViolets said...

First off - I can't believe I'm so f'n late to this sex party! I had RL stuff interfere with my Twitime.

So - we're all super slutty for all things Twilight, but FUCK - KStew looks like she was just rode hard and put away wet! Ew.

The last pic of Rob - holy fuckhawtness! Mmm... I'm going to fall asleep with that image in my mind because it will be the last thing I look at before bedtime tonight. Oh yes - it WILL happen.

StarlitViolets said...

@Jelena & Lisa - I, too, blame Twitarded for my Robtardedness! I swear he never really appealed to me until all the jaw/finger/hair/mouth-porn. And Snarky Sundays about kill me!

I'm a lost cause now and I damn well know he's only going to get sexier with age. He's already hotter now than ever. We're all doomed.

@mmMoxie - LOL! I'm glad you can at least drown your RL sorrows in a vat of Nutella!

17foreverlisa said...

@mmMoxie - Your RL attire sounds a lot like mine ;) And I really need to try this Nutella you're so fond of.

@StarlitViolets - So did it happen? LOL!

StarlitViolets said...

LOL! I wish! I ended up with a migraine and couldn't look at the computer anymore. I have hope still for tonight...

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