Saturday, December 5, 2009

Alice's WTF Vision Revisited (SPOILER ALERT)

This is a spoiler alert, but only if you haven't read Eclipse or Breaking Dawn yet; and if you haven't, you're probably not stopping by here anyway, but just in case . . .

I cannot (or refuse to) live outside of the Twilight universe yet. It's where I first fell in love with a boy named Edward Anthony Masen Cullen and then a man named Robert Thomas Pattinson.

Oops! How did that pic of
Mrs. P at TwiBite get in here?!
(I kid. I kid.)

The past.

The present.
(And what a gift he is!)

Click here for more wallpapers by csikat.

JJ at Twitarded has a much
better pic, though. So click here.

The future.

Bel Ami
Yes, I'm a little worried about the mustache for
this role, because clearly he can grow one.)

(JJ's fav pic!)

Unbound Captives
Think they'll let him rock the beanie?

And if he does grow his hair out? *died*

I feel like I'm cheating on both of them if I watch, listen to, or read anything that I can't link back to their worlds within a five-minute segue.  I couldn't even tell you what the number one Top 40 song is right now. When I'm on the computer at home or at work, I listen to songs like this:

especially this one:

You see, I've been listening to the audiobook versions of the Twilight Saga books in my car since early August and am currently on Eclipse again. Which FINALLY brings us to the point of this post. Still with me?! Cut to Chapter 12 - Time. Bella and Edward are sharing their views on marriage.

Bella whines, "I'm not that girl, Edward. The one who gets married right out of high school like some small-town hick who got knocked up by her boyfriend! Do you know what people would think? Do you realize what century this is? People don't just get married at eighteen! Not smart people, not responsible, mature people! I wasn't going to be that girl! That's not who I am. . . ."

Edward, ever the gentleman, replies, "Maybe we should rethink this, Bella. I know I don't get to deflower you until Breaking Dawn, but what if that damn movie never gets made?!!"

"Kristen, do you think we should
wait until Breaking Dawn, too?"
"You're so funny f*cking, Rob.
I mean, you're so f*cking funny."

Actually, Edward replies, "You see, Bella, I was always that boy. In my world, I was already a man . . . [He paused, cocking (focus, Lisa, focus) his head to the side.] "I was going to say that if I had found someone, but that won't do. If I had found you, there isn't a doubt in my mind how I would have proceeded. I was that boy, who would have — as soon as I discovered that you were what I was looking for — gotten down on one knee and endeavored to secure your hand. . . ."

Source: Interview

Kristen could really give the papz
the finger and marry Rob on the set.
The last place they'd ever expect it.
Just sayin'.

Edward continues, "Can you see my side, Bella, even a little bit?"

And here it comes, peeps. This is what Bella is thinking, 'And for one second, I could. I saw myself in a long skirt and a high-necked lace blouse with my hair piled up on my head. I saw Edward looking dashing in a light suit with a bouquet of wildflowers in his hand, sitting beside me on a porch swing. I shook my head and swallowed. I was just having Anne of Green Gables flashbacks.'

That may explain this.

But it doesn't explain this.

Let's pretend that's Rosalie/Nikki and Bella/Kristen
so that we can segue in to this.

(You see, Mama Cougar over at The Cougar's Den recently tweeted about a rumor that there's going to be some big announcement made that one of the cast members is bi and her money is on Nikki. LOL!)

Bella continues to argue her case telling Edward, "...since we're living in my world for the moment, maybe we should go with the times, if you know what I mean."

"But on the other hand," he countered, "you will soon be leaving time behind you altogether. So why should the transitory customs of one local culture affect the decision so much?"

[Bella] pursed [her] lips. "When in Rome?"

When in Rome indeed!

Like Rome Rob, I'm signing off.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea how I managed to get through your entire post after I saw that frickin' photo of me!!!!!! You are...I can't even find a word. You have rendered Mrs. P speechless...

OK...I have read the rest now, and I just posted my post about the Patz...and you will be amazed how similar it is to a certain thing you mentioned here...frickin' scary...great minds think alike...

I love you, Lisa...and I love the image you have of me. I hope I live up to the boob standards when we do finally meet one day!


Stan said...

Wooo! Love how you use every posible opportunity for Rob shots! Lovely start to the day *sigh*. Although, you do know of course that the pics always wipe any memory of the actual words from my head right?

@ Mrs. P - Niiiiiice!

Anonymous said...

@Stan....thanks!!! Lisa knows me a little too well, I think!!! (Now only if my boobs were actually that perky...) LOL!

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Mrs. P (although, I really feel I can call you Margaret, by now!) - I forgot to tell you that I'm bi. I kid. I kid. Maybe in my next life. LMFAO! Obviously, you and I were furiously posting away and then checking each other('s blog) out at the same time. I'm just glad I could make you laugh after your self-imposed crappy week. Love you, too!

@Stan - Rob shots at every possible opportunity . . . um . . . yes, please!!

Jelena said...

Lovely new shots Lisa (saw the post this morning without the additional shots, but I'm only getting to replying now, sigh).

I really like bearded Rob (JJ's fave), even though I hate men wiht beards. And the grundge long haired one had me fanning myself, squirming in the chair, LoL.

Is that really Mrs. P? Awesome bod. Btw, I'm bi - I kid not! :D

So, is Breaking Dawn confirmed or not? Does anyone know?

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Jelena - Who cares if the house is dusted or the bathroom gets cleaned for my guests . . .

I love, love, love that pic of Rob with his long hair and beanie!

No, that's not really Mrs. P. Pretty sure she's a blond. Can't vouch for the perky boobs, either. I should probably stop teasing her like that.

I'm thinking that now that the lawsuit against Stephanie Meyer has been dismissed things will move forward with Breaking Dawn. But I'm sure there's a huge scheduling conflict for the leads (especially Rob), which is why I wonder of he'll have to pull out of Unbound Captives. We'll see. I heard Kristen say in an interview recently that she couldn't imagine a universe where Breaking Dawn didn't get made. Me either.


Jelena said...

@Lisa - me either. I think it would ruin the whole thing if they didn't make Breaking Dawn. It would be a definite wtf moment.

What lawsuit against SM? God, I seem to be living under a rock.

Oh, I'm sure your guests would understand that you cared more about your blog and Twi-obsession than them, LoL.

Gotta go now, or my lunch will burn in the oven, yikes!

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Jelena - Still dusting ;) Here is a link to an article about the lawsuit. I subscribe to this alert. I really like the gal that does the reporting, too. She keeps it to just the facts and doesn't speculate on trashy rumors.

Z Any Mouse said...

@Sprtzmom - Your analogy of Bella's Anne of Green Gables flashback vs. Alice's vision makes perfect sense now. I think I heard angels singing as I read your post, instead of the WTF that was in my head before.

Oh, and check out my FB. I posted Mr. Any Mouse, sans tie, along with my whore pumps.

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Interesting. Didn’t Chris W say that clip was a for a dream sequence but then they needed the clip for the future/vamp scene and they used this clip?

Did people laugh in your theater when that Alice vision played? They did at mine and it was a bit distracting.

Twilove1 said...

Loved all of the pics, especially the "Faces of Rob" pic with the dreamy smile, and that one of scruffy Rob never fails to set me aflutter.

Real life has been infringing on my Twilight bubble lately and I don't like it one bit. Last night was our office Christmas party and when things got dull, my 2 friends and I sent our husbands home and went to see New Moon again. It was a whole new viewing experience after a few drinks...

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Z Any Mouse - I feel a little better about Alice's vision too. It definitely made a little more sense after reading/hearing that passage in Eclipse again. I had forgotten it.

Just went and looked at your FB pix and, yes, Mr. Any Mouse was in a spiffy sweater, but no tie. You were all dolled up, though :) You're a good sport letting your daughter take silly pictures of you. I wonder if she could have gotten any closer to you with the camera? LOL! And the one with the kid walking in front of you guys while you're trying to get your picture taken is hilarious.

@HGfTT - I think I remember hearing that, too. And, yes, people have laughed every single time I've seen the movie when they come running slo-mo through the forest. I was supposed to go for the 7th time last night, but the couple we were supposed to go with bailed and I really needed to stay home and get my Christmas tree up before my family got here today. This is the first week I haven't gotten to see it. Pretty bummed. May have to sneak one on tomorrow when I get off work just to feel better.

@Twilove1 - So how many viewings of NM are you up to? Have you passed me up yet? Going after a few drinks at the office party . . . did you make it all the way through without having to go to the bathroom? I never would have been able to.

Twilove1 said...

@Sprtzmom - Last night was my 7th time and that will probably be it until... next weekend. I love that each time I notice completely new things. It was also quite an experience because one of my friends had absolutely no "movie etiquette" whatsoever (too much wine) and really annoyed some of the other people in the theater. She broke just about every theater rule there is except for throwing popcorn at the screen and starting a fight. Needless to say, we giggled a lot. Oh, and in answer to your question, I can indefinitely hold off a bathroom break for Edward anytime.

Jelena said...

@sprtzmom - funny you should mention bathroom breaks, I had to go during NM. I tried holding it in, but my bladder wouldn't hear of it. So I picked a moment as soon as Mike came out of bathroom at the movies to sprint for one myself, LoL. I was back in a jiffy, tho.

rpattzgirl said...

Gah!!! I love the long hair with the Comanche stripes!!!

Can not wait for this!! Breech-cloth anyone?

Z Any Mouse said...

@Sprtzmom - I just read your comment over at Latchkey Wife. Holy crap! I feel like we've all been busted together. Tell Mommy Sprtzmommy that I am terribly sorry if she's been offended, but some of us (me) never grew up, and we're just letting off steam so we can behave like regular peeps in the real world. Dig?

sprtzmom1721 said...

Good evening ladies! I've been MIA all day, first because RL was getting in the way, second because Mrs. P at TwiBite! had me playing Spin the Bottle (too fun!), and last but certainly not least, as Z Any Mouse mentioned, I was a little sad that I had disappointed my mom :( But, I'm back and ready to blog :)

@Twilove1 - I'm impressed that you can hold your liquor ;) Not sure what I would have done if your friend had been in the theater with me, even if it was my 7th screening of the movie. Totally jealous that you pulled ahead of me btw. I'm competitive that way. Game on!

@Jelena - LOL! I've seen it enough times now that I know I could leave and go to the bathroom, too, and at least not miss any Robward moments. Of course, considering there aren't enough Robward moments, that's not saying much, is it?

@rpattzgirl - Most people don't realize that I added the warpaint via Photoshop. I was laughing the whole time I did it, of course. Hopefully, he does get to make this movie and there's not a conflict with Eclipse. What we all wouldn't give to see Rob in a little buck(nekked)skin ;)

@Z Any Mouse - Well said, and thanks. My mom (and dad) mean the world to me and I hate to disappoint them . . . ever . . . but this Robsanity truly is an outlet and escapism at its best. We may only be virtual friends (well, except for you lucky SoCal girls!!), but I can't imagine taking this ride without you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa!!! I hope the snow doesn't keep you away from the computer tonight...I took a nap and plan on being around all night long!

Doesn't the snow know that you have to keep the cup lit on top of that gorgeous tree??? How dare it knock out your power!!!

Mama Cougar said...


Girl....that shit is FAF.

OMG....srsly. I should have slipped on a Depends this morning. F'realsies. Damned prolapsed bladder.

Worry not, I will rejoin the blogosphere as soon as real life stops kicking my ass repeatedly. These annoying little offspring of mine insist that it's my moral obligation to feed them!


sprtzmom1721 said...

@Mama Cougar - Like I told you on twitter, I have REALLY missed you! I'm glad you made it over to check out the post. I would have hated for you to miss it.


P.S.: I took care of my prolapsed bladder a few years back. Recovery's a bitch, but still worth it.

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