Sunday, December 13, 2009

TayTay's Vertically Challenged

As we all know, our very own Taycob hosted SNL last night. I was glad to see that they incorporated his sweetie's Lautner-loving monologue into his. I think that TayTay (aka Tay Squared) are absolutely adorable together. I'm also starting to believe that they can make it for the long haul based on how much they have in common.

They've both hosted SNL.

(To watch all of her skits, click here.)

(To watch all of his skits, click here.)

And is it just me, or was he channeling Rob with the choice of wardrobe for his monologue?

(No post of mine will ever be Rob free.)

They're both pretty in pink lipstick.

They've been on the cover of Rolling Stone.

They're team favorites.

(Gratuitous abs never hurt any post.)


They're action figures.

They're treated like royalty.

They're clothes whores fashionistas.

They like to ride bikes.

They like to bust a move.

They like to give kisses.

And they like to get kisses.

(Yes, TayTay's a little vertically challenged.)

Best of all? They both like to sing.

(I think Taycob was finally feeling it
at the 5-minute mark. Just sayin'.)


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Am I first??? I'm first!!! I'm glad you NEVR have a Rob free post. It could have happened...but you made sure you came through in the end. YES--he was chaneling Rob's wardrobe!

I LOVED the pink lipstick comparison!!! And the kisses!!!!

Awesome post Lisa! xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Yup--couldn't be first without a typo...I meant 'NEVER'

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

LMAO!!! Damn it! I didn’t get to see SNL. Taylor was awesome. I had no idea he was on stage at the VMA’s. That’s crazy. How odd to have seen the whole Kanye thing go down in front of you.

17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. P - Yes, you're the first with a comment AND a typo. LOL! Glad you liked the post.

@HG - Hey, I just got an email alert from that NBC has put up all of the skits now, so I updated my post with the NBC version of the monologue and included a link to the rest of the skits if you want to check them out. I hate to say it, but Taylor Swift did a much better job hosting than he did.

And I was watching the AMAs live when Kanye West did that to her, so I knew that Taylor was a presenter. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I realized what Kanye had done. He really effed things up for himself that night, but in the long run, I think it helped her career. People really rallied around her.

17foreverlisa said...

Shit! Now who has a typo? I meant VMAs, not AMAs :)

Amy said...

Taylor was awesomesauce on SNL! He and Swifty are/would be great together. Right now however I'm only thinking how incredibly jealous I am of her shiny hair...and the fact she gets hugs from those biceps...

That Shark Boy clip is hilarious! I've never seen that movie. All I know is my little cousins loved him ever since that movie.

Oh, and good job getting Rob in there! ; )

spellbound said...

Tay Squared, that's just funny...wouldn't it just be weird to date someone with your name? Or maybe that's just me. My name's Kim & I know there are guy's named Kim, although I've always thought that was a little weird too. Sorry, I've had a couple of hard lemonades, so plz excuse the rambling! But whoa, that TayTay kiss was hot! (Can I say that since he isn't legal yet?) Great post! Thanks for slipping Rob in there!

OhMyRob! said...

Hey Lisa! I'm always cracking up @ your comments on TwiBite's page, but for some reason I've never been able to see any of the text on your page (like the background and text color was black)... either way, I see you now!

Love the Tay-Tay comparison... totally agree about the lipstick, but I think TL is totally busting more moves that TS... but who knows who wins behind closed doors?!

@Spellbound... a friend of mine named Kim, actually married her high school sweetheart Paul Kim. So her legal name is now Kim Kim... true story!

TigerlilyRose said...

LMAO! Love it love it love it! Great, Lisa!

17foreverlisa said...

@TigerlilyRose - Thanks! It was a ton of work, so I'm glad you liked it.

Z Any Mouse said...

T squared are so cute together. I'm just wondering how long it will be before he ends up in a song. BTW I love Taylor Swift, which is so out of character for me. I'm a lover of all music, but gravitate mostly toward alternative rock and blues, and I can't get enough of her music. Get another album out already T!

I also can't get enough of today's Faces of Rob pic. He is sooo delicious!

17foreverlisa said...

@Z Any Mouse - I love her, too. I actually saw her in concert when she opened for Brad Paisley and she was awesome. Very, very personable and sincere about her love of her fans. She stole the show. She is going to be here again in May, and she sold out the venue in less than 10 minutes. Since I can never plan that far in advance, I didn't even try and get tickets. If it works out, I may go down the morning of the concert and see if I can get tickets when they release the extras once the stage has been set up. We'll see.

Z Any Mouse said...

@17foreverlisa - That would be awesome if you could get tickets. I haven't heard (or checked on the internets because I'm too busy doing you know what) when she's going to be out this way. My friend and her daughter saw her last year, and said she was just as cute as could be. They also bought my daughter, Taylor, a concert baseball shirt (my fave)for her birthday. She wears it all the time.

Anonymous said...

@OhMyRob----Kim Kim???? LOLOLOL!!!!

spellbound said...

@OhMyRob- LOL, I think I would have kept my maiden name in that instance!

mmMoxie said...

I noticed the plaid shirt thing too. I immediately thought of Rob but then again, I'm always thinking of Rob.

TLau is only 17 so I'm hoping he has another growth spurt in him. You know how I feel about men under 6 feet tall :P

17foreverlisa said...

@Amy & Spellbound - Getting/Slipping Rob in is always a priority ;)

@OhMyRob - Glad you can finally see the text. If that ever happens again, let me know by email. So glad you stopped by!

@mmMoxie - Yep. The minute Taylor walked out onto the stage with the black leather jacket and plaid shirt, I thought of Rob. But, as you said, practically every thought I have these days leads me back to him. And, yes, I know how you feel about men under 6 feet tall. I'll bet TLau can juggle, though. LOL!!

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