Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beautiful Boy...Beautiful Man

My son heads back to college today. Sure he's not quite two hours away. Sure he's met a girl at college that he thinks may be "the one." Sure I've never seen him happier. It doesn't mean that I won't miss him. I already do.

My husband recently refinished an old wooden frame divided into five sections with glass panes. He rescued it from an old school he was working at years ago. He hung it up in my home office horizontally so that I can blow up some family pictures to put behind each pane of glass. If you've followed my blog at all, you won't be surprised when I tell you that I am having the pictures reprinted in black and white.

You're probably asking yourself what any of this has to do with Rob. Because I promised a long time ago that no post of mine would ever be without him. Well, when I first saw the pictures of Rob as a young boy, I couldn't help but smile and think of another little boy. I think both beautiful boys have grown up to be beautiful men.

Music to scroll by
(I converted my son into an Elvis fan years ago.
This is also the ring tone when he calls me on my cell.
And it is going to be alright.)

Rockin' the colorful shirts

Rockin' the mullets

Rockin' the trunks

Suited up and rockin' the shades

Rockin' abs on slabs

Rockin' their young fans

Rockin' what they love to do ; )
(Sorry Mrs. P!)

And I leave you with this.
I for one cannot get enough of this scene.
If you turn it up and close your eyes
so that you're not distracted by the visual,
his groan and her gasp so close together
sound like, "Oh f*ck."  Just sayin'.

I just don't think you can fake that.
Yes, Amy, that puts me in the
IGiveaCrapstenAboutRobsten group,
but you already knew that about me : )

Source - Anxious About RPattz


Twilove1 said...

Lisa, your love and pride in your son really makes me smile. Congrats on being such an awesome Mom (cause I know you are!) and remember that your baby is only a phonecall away. Thanks for sharing this bit of your life with us, but be sure to keep him away from Mrs P.

Anonymous said...

Well, we are both up ridiculously late b/c your comments on my blog just popped into my inbox while i was looking at your offspring.

Um---is he hot enough?????????????

Twilove1---I would never violate Lisa's boy...unless he asked me to. Then I couldn't be held responsible.
THEN, Lisa---you go and post that damn kissing scene and all the erotic things that go with it and expect me to be all 'motherly'??? No way, my super BFF...I mean "Super Bloggy mother-in-law"

I kid.

17foreverlisa said...

@Twilove1/Sue - I am very proud of him (and my daughter!) and I hope that I'm a good mom. Although as I see that Mrs. P has pointed out, including the kissing scene video with this particular post may prove otherwise. LOL!

@Mrs. P - It's all your damn fault that I'm still up. Your post got me going and then Gwenward's blog link sent me back to the "contest," and there was one that I had missed so, of course, I had to read it. It's sort of like getting all dressed up with no place to go, though ;) So you're not having motherly thoughts about my son? This must be how Mrs. Pattinson feels. LOL! Seriously, though, he's a great kid. He's even more beautiful on the inside, which I am guessing Rob is, too, if that's possible :) P.S.: Welcome to the family ;)

@Gwenward - *waving hello* Glad to see you stopped by. Hopefully you subscribed to follow-up emails so that you can hear me cussing you out. I kid. I kid!! I love seeing new avis show on on the Follower list. (Thanks, Mrs. P!)

Twilove1 said...

@Lisa - I think we should make an official blog rule that posts are not allowed to contain the name "Mrs. Pattinson" unless they are referring to one of us married to Rob, cause otherwise that makes me think about her age, then his age, and then my age, and that just can't be tolerated in my fantasy blog world. Agreed?

17foreverlisa said...

@Twilove1 - AGREED!

Stan said...

So, I see Rob lost out with his 'paper' to your son's 'scissors' while they were rockin' abs on slabs Lisa ;o)

Am I the only one who feels nothing but pity for Lisa's son at the thought of family gatherings when the 2 Mrs P's get together?? You'd really do this to the boy Mrs. P TwiBite? Shame on you! ;o)

Lovely post Lisa, I often wonder what my boys will be like when they get older, then I shudder and bury it again as I have a good idea LOL! xx

Stan said...

BTW, I know she'll see it here so I'll just post this message to Mrs.P, Blogger's playing me up with your site this morning, I was so desperate to read Mr Poptart's challenge that I spent an hour and three re-starts trying to get in. I finally did and it was well worth it, but now it won't let me leave a comment! I'll try again later but just wanted you to know that I did pop by :o) x

17foreverlisa said...

@Stan - paper, rock, scissors - Classic!! Family gatherings with the two Mrs. P's would be interesting wouldn't they? LOL! And I know that your boys are going to be just lovely when they grow up. 'Bob' will have taught them well ;)

I'm email Mrs. P just in case and let her know you're having trouble with Blogger on her site and see if she's aware of any problems.

Dangrdafne said...

Awwww I love this post. When Stan asked how we felt about the drought I wanted to write that I liked it because we got to read other things about the bloggers we follow. This is just a beautiful post and is the exact reason for liking the drought - although you are very clever to get your Rob in there. Thank you for sharing your love of your son with us.

PS I am also a huge Elvis fan!

spellbound said...

Love your post Lisa! The side by sides are adorable! Two beautiful boys! (And young Elvis wasn't too bad himself, huh?...) Is it just me or is there something about young Elvis in some pics that reminds you of Rob? It may just be that I'm unable to ever stop seeing Rob, I also had a little blond boy, now he's a big blond boy! Beautiful too! (He's actually a year and a half older than Rob...ummm...that's terrible! lol) You're right about the kissing vid. It does sound like "Oh f*ck" I know I would be saying that anyway! And you're also right about not being able to fake that. We'd be talking major Oscar contenders if that was all fake, IMO.

17foreverlisa said...

@Dangrdafne - Thanks!! And, you're right. This Rob drought is actually providing for some great posts from fellow bloggers. I know it's giving me time to structure my posts more by setting specific days aside for Robporn/Jawporn (lol) and the rest to fill in the blanks with life.

@spellbound - Glad you liked the post! And I feel a whole lot better reading that you have a son in the same age range as Rob. And I have often thought of Rob in the same vein as Elvis - from looks to musical talent. In fact, one of my song suggestions for Honolulu Girl when she asked what I wanted to use for the video she was making for me was an Elvis song. Maybe I'll use it for the "Music to scroll by" on the next Wet Wednesday :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one that can hear that with the birthday kiss video and think that, too!

Dangrdafne said...

I sent you an email before I read these comments. It is eerie how we all think alike :)

17foreverlisa said...

@Dangerdafne - There's a reason we all hang out together :) I got your email and sent you one back. Thanks!!

Amy said...

lol! It looks like if your son was an actor, he'd have a bit of competition! During that kissing scene all I was thinking was "um, this wasn't in the book." lol! I almost weep when Rob says the line ,"I honestly don't know how to live without you." *tear*

qcchevyman said...

Hey Lisa I can't wait to see the new Pics when you get them put into the Frame Dave made up. I hope Travis is getting back to normal Health Wise..

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Is that your son? OMG, how sweet! I love the comparison that you did with the two and um *coughs* your son is very good looking, not that I was looking. I’m just saying.... :)

mysharona said...

oh my god the cuteness and oh my god the similarities!! took me a minute to figure out they weren't the same kid! it is weird to say - your son is a gooood-looking boy!

Anonymous said...

Love the post comparing two beautiful little boys as they grew up. It's great to hear from someone else who is old enough to be Rob's mom, but still loves him and not in a motherly way. LOL

spellbound said...

@TwitardedMom~~Def not in a motherly way!

17foreverlisa said...

@Amy - No, it definitely was not in the book. But oh so glad it was in the movie ;)

@qcchevyman - LOL! Travis is feeling lots better. Just bummed he's behind on his workout routine. He finally left to go back around 3 pm. We got a few groceries, had supper, and am settled in to do some blogging :) And you know I will have you over so you can see the picture frame when it's done!

@HG & mysharona - I forgot to mention that in all of the pictures Rob would be first and then Travis. LOL! And, yes, that's really him. The picture of him by the ocean was taken this time last year when he stayed with a former teammate in Puerto Rico. He's even more buff than that picture if you can believe it. I only say this because he works so hard at balancing nutrition with a good workout routine and it's nice to see it pay off for him. Not hard to tell Rob and Travis apart now, is it? LOL!

@TwitardedMom and spellbound - Most definitely not, and we have to stick together.

E said...

Lisa-Trav is so lucky to have a mom like you. This post is by far my favorite:-) I'm a sucker for family relationships-the good, the bad, and the ugly!

17foreverlisa said...

@E - Thanks! I think he feels the same way MOST days. LOL! And is the E that I will be discussing this with tomorrow at work?

rottymama said...

Lovely post & handsome son! Rob & Travis kind of look alike when they were little. Boys and their kookie moms! I call my sons the dorks and they call me mama dork. Gotta love'em!

I think that Rob could pass for a young Elvis, he might need to gain a few lbs. He's got the hair & the eyes. On a personal note, I got the meet Lisa-Marie back in '87. Her uncle (cilla's bro) was engaged to a girl that I worked with in LA. Priscilla autographed her book for my boss who was a huge Elvis fan and also gave her one of his old polyester jackets. She about died!

rottymama said...

Awww, just watched the Rob die in HP~GoF re-run. BooWhoo! Take his body back Harry. sniffle, sniffle.

rottymama said...

One more, I too heard the OH F#CK! My ear just came. LMAO!

17foreverlisa said...

@rottymama - Dangerdafne and I were discussing that very same thing earlier today. In fact, she emailed me a picture of Elvis that I'm going to use as part of the Wet Wednesday post, so you are not alone in your observation.

My middle name is Marie and my parents always used to joke that Elvis called them to see if it was okay if he named his daughter after me :)

How cool that you got to meet the real one and that your boss got an actual Elvis jacket. I would have about died, too!!

Z Any Mouse said...

Awww, that's so cute. I know you'll miss him when T gets back to school, but on the bright side you'll be able to catch up on some bloggy/ff reading.

I just got back from a fun day at Twilove1's for a bookclub meeting with F-Kat. Everybody's children are so beautiful, and well mannered. It was such a nice day.

spellbound said...

LMAO @ rottymama "My ear just came." Thanks for that laugh!!

mmMoxie said...

This was the sweetest post ever! My son is only 9. I hope he grows up to make me as proud of him as you are of yours :)

stephanie said...

Awww bb, what a sweet post!! I'm in the middle of such an emotional year with my son so this really touched my heart. My baby boy is 17, got his liscense, graduating high school and got accepted to college all this year, they grow up way to fast!!

Happy birthday to your son, and just as lucky as you feel to have him I'm sure he feels just as lucky having you as his mother!!

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