Monday, January 11, 2010

Manip Monday

It's been a very good week for fanmade goodies.  Let me tell ya!  I am going to include a few of my favorites in this post, but please do yourself a favor and click on the links to see what else these talented people have created.  It's like going to a Hallmark store . . . there's something for everyone. Enjoy! Don't forget to click to enlarge the wallpapers/screensavers.

Found this wallpaper at Thinking of Rob.
It was created by CandeKizzeS24.

All of these gorgeous pieces are from DreamySim1.

(Lickable aren't they?!!)

Whether you're Robsten, Nonsten, or IDon'tGiveaCrapsten,
we're all sick of the invasive papparazzi pictures. So here's a
really sweet fanmade video to help wash away those images.

This fanmade Robart was created by the talented
CSI_Kat at In the Land of Fantasy for Jewels64.

This is as close to my fantasy of Rob
as I've seen in a manip yet. *sigh*

And from my bloggy bestie Honolulu Girl
at Trueblood Twilight comes this little ditty.
She's got great taste in men and music ; )

A big THANK YOU to everyone who uses their creativity
to create beautiful fanmade pieces of Robart!
Until next Manip Monday . . .


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Ok, I watched that fanmade video of Robsten. Freaking swoon hard. There are times, that he just watches her when she speaks, and I swear, oh my god. I just died. She is one lucky @#4%&! I hate her! (kidding, not really, okay I am)
Thank you for posting my video btw! I’m still touching myself to Rob! Hehehe. (sometimes Alex, depends on the day)

Gwenward said...

ummm... brain is goo

I would give anything to be that ring on his pinky

I thank you for the good dreams in advance. Thanks Lisa and HG!

Z Any Mouse said...

Swoooon, thud.

Twilove1 said...

Gah - I've been waiting for hours for my family to go to bed so I could watch these videos and they were well worth the wait!! The Robsten vid made my heart all mushy for about 30 seconds until massive jealousy took over (please say this doesn't make me a freak) and Honolulu Girl's awesome video made me smile. Honestly, how does a man have such an adorable personality and look this amazing?

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

ugh hate Robsten, hate Stew-ped, just jealous, like its ever gonna be me, not blah RL, blah Stew-ped, blah, blah, fucking blah!!!!!
Ps HG fucking lush video as ever xxx Luv ya

TwiWeasel said...

Ahhhhh....Rob Porn at its finest. Thank you, Lisa.

spellbound said...

Why do I love watching Robsten videos so much??? it's torture! Can you imagine Rob looking at YOU that way? *faints* Hope you don't mind, I shared that vid on my FB page. Loved both vids Lisa! Couldn't take MY eyes off that 2nd one! lol...the 1st wallpaper is my favorite & the Rob manip is my dream! Why can't he put out an album already?! Ok, I know he hasn't had time but still, I can't stop hoping he'll do it one day soon...Thanks for a great post Lisa! So much Robliciousness in one post!

rottymama said...

Luv'em all...slurp!

rpattzgirl said...

Oh holy gawd.....the manip of Rob on stage, in the jeans, with the mike.....swoon!!!!
And the video is awesome!!!!

17foreverlisa said...

Crap! I deleted Mrs. P's comment by mistake. There was a spam one right below it that I thought I was deleting. Sorry super bloggy BFF!

@Nibbles - I know you do, but I am in love with the idea of Robsten. Can't explain it.

@TwiWeasel - You're welcome!

@spellbound - No, I can't imagine Rob looking at me like that, but I love watching him look at Kristen that way :) That's great that you shared it on your FB page. That's what posts like this are all about and what I think people who create Robart and videos hope that we do.

@rottymama - LOL!

@rpattzgirl - I am so glad you got to see that manip of Rob; you and I have always bonded over his music. Other than the neck being too long, it's perfect. What we wouldn't give to hear him sing in person, huh?!

Dangrdafne said...

I am only jealous of the fact that I don't think my husband or any guy has ever looked at me the way that Rob looks at Kristen in those clips. I also could hear Rob covering the song from the video, that would be nice.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Lisa, just wanted to let you know that I posted the pic of Dick on my blog. :D

Z Any Mouse said...

@Jelena - let me know when you post a pic of Rob's (dick) on your blog. 'kay, thanks.

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