Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shout Out Sunday

Another weekend gone. It wasn't without its moments, though.

Friday is getting to be the best day of the week. It starts out with the FFF questions at Twi-sted Edbrella and ends with crazy tweeting on twitter, which is a direct result of Drunk Mad Libs being played in between.

Yes, we had another successful Drunk Mad Libs over at Twilight SagaPalooza. It was so successful and so many newbies joined us (which was awesome btw!), that it only took 45 minutes to get through the game. I talked to our host, mmMoxie, and she is planning on having two games ready to go just in case that happens again, which we hope is the case. The more the merrier...and the funnier. I've got my husband so on board with it now that he was even reading the Sunday ads today and asked how much I had paid for my box of wine (she said that) because it's on sale at Walgreens. You have to understand that I'm lucky if I drink four times a year. Now I've drank four weeks in a row.

And speaking of my husband, while I was playing the game and tweeting, he came into my office and said (and I'm not making this up!), "I was putting another log on the fire and a spark shot out and caught my [flannel pajama] pants on fire. I hollered at you, and you were in here playing your game and you didn't even hear me!" Then he proceeded to hold up his leg and show me where the fire had singed his pants. I'm laughing all over again just thinking about it. Someone on twitter (remind me if you're reading this and it was you -- CC?) called him Mr. Hot Pants. Um. Yeah. I tweeted about it. It was just too funny not to.

Not quite how it went down at my house.

Okay, enough about me. This post is all about you, your blog posts, and links for my followers to find you. As always, I begin with Twitarded and TwiBite.

KStew got some Twitarded love this week. Woo hoo!! You also have to check out the picture message that SnarkierThanYou got and what Mr. Snarky did!

I could honestly provide links to every single day of the week for Mrs. P, because she's that funny. But start here and then promise me that you will go back and read her other posts for the week. You won't be sorry.

She also finished her fanfic story. At five chapters, is just the right length to keep you interested. She had me rooting for the female lead she introduced to Edward, and that's saying a lot.

Anxious About RPattz
Amy quickly found a place in my heart. She's a great kid and now refers to me as Mama Lisa, a name I'm proud to have. I participated in her last Rob Show and Tell post, where I got the chance to discuss how I came down with Robsanity. Amy is shutting down her blog because her true love is creating web art. We will still be in touch via twitter and her design site, and I know her work will show up in other posts of mine and probably as soon as tomorrow's Manip Monday :)

For the love of RPattz
She just gets me. I love going to her site and hearing Rob singing while I'm reading her posts, and she's also turned me on to The Brits' music, especially that cute, cute Bobby Long. So, of course, when I saw multiple sites posting the Facebook Q&A with Rob for Remember Me, I wanted to view it on her site for the first time :)

Letters to Rob
This is just funny.

Random Acts of Rob
This is just hot. I mean really hot. I've seen a ton of Rome Rob pictures, but this one is new to me. *died*

I love every day at RobMusement, but for me, personally, I don't want to miss another Picspam day and not contribute. I SO wanted to work on this week's theme of Red inspired by Prince's Little Red Corvette, one of my all-time favorite songs. But I let the week get away from me...again. So, I may be taking one day off each week to dedicate to working on Picspam pics. Haven't decided if it will be a specific day or just a random day yet, but you heard it here first.

This one had me smiling a lot. The Harry Potter promo video is worth watching, too. He's so young and adorkable in it. The sweatshirt comparison they are talking about in the post occurs at around the 2:50 mark. And you have to check out Rob swimming in the tank. Even when he swims, he's adorkable :)

And these shirts are pretty similar, too.

Remember Me screen cap

Twilight SagaPalooza
I know they already got a shout out above, but this post is just too funny!

The SoTwired Sistas got to meet Jackson Rathbone...again. They will be posting more pictures soon (right, Sarah?!), but this will get you started.

While I was going through my Dashboard blog roll, I couldn't believe it when I saw this caption: via @twilove1_sue via @visionsisters.

Hold up! Anyone else see what I see? Someone who's a loyal follower and one of my FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!! roomies got one of her pictures posted. She got to meet Jackson Rathbone, too, at a different concert than the SoTwired Sistas.

Well, guess what? I have an even better picture to post that she sent me via email. Enjoy!

Jackson & Twilove1 (Sue)

Now I need to go back and look at the pic from Twired's concert. Is that the same hat?!

SoTwired Jen, Jackson, and SoTwired Sarah

I'm pretty sure he borrowed his style from JJ at Twitarded, but I can't find the proof. If/When I run across it, I will come back and add it in. **UPDATED** JJ sent me the link to the pic. Yep. He was definitely channeling JJ.

Twi-Sted Edbrella
I know, I know, I do seem to have my favorites, don't I? Can't help it. Stan is the (wo)man! And Twi-Sted Edbrella has a new contributor on their blog. Stop in and say hi to Nibbles, if you dare. LOL!


Twired Jen said...

You ROCK super sticky sweet of you to post more shout outs, & a pic too! We heart that you used one of our pics too..super awesome! Love ya!!!
Jen @ Twired

Anonymous said...

Wow Lisa...this was awesome. As I read through everything it was like a year had passed when all this stuff happened and now I see it has only been a week! It has been an incredible week, though. Thank you for the compliments, as usual...and let's hope Mr. Hot Pants stays far from the fire this Friday!! LMAO!

MissAmyJoon said...

Oh Mama Lisa. I'm even more sad now that I won't be able to be featured on your Shout Out Sunday anymore. You too have a place in my heart. It's kind of hilarious you call me 'kid' because I call everyone 'kid' whether they're older than me or not! Hehe You're so poetic, " true love is creating web art." lol The truth is, I like have a finished product in front of me. I'm not not a great blog writer, and don't try to convince me otherwise! I can write essays, but not blog posts. When I was in high school I wanted to go into graphic design, but realized I preferred it as a hobby, so now I'm finally learning through Rob lol Anyway, enough about me!

You are a FABULOUS blogger Lisa. I will continue to read your hilarious blog no matter what!

CSI_Kat said...

*Waves hi to Lisa* Great post as usual! Love that Rome Rob pic *dies*

17foreverlisa said...

@Twired Jen - You know I look forward to your posts and finding out what you're up to. Can't wait to see more pictures from the concert and, of course, there's FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!!

@Mrs. P - You know, when I sat down to start working on the post, I didn't think much had gone on in the Rob universe, either, but with the Rob Drought comes the creativity and/or digging up of old material that's all of a sudden new. Like that freaking Rome Rob pic!

@MissAmyJoon - Hi, Amy! I'm always saying, "See you later, kids," to my co-workers, some of who are a few years older than me, so I know what you mean. You, however, are a kid compared to me ;) I've never been called poetic before and then to be called poetic and FABULOUS at the same time? That place I have in my heart for you just got bigger. And you will have a permanent place in my Manip Monday posts just like Twitarded and TwiBite do for Shout Out Sundays for as long as you keep creating images and as long as I keep blogging. XXXOOO

@CSI_Kat *waves back* Thanks and that pic is just too much, isn't it? Like they said at RAoR in their post, we'll probably never have that whole package again. Everything about Rob in Rome that year was epic.

Stan said...

OMG, just looking at that last pic of Jackson and he really looks like someone we know, how weird!

@MissAmyJoon, good luck with your new ventures. Rob is actually excellent for learning. I started off using my posters with my youngest to teach body parts (not like that you filthy ho's, I know what you were thinking then *tut*) and just this last week was using them to teach my 4yr old how to write letters. Unfortunately he's going to think the alphabet goes R-O-B-E-R-T etc, but never mind eh? I'm sure school can put him right.

Fab post Lisa, thanks for the shout-out too :o) xx

MissAmyJoon said...

@Stan LOL! Yes, Rob is a very educational figure. I'm sure he's gotten a lot more people to read as well since many of the films he's in are based on novels!

Twilove1 said...

Lisa, it's a little freaky (OK, a lot freaky) to see my pic on your blog, but I heart you big time! That new Rob pic is to die for.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Gasp! And I'm not your favourite? boo-hoo-hoo!

JK... maybe

Anyhoo, they got to meet Jackson? I don't know why, but this info and those photos suddenly stirred something in me, and... I think I'm starting to feel something for Jasperpants now. Gasp, again!

Twired Sarah said...

Singing Another One Bites The Dust! @ Jelena :) Congratulations, you have caught jacksonitis, how does it feel?

Dangrdafne said...

I'm just sad that the Hot Pants story happened while you were in Twitter Jail, Lisa.

I have recruited someone new for Mad Libs on Friday - Jenny from
Her and I have bonded over Italy information and she will hopefully be attending this friday (and maybe even join us on Twitter).

I have more to comment on but a coworker needs something. Darn work!

Z Any Mouse said...

@Twilove1 - Squeeee at your picture on the blog! I'm putting in my bid early, if we get to go on another 100 Monkeys road trip, I get to be next to Jackson! Pretty please, with a banana on top?

@Lisa - I do love the big pic of Rob. I've never seen that one before, and that is very rare!

17foreverlisa said...

@Stan - Can you get us a picture of the Jasperpants lookalike?! LMFO (again) about the lessons you are teaching your sons with Rob’s help.

@Amy - You bring up a good point about him inspiring reading, too. I know that I bought Bel Ami, which I would not have done had he not signed on to do the movie version of it.

@Twilove1 - I’m glad I didn’t freak you out so much that you left me out of the email loop this morning. Those new pictures of Jackson are awesome! As I said to you in my email, he’s definitely forkable. LOL!

@Jelena @ Twiholic - You are! You are being featured on my upcoming Wet Wednesday post ;) And, yes, between Mrs. P (Jasperpants) and the Twired Sistas (Twired Sarah first diagnosed my case of Jacksonitis), I am definitely spending more time looking at Jackson than I thought I ever would. Not to mention the ff. Gah!

@Twired Sarah - LOL about the song choice! BTW, what's a blogger have to do to get you to sign up to follow anyway (hint, hint)?

@Dangrdafne - Holy crap! I clearly had too much wine that night. I completely forgot that I was thrown in Twitter Jail until you mentioned it. That’s awesome that you’ve recruited someone for Mad Libs AND that you two have bonded over Italy!! I know twilightcupcake . . . she’s sweet. LOL!

@Z Any Mouse - I've missed you here! I did enjoy talking to you on FB, though. And I can't tell you how long I stared (and continue to stare) at that picture of Rome Rob. So glad I stumbled across it on RAoR.

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Lisa, that story about your husband. I'm happy that he wasn't seriously burned, so I can giggle, right? :) Your too cute.

mmMoxie said...

Thanks for the shout out luv :) It was HILAR when your hubby's "sex was on fire"

Tell him to wear his flame retardant PJs this Friday!

See you ALL for Mad Libs on Friday.

Twilove1 said...

@Jelena @ Twiholic - I didn't catch Jacksonitis until I saw that concert and then... WOW!! He doesn't replace Rob (like anyone could), but he was so adorably quirky and has such a killer smile, that he is simply irresistible.

@Zany Mouse - You have less than 2 weeks to convince your hubby that you need to see 100 Monkeys again. Next mission: a pic of you groping Jackson.

@Lisa - I <3 you as always

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

@Twilove1- yes, that smile is what's doing the stirring in me. So genuine, and disarming. :D

@Lisa - phew, glad to read that I'll be making an appearance here after all. Mwah (in advance), LoL.

Twired Sarah said...

Oh my! I didn't know I WASN'T a follower... I forgot Jen and I are separate entities now (sort of...). I follow, I follow!

rpattzgirl said...

Thanks for the shout out Lisa!!!

I adore you...and you're blog!!

Get that freak flag out darlin!

Z Any Mouse said...

@Lisa - That was fun on FB! Sorry I've been MIA, sometimes real life or fanfic gets in the way, but I still heart you and your blog.

@Twilove1 - LOL, groping Jackson does sound like a good goal for the next roadtrip/bookclub meeting. How long do you think it will take for him to get a restraining order against me?

Twilove1 said...

@Zany Mouse- You can at least get a few quick gropes in before the restraining order takes effect. You will, no doubt, violate it and end up in jail, so I promise to bring you snacks and have a fundraiser for your bail.

TigerlilyRose said...

OK so I am a bit late getting here...but better late than never right! Great post as usual my dear, I like Shout out Sunday because it reminds me to check out some of the blogs I haven't gotten to yet...which I would guess is the point...LOL...I am a bit slow tonight.

Any-who always love your page (even when I don't leave comments)

Snarkier Than You said...

hahahaaaa!!! that's perfect!!! JJ has been looking EVERYWHERE for her hat and Bam! there it is! and omg those guys all made it to see 100 MOnkeys (nice "Book Club" ladies - lol)!

: )

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