Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spam Alert

Not this kind of spam.

Not this kind of spam, either.


Here's my first attempt at it.

Click here to see the last installment
of my team collaboration with
It's been a fun week with those two.
Hopefully, you've visited their blogs
and signed up to follow them!

And not only did we have a Spam Alert today, we had a Robsten Alert!! Since these do not fall under the category of paparazzi pictures, I am posting them here in case you missed them over at ROBsessed.

(Actually, this may be Kristen's mum. What's with the hair?!)

When I told my husband that there were new pictures of he asked me

Rob and Kristen with a young girl in England,
if they had adopted her like Brad and Angelina. LMFAO!

Mrs. P does not share my Robsten love.
She's pretty upset that they were spotted together.

You can help cheer her up by checking
out her blog, TwiBite, and signing up
to follow if you haven't already!


itsjustme1217 said...

Love your spam!! *closes eyes before I see the unholiness* I love ya anyway though

Twilove1 said...

Well, if it can't be me (or one of you, of course) I guess I begrudgingly admit that Kristen possibly/maybe/probably is the best match for our precious. I still have an awful pit in my stomach now, though...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful video. Pink boots and all. Yes, he shot me down...I'm stuck here with Roberta and my wedding ring while he's hopping around jolly ol' England with her. Whatever. The sooner we get this relationship over with the better.

Tina's Been Rob'd said...

Your Pics are fantastic Babe - well done.

Jelena said...

Fantabulous pics. Where do you find them, Lis?

I didn't realize KStew went to England too. Okay, well, I guess this is the strongest evidence yet that they are a couple. But seriously, what's up with that hair. I do remember that when I was her age I went through a lot of rebel hairstyles, which is why I look much better today than I did ten years ago.

TigerlilyRose said...

ugh...the pics of robsten are such a downer...really!

But your spam, while blasphemy, are still great! LOL

Anonymous said...

In her defense (and I can't believe I just wrote those 3 words) a sweatjacket hood never helps any hair do...and she doesn't look any different than we've seen as of late. But good lord...he looks like Jesus. He needs a crown of thorns or something. No one hurt me. I know some of you like scruffy Rob...but I think he looks thin.

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Wait, you did those photos above. YUMMY!! Well done, and I love the first attempt photo. I love that image, something about it.

Oh, Robsten. I actually was wondering how they do this holiday thing apart. I pictured them texting each other, but alas, I see they spent the New Year’s together. I’m okay with it.

I see that KStew’s ugly habits are rubbing off on our boy. Come on Rob, you both don’t need to fuglify yourself when you both go out. KStew is perfectly fine doing that on her own.

Z Any Mouse said...

I guess the hoodies are supposed to make them unrecognizable, but I think if KStew grew a beard that would work, yes?

Dear Rob, I am a really good cook. If you need a little fattening up, I can help.

rottymama said...

@Lisa--lovely spam pics. I like.
@Mrs. P--I'm with you, I do not like Robsten either. BAH! You can use a line from FOB (Fall Out Boy) "I'm just a notch in your bed post, but you're just a line in a song" ?EH?
Or Lisa could find These "Boots" are made for walking song. I thought I saw that around here before??
@Z Any Mouse--maybe bait him with some hot pockets? lol
Someone put in a comment over at ROBsessed, "She wouldn't just fly over to England for a F##K." Just sayin...LOL

17foreverlisa said...

@itsjustme1217 - Sorry about that, Jeanette! I know how you hate pictures of "her."

@Twilove1 - I know what you mean.

@Mrs. P - LOL! I'm sure he's also wearing the infamous beanie under that hood, too. But did you have to go and put an image of him wearing a thorny crown in my head? Gah! And, yes, he does look thin...again. Since my son hasn't been able to work out due to his mono, he has lost weight and some of his muscle definition. Now that New Moon's shirtless Italy seen is behind Rob, I'm sure he's not going to the gym anymore.

@HG - Yes, I did the last three images. When I was working on them for the RobMusement post, I knew I wanted to do something with the "wet Rob" pic and the VMan outtakes I use on my site. The assignment was to create originals, no pap pics, no KStew pics, and tie Rob quotes in to them. The "I'm trying not to drown" quote is from Vanity Fair's 2009 interview. I couldn't find an exact source for "Rock Star," but I remember him being asked in an interview if he thought he would eventually pursue his music and tour big venues (like a rock star). We all know he doesn't see himself that way and that he'd be content playing in a piano bar. The fact remains, he has already reached rock star status without ever setting foot on a stage. The last one's pretty simple. I wanted to take the two words he's probably sick of hearing the most and make them beautiful again. The use of transparency, b&w, and soft color make it somehow feel like a "whisper" to me. Just sayin'.

@Z Any Mouse - That's funny!!!

@rottymama - Thanks! And shhhhhhhh about that other video. I have plans for it. That's how I stumbled on to this one. And whoever posted that over at ROBsessed is out of their mind. Of course she would! Who wouldn't?!

Twilove1 said...

This doesn't in any way change the plans that F-Kat, Z Any Mouse and I have to lure Rob to one of our "book club" meetings using beer and cigarettes as bait

Anonymous said...

@Twilove1---Count me in on that plan.

rottymama said...

@Twilove1--And don't for the the vodka!

Twilove1 said...

@Mrs P and rottymama - Now if only we could think of something to do once we've lured Rob into our lair...

Anonymous said...

@Twilove1---I've got a few ideas. I'll use 'em while you're thinking...;-)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Love the pics Lisa, hate the fact that Rob and Stew-ped are together ugh can he not see how WRONG it is. She has that pissy face look and I think she should grow a beard so there!

spellbound said...

Love your picspam & also love Rob & Kristen together! Like I said on another blog, I guess I'm living vicariously thru her. That & I'm happy to see Rob happy. Now, if he was dating some skanky primadonna like Megan Fox or Paris, ummm...THEN I would be a little upset, ugh...don't even want to think about that. Kristen seems quite a bit happier lately too! I'm glad they got a little time alone without the papps finding them.

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