Sunday, January 3, 2010


I wanted to share a few pictures of gifts I received over the holidays from friends and family. As usual, I wanted to include a video in my post. Looking for a YouTube video is a lot like looking for a Hallmark card. There's always that one that just works when you care enough to send the very best.

(Click to enlarge pictures.)

Stunning Edward fleece blanket from my oldest niece,
Christy, and her new husband. I puffy heart them both!!

Hallmark plates, napkins, and notebook stickers
from my friend/co-worker, Karen, who knows that
every 17 year old (wannabe) needs notebook stickers!


CafePress ornament from my friend/co-worker,
Erin, who thankfully likes to shop online!

Another trailer reel (New Moon/The Proposal)
to add to my collection from my neighbor's son
who is a manager at our local theater. He rocks!


New toys for Pocket Edward to twirl from
my bloggy buddy Cullen-ary Curser.
(Inside joke not everyone will get!)

And that is a view of part of the shelf above
my computer screen. If you look closely
Mrs. P, STY, and JJ, you should be able to
spot something from TwiBite and Twitarded ; )


Lucky me!


TigerlilyRose said...

OOOOH yay! I am first!

Look at you with all the new twigoodies! envy is eating me alice...LoL! You must have been a much nicer girl than I was this year!

TigerlilyRose said...

Geez...I really have twilight on the brain...I meant alive, not alice! *slaps head*

17foreverlisa said...

@TigerlilyRose - LOL! definitely had something on the brain. Just sayin'. I was talking to Mrs. P earlier via email and telling her that I've had a monster headache for a couple of days. I'm just now starting to feel better and trying to get some blogging done. I'm way behind. Hope all is well with you.

itsjustme1217 said...

Lovely gifts!

Anonymous said...

I found my little mug!!! It was like looking for Waldo!!!

Awesoem have beautiful friends.

I'm off to finish the Twitarded challenge!!


Mrs-Kate-Fuckmenelli said...

After being told that my lap top would be the only thing Santa would be giving me for christmas, my mother surprised the hell outta me by getting a "custom made" Team Carlisle shirt.

This is the woman who told me she felt like a pervert seeing Twilight and New Moon with me yet is happy for me to be gushing over the oldest Cullen there is.

Your presents have me green with envy though!

17foreverlisa said...

@MKF - Welcome! You are Follower #70. Thanks!! Glad to see you here, and I'm getting email alerts of comments you've left at places I like to lurk around, too :) That's an awesome gift from your mom. You'd better not let JJ or STY over at Twitarded see it. They like the PFach, too. Just sayin'.

Mrs-Kate-Fuckmenelli said...

I'm glad to finally be here

I'll be honest, my mind is so far in the gutter that i was tempted not to follow you so i could leave you at 69. I wasn't sure what would make me look like more of a bitch, so, sorry to destroy your dirrty number but i'm just a selfish bitch like that : )

Ahhh my precious Mr Fuckmenelli, find me a girl who DOESN'T like him! I'll be sure to put in my 2 cents.

Z Any Mouse said...

Haha, the video was a snorter. Cute!

Amy said...

Lovely! I like your Rob altar lol! I just have a Target bag with my Vanity Fair in it. I had an ant problem in my room and they almost got to it! Thanks for that Friends video!

spellbound said...

And I thought I had gotten some pretty good merch for christmas! Wow, what a haul! My sweet kids made sure I didn't go without, especially since those things were all I asked for! I got How To Be, KOL Live in London DVD, New Moon companion, an Edward candy bar (which is mysteriously missing & I swear I didn't eat it!) lol I have got to have one of those blankets!

17foreverlisa said...

@spellbound - You got some great stuff, too! My kids actually failed me. They think I have enough Twi/Rob stuff. I thought I raised them better than that ;) So is the KOL DVD good? I love them!

spellbound said...

@Lisa~~The half I watched so far was GREAT! God, they are amazing live! I'm actually planning to watch it again all the way through this time after work today, before everybody comes home & interrupts me! I know every one of their songs now, word for word! lol...that's how much I listen to them. And to think when I first heard 'em I wasn't too sure about 'em! I have GOT to see them live myself! I was surprised by that gift, I thought my daughter was going to get me a KOL t-shirt I'd showed her but don't worry, I'll get that later! (Birthday comes in May!) lol

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