Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beer Goggles

Here is a definition of beer goggles according to the Urban Dictionary: Modification of your opinion of an ugly chick based on the amount of beer you have drunk. The more you drink, the better looking the girls are.

Example: Hey, did you see that hag that Rob is hitting on? He's got his beer goggles on again.

I shit you not. That was the example. I'm sure Mrs. P at TwiBite is going to love that one, as will mmMoxie from Twilight SagaPalooza, who is fond of calling my Robsten love the T-word. Not sure how I ended up with a Super Bloggy BFF and a bloggy bestie who do not share my Robsten love, but somehow it all works : )

Speaking of my bloggy bestie Mox, I mentioned her in my post about being put in Twitter Jail. I had gone to a surprise 40th birthday party and met someone who reminded me of her. I had had just enough to drink to ask my husband's cousin to take a picture of the two of us, and this gal had had just enough to drink to agree to having her picture taken with a complete stranger. The real Mox then commented that she couldn't wait to see the resemblance that I saw through my beer goggles.

Well, I did indeed have my beer goggles on that night, but you tell me what you think.

Derble and Real Mox

Me and Faux Mox

I rest my case. Well, tomorrow is Friday, so you know what that means – time for Drunk Mad Libs at Twilight SagaPalooza and twitter jail. I'll be wearing my beer goggles. See you there!

*UPDATE* I can't believe how many of you thought I was really wearing those goggles. Apparently, I Photoshopped them on a little too well. Here is the original picture just for the record. (Not that I look any better, actually.) LMAO!

Okay. Fine. I can't leave you without a pretty picture of Rob. I feel very protective of him.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit....she does look like Mox....

And I write the Urban Dictionary in my spare time.

mmMoxie said...

OMG! So your premature blogulation popped up on my Reader and what my eyes saw was the post title "Beer Goggles" then my ugly mug! I cracked up and I'm still trying to avoid typos from laughing my ass off.

So yes, she does sorta resemble me but I'm way cooler and I could definitely kick that chick's ass. j/k I'm a lover not a fighter.

I hope you and your box of wine are ready for tomorrow night's DML!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

@Mrs P.. you’re too funny.

@mmMoxie, I’m sure you could ‘fuck that bitch up’ but she does kind of look like you.

Lisa, my love. I will not be here for drunkeness, damn kids and their competitions on a fucking FRIDAY of all days. JC! Don’t puke, keep your hands to yourself and stay out of twitter jail. Peace out!

BTW, I’m giving you my noun for madlibs; Meatus of the Urethra

17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. P & mmMoxie - Talking to you on twitter now.

@HG - You need to get on twitter now!!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Okay, so what time does drunkenness start at SagaPalooza? I would love to be able to make it. It's Friday, I'm not going anywhere tonight, and I got enough beer in my fridge for all of you, so I would love to join. Can you fill me on the rules too?

Oh, and I fucking want those raybans Rob is wearing in that photo. I had a really cool pair, for years, and suddenly I lost them. I guess they decided it was time to move on. Same happened with my favourite ring last year. Sigh.

Oh, and Lisa, why are you seriously wearing those crazy glasses? They're awesome!

smartEpantz said...

Lisa...i love you so funny. and just so ya knows, that last am fukked.
seen letterman. have not seen this fuckhawtness before. i'm a noob, warn a bitch next time you almost kill her and shit. ;)

@Mrs. P ~ you have spare time?? you really are a God(dess) aren't you?? you can tell me...

and jeeeez (whiny bitch sound) i follow you guys on twitter, but no one follows me goddamnit!! except mrs. p who was my first (yeeeah) teehee. not that i have anything to say, or have even figured that shit out yet...but STILL!!! and i got a hair up my arse to change my moniker/ i was E, now cloaked as smartEpantz. twitter @smartEpantz77.
holyfuck, i just pimped meself. oh wait, i'm a total balls deep it's all good.

i'm off to stalk mmMoxie, and score me some heart shaped shades...


Dangrdafne said...

BFFs should have different opinions on some things - it is what makes the world go round :)

I think your beer goggles were correct - that girl does look like Moxie but not as cool (as she already said). Moxie are you going to FFOORRKKSS?

That last Rob picture includes another outfit I would like to add to the closet at Mrs. P's.

Lisa - you look like you are having so much fun with the faux Mox. Did you enjoy your night with your son last night too? Are you feeling any better today?

PS Who is Derble?

Jenny Jerkface said...

You crack me up! And that chick really does look like Moxie. Well, mostly - not totally.

I have vague memories of being in college and talking to some guy while my girlfriend is whispering into my ears "You've got some seriously thick beer goggles on to be talking to that dude."

TwiWeasel said...

*sigh* Am I the only one wondering why Lisa is wearing Harry Potter's Quidditch goggles in that picture?

17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. P – Of course you right the Urban Dictionary in your spare time. I should have known. LOL!

@mmMoxie – I’m glad I could compose myself after my premature blogulation and put a different picture in the post to show up first in the Google Reader/blogroll. I would have hated for someone to Google beer goggles like I did and have your picture come up, too. As I told you on twitter, I will be stopping for a new box of wine on the way home from work tonight ;) Help me remember HG’s noun for DML btw!!

@HG – Thanks for getting on twitter for a little bit last night/this morning and letting us talk you into taking the TwiBite Challenge. You will have a blast (or a vlast as Mrs. P refers to it *snickers*), and so will we once it gets posted. I hope you saw over at TwiBite that Dangrdafne said that if you agree to do it, so will she, because you know what that means – Dangrdafne’s taking the TwiBite Challenge now, too. LMAO!

(I emailed myself with your DML noun, so hopefully I will remember to use it. We’ll miss you, though!)

@Jelena – I will email you with the info, bb! I wear dumbass glasses with transitional lenses 24/7, so no cool Raybans for me. Speaking of which, I Photoshopped those “beer” goggles on my picture, girlie!! I’m still laughing thinking you thought I was really wearing them!!!

@smartEpantz – Awww, thanks! And let me say that I love the avi and your new blogger name. I got your twitter Follow request and accepted it, so jump in next time you see me/us on there, which will definitely be tonight during DML. We won’t bite. Wait. Maybe we will, especially since Mrs. P at TwiBite has formed us into a Bite Pack now ;)

I just watched that Letterman interview again the other night (still have it on my DVR, of course!). He rocked the look, the fans, the interview, and me!

@Dangrdafne – You’re right about that. Life would be boring if we were all the same, especially if Mrs. P was just like me. Just sayin’. LOL!

I also agree that the Letterman outfit needs to go in Mrs. P’s closet. Love it, love it, love it!

I did have a lot of fun at that birthday party. I’ll have to email you the picture of my drunk ass with the cute boys. *facepalm* I had a very nice visit with my son last night until he went to a late movie with a friend. That’s why I was blogging/tweeting last night. My cold is about the same, but nothing a little wine and DML can’t cure, I’m sure. Thanks for asking. You are too good to me!

Sadly, Mox is not going to FORKS, and Derble is an Honorary Member of the Saga Mafia.

@JJ - I'm glad that I really didn't have beer goggles on and that that gal at least bore a resemblance to Mox. I think Mox would have sent the rest of The Saga Mafia out after me if she hadn't. There are so many terms I've learned since signing up to follow my very first blog. (Maybe you've heard of it? Twitarded? LOL!) Whoreflaps immediately comes to mind ;)

@TwiWeasel - Shit! I was just getting ready to post my comments and saw yours. I may need to post the real picture just below it to show you guys those are not my real goggles/glasses. LMFAO!!! Hello, btw!

17foreverlisa said...

@All - I just updated the post with the original picture of me and Faux Mox. LMAO!!

TwiWeasel said...

@ Lisa - Bwahahahaha! I thought those beer goggles looked a little uncomfortable!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

@Lisa - See? I wasn't the only one who thought those were real glasses! It seems as though I couldn't have chosen a better beta for myself. No wonder TwiWeasel and I are such a good team in creating a great fic. :D

TwiWeasel said...

@ Awwwww, Jelena. *sniff* You say the nicest things!

Z Any Mouse said...

@TwiWeasel - Snort! RPattz could wear those quidditch beer goggles on his ass and he'd still look good.

Real Mox/Faux Mox do look similar. Cousins? Have fun playing DML tonight, y'all!

TigerlilyRose said...

Lisa--great post! Yes she does look quite a lot like Moxie.

Looking forward to DML tonight and heard you talked TwiWeasel into the TwiBite Challenge. YAY!

Chat with ya tonight!


PS wrote a cheesy one shot FF it is on my blog on its own page...check it out

mmMoxie said...

Nope. not going to FOOORRRRRRKKKKKKSSSSSS. I'm going next year with Lizardstew and CopaShoeGirl (Saga Mafia members)

Derble is not only an honorary member of the Saga Mafia, she is also my sister!

see everyone at 6:30 MOUNTAIN TIME! for DML

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