Sunday, February 7, 2010

Twitter Jail

Wow. Another weekend gone. This one really got away from me, too. Friday night, as usual was dedicated to Drunk Mad Libs over at Twilight SagaPalooza. It has turned in to the place to be on Friday nights. Thanks again, mmMoxie, for hosting.

Speaking of mmMoxie, Saturday night I had a surprise 40th birthday party to go to with my husband for his cousin's husband. Stayed too late and drank too much, but it was a fun group. I even met a mutual friend of theirs who I swear reminded me of mmMoxie. I had had just enough to drink to ask my husband's cousin to take a picture of me with "Mox," and "Mox" had had just enough to drink to have her picture taken with a complete stranger. The real Mox says she can't wait to see the resemblance that I saw through my beer goggles, as she put it. LMAO! Pretty sure I had my picture taken with some cute guys, too, but that's another story ; )

Today was Super Bowl Sunday, and my oldest niece and her new husband had all of us over to play board games, eat too much, and watch the game. She is a die-hard Peyton Manning/Colts fan, so the day didn't go quite how she planned.

So here I sit. It's late, I'm tired, and I'm struggling to get a post together before it's actually Monday instead of Sunday. LOL! This is usually my Shout Out Sunday post, but in looking back through the week of posts, I was struck by how much repeat information was out there, and I figure you've already seen most, if not all, of it. There were lots of posts about new movie stills from Remember Me, the new teaser pic of Rob's upcoming photoshoot in Details magazine, the 4th installment of the Facebook Remember Me Q&A, the start of filming for Bel Ami, fanfic recs, etc. There are new posts for today that are unique, but I haven't had a chance to read them yet. Given the gals who posted them, I am sure they are epic.

So I am going to tip my hat to everyone for keeping the Twi/Rob love alive this week and ask you to PLEASE look over on the rh sidebar and look at my blog roll. I puffy heart everyone on that list. Click on their links and check out their latest posts, as well as their other posts for the week. If you're short on time, at least start with my mentors at Twitarded and my Super Bloggy BFF Mrs. P at TwiBite.

I do have one last order of business to take care of. Once again, I was thrown in twitter jail Friday night.

Here is the definition of twitter jail according to the Urban Dictionary:

Twitter Jail is no tweeting if you've reached the limit of 100 tweets per hour/1000 per day. You can access your page, but you may not post publicly for a specific period of time. Anything from half an hour to a few hours.

While I was in twitter jail, Mrs. P decided to torture me. She had everyone "wave hello" to me and then announced it would be the perfect time to make fun of my love of Robsten. If it wasn't for Dangrdafne coming to my rescue via Gmail chat, I would have been defenseless. The only other bloggy bestie that sided with me was Jen at Twired. To Dangrdafne and Jen, a big fat MWAH! To Mrs. P and Mox, I direct your attention to the new addition to my sidebar just below the Faces of Rob feature.

And so my dear friends, I leave you with this.

This video includes pap pics, which I don't normally
post, but it is a nice recap of the year of Robsten.

Source: Twilightish


sparkle for twilight said...

I didn't know Twitter jail existed, hope you're out soon! I love looking of pictures of the two of them together. Whether they are or aren't, I don't care, but they always look so adorable when photographed together.

Stan said...

Haha! Love the spiteful Robsten pics, Mrs. P's going to throw a fit! Muahahaaa!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa. My first comment is that photo #6 is a is TayBait's manky fingernails on Kristen's back.
I watched the video. That is 8 minutes of my life I will never get back.
I shall move on now, and formulate my revenge. Have you ever scorned a Scorpion? No? It's not pretty....

mmMoxie said...

Oh Lisa. So glad you were thinking of me this weekend while I was being tortured at my nephew's high school performance of South Pacific. Maybe I was so miserable I left my body and reemerged at your cousin's husband's neighbor's husband's cousin's party and it really was me you took a pic with.

Thanks so much for playing Mad Libs again, even though you were having some technical difficulties. It really wouldn't be the same without you. Lizardstew will be gone this Friday so you better fucking be there or I will cry.

Oh and I did check out your sidebar. "I don't give a Crapsten"? I think you do give a crap. I think you give a giant, stinky CRAPsten.


twilightcupcake said...

I love your Robsten heart. Sounds like you had a good partying weekend as Super bowl should be. I like KStew and RPattz separately but when I see them together I actually waffle between "so happy for them" and insanely jealous.
What should I do to make it on your sidebar (hint hint...)? Just kidding, I'll earn my stripes if I'm around long enough right?

Z Any Mouse said...

Sigh, after watching that video I have come to the realization that...

KStew is the luckiest biieaatch on the planet!

Mama Cougar said...

LOLZ...sounds like you had a great weekend! I, on the other hand, did ABZ NADA and sat on my ass in my green Lazy Boy recliner all weekend. Wanted to go see Channing shirtless (a.k.a. Dear John) but the stupid weather would not cooperate.

Instead, I stayed home & blogged about my perverted Barbie doll fetish. ;-)

Have a great week Lisa!

Mama Cougar
The Cougar's Den

TigerlilyRose said...

LOL..Wish I had been there Friday...bah, friggin' surgery, friggin' pain pills, friggin' stomach UCk! Much better now and looking forward to Friday this week!

Missed you!

Dangrdafne said...

Any time I can help you Lisa, you know I am there for you :)

Impatiently waiting for Friday because it is just tooooo much fun!!

Poptarrt said...

You know what my opinion is.
I was there friday, I saw the tweets, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Taintsten indeed.

I know I shouldnt really bother commenting, but what the hell, right?

Twired Jen said...

Ahhh Mmmmuah to you! You can always count on me to come to your defense, esp in the case of Robsten. LOVE the pics. Might have to snag one or two to add to the blog. I esp love the one that has 3 shots in a row, like a photobooth pics. Adorkable!
xo Twired Jen

Twired Jen said...

PS That vid is now my all time fave Robsten Vid. LOVE IT! Gave my chills. Yah Yah I'm a dork, but I know you "get me." ;)

twilightcupcake said...

Okay Lisa. Thanks for posting the video. I finally checked out the video - so adorable it made me almost tear up. Is that saying goodbye footage really her? The face just looks so much older.
It made me feel guilty all over again about the pap shots but they seemed necessary. I'm still in denial that they are truly together in real life. The perpetual pessimist in me fears it will end badly and result in tension for subsequent films.

rpattzgirl said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH, I love that sweet...I swear if they are NOT, they should be....

17foreverlisa said...

@All - I don’t know of Rob and Kristen are really together or not. They won’t return my calls, but I am totally in love with the idea of Robsten.

And regarding twitter jail, Mrs. P and I have each been thrown in there twice now. I think that if she and I stopped tweeting each other, we’d be fine, which may not be far off. Just sayin’. LOL!

@sparkle for twilight - I’m out until Friday and then we shall see :)

@Stan - She did and she’s not going taking it sitting down. I think I’m in BIG trouble, but don’t tell her I said that.

@Mrs. P @ TwiBite - Hello, Margaret. My first comment is that a Scorpion is a bug and, as such, will need to be squashed if it stings me. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

@mmMoxie - Oh, Mox. South Pacific, huh? The thought of you sitting through that is classic. You’re a good aunt, though, and I commend you. There’s not much I miss my nieces and nephews doing, either. And thanks for telling me Mad Libs wouldn’t be the same without me. I know it’s because I’m the comic relief at my own expense, but I love my Friday nights now :) Lizardstew will be gone again? She just took a vacation for crying out loud. Tell her that’s not acceptable. What about Sweet Buns and Celiac Cutie? And don’t try and throw the word “don’t” into my sidebar caption. It’s not there and never will be because I “do” give a giant, stinky CRAPsten! I’m going to pretend you didn’t use the T word on my blog, either :P

@twilightcupcake - Look at your new avi! I thought you were a redhead. Just kidding! I’m glad you love my Robsten heart. I heart their Robsten love. LOL! I had a great weekend, thanks. And I tried to add you to my sidebar over the weekend, but you use Word Press instead of Blogger, so I must have been doing something wrong. I know that I have other Word Press sites on there. I will look again. Promise! You’ve already earned your stripes and then some. So any celebrity sightings yet in Vancouver??

@Z Any Mouse - Whether or not KStew is with him in “that” way, she is still the luckiest biieaatch on the planet!

@Mama Cougar - Hey, doing ABZ NADA and sitting on your ass in your green Lazy Boy recliner sounds like a great weekend to me :) I used to have nightmares about dolls, so I’m half afraid to read your post, but I will. LOL! More snow tonight and tomorrow. Gotta love Illinois. They need it in Vancouver for the Olympics. So not fair. Speaking of loving Illinois, how about our boys upsetting Michigan State Saturday night? We were at the birthday party watching it, which is why the beer was going down so well. Next up Wisconsin!

17foreverlisa said...

@TigerlilyRose - Welcome back!!! Like I told you over at Stan’s place, I’ve missed you, too. So glad you’re feeling better and will be ready for Friday night :)

@Dangrdafne - I think I’m going to need your help again soon. Mrs. P is coming at me with both barrels and the only place I may have to hide is in Nibbles’ attic. Maybe I should just stand there and take it like a (wo)man. LOL! Funny how my schedule now revolves around Friday night DMLs and tweeting :)

@Poptarrt - I do know what your opinion is, and I respect that. Now get the hell off my blog and take your T word with you ;)
@Twired Jen - I hope you mean that, Jen, because I’m going to need a posse...very soon!!! And snag away with the pics. I did for my post. Glad you liked the video, too, and I do “get you.” Now let me say this again. Mrs. P is out to “get me” so stay by your

@twilightcupcake - I almost didn’t post the video because there was so much pap-related stuff in it, but someone went to an awful lot of work to put it together and it really is a documentary of their time together, which did seem necessary to the “story” if you will. I am a perpetual optimist and like I told my son recently, if you don’t risk your heart, you’ll never find love. Sure it might get ripped out of your chest, but it’s a risk you have to take. I think they are taking the risk and even if it doesn’t work out, they share a bond that none of us will ever understand and one that they’ll have forever on some level.

@rpattzgirl - LOL!! Ditto.

rottymama said...

Ahh, I wish you would stop doing that ROBSTEN! LOL

Twitter jail, what color are the jumpsuits? LOL

It will be a while before I can hit 100 tweets. Maybe you should get 2 accounts, 1 for you and 1 for Friday night Drunkin Mad Libs.
Just sayin. LOL

Happy Monday!!

17foreverlisa said...

@rottymama - I promise not to keep devoting entire posts to Robsten (although I fear a rebuttle is in my future - just sayin'), but I know I won't be able to stop myself from banning them completely. And I think you just came up with the perfect solution to avoid twitter jail time. I will definitely look into that. Thanks!!

rottymama said...

Robsten is like looking at something and then looking again, and then staring at it longer cause you are being dazzled. LOL

mmMoxie said...

@Tigerlilyrose - We missed you Friday night!

twilightcupcake said...

@Lisa I love that you are the perpetual optimist. I am that way when I talk to other people and at work of course but for anything that would send a blow to my heart, I rarely take a risk. Keep up the Robsten stuff and I might ease myself into your mindset with time.
I am happy to be on your sidebar and sorry that my being Wordpress made me too different to fit in at first. Glad you made it work :)

Twired Jen said...

In that Robsten Vid..the part where supposedly he's saying good by to her...The chick that looks older (u can see her face thru the SUV window) is someone's assistant I think, and the other older chick (which I'm sure you know) is MamaStew. Apparently KStew is in the small black Porche. The whole vid is on Youtube somewhere. Not that I'm advocating Pap-vids, but it's just so intriguing.
xo J

Twilove1 said...

So, Miss Twitter Ex-Con, did you really send more than 100 tweets in an hour or 1000 tweets in a day? I think maybe you need to go to twitter rehab.

Poptarrt said...

I have a strange feeling that Lisa doesnt like me... :(

17foreverlisa said...

@Poptarrt - What are you still doing here?? I told you to get off my blog. I. AM. KIDDING! I love to tease. When all of the crapsten was being flung at me while I was on twitter jail, I was LMAO. I loved it, and Mrs. P knew it :)

17foreverlisa said...

@Twilove1 - I am sure it was the 100 tweets in an hour during Drunk Mad Libs. That's when it happened both times. And, yes, I may be checking myself in to blog and twitter rehab if I keep alienating people with my attempt at humor :(

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