Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rome Rob, Hobolicious Rob, Chippendale Rob?

Today is So Twired Jen's 30th birthday. I decided to send her a Jib Jab birthday wish. When I was looking through the video choices, I came across this one that featured five dancers. This reminded me of Jen's recent post about her Freebie 5. So in honor of her list, I sent this Jib Jab with the note that it was the best I could do to get her Freebie 5 to her for her birthday :)

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

A little Rome Rob and Hobolicious Rob before we go.


mmMoxie said...

nom nom....I'd like to be in the middle of a Rob/Jude sandwich!

Anonymous said...

That video is absolutely hilarious...you're the best gift giver ever!!!

twilightcupcake said...

OMG Lisa - I am howling in laughter. Seriously LMFAO! That was the best and I doubt Jen got a card as good as that. Are you going to make one for yourself? I think we should all make one for ourselves and keep it on our desktop for when we're having a crappy day. Best idea - you're such a good friend.

E said...

holyjeezuss...i bow down. you are a fuckawesome friend!!! you just presented hilarity at it's finest, and followed it with heartmelting smexinesss. ~doublefuckingsigh~
can i just say it again...you're a fuckawesome friend!!!
happy day to you jen! :)
i should prolly go check out her blog...ya think??


Dangrdafne said...

Lisa that is absolutely perfect!! You are an awesome woman and friend.

Z Any Mouse said...

Jib Jab always makes me laugh. Jackson is looking particularly sexy with his hot dance moves.

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Too fucking funny! Love Rob's screwed up nose grin, too much! I think we need to invite Jude Law & Gerard Butler to Nibbles attic. You'd have to be the best friend!

Twired Jen said...

Can't believe I am just now seeing this post. Granted, I was out of commission last night when I got home. I have learned not to get on the computer after more than 3 glasses of wine. Sometimes it's fun, mostly it's not.
So..thanks for posting this! You got my email to you right after I viewed it...I was laughing out loud in the hotel lobby (where my desk is.) I was afraid I was going to wake up the guests. I'll have to re-watch it again tonight...it's good for the soul, that's for sure! Thanks again Lisa.
xoxo Jen

Twired Sarah said...

Jen sent me it right away... soo funny. It was the perfect picture for each of the boys!

@Jen-yeah the wine+computer thing... good thing for me, because that's when I blog! Baha.

rottymama said...

I just saw the jib jab, I didn't see it on google reader yesterday, dang it! Funny, love the face that Rob has. Lucky Jen!

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