Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wet Wednesday

Today, I am going to avoid posting the obvious Wet Rob movie still from Remember Me. Most of us have seen it already anyway, but if you haven't...or if you want to see it again...I am going to direct you to Thinking of Rob because there are lots more movie stills there, too. Enjoy!

UPDATE: This is what happens when I try and be good and avoid what's happened out in the bloggy world from the time I leave work until the time I post. Now HG has informed me that the video clip of the shower scene has been released. BRB...

Gah! I am SO not going to survive this movie!! Click here to view it at Thinking of Rob. Wet Wednesday indeed!!!!!

Okay. Clearly, I am in too far in with Remember Me, but that was a conscious decision on my part. I even read the script. I want to be prepared. I hope to remain fairly Twipure for Eclipse, watching just the official videos released by Summit. I don't think I'm even going to read the book. LOL! At any rate, I felt like I had seen all of the key parts for New Moon before I ever set foot in the theater. I want a different experience this time around. I just hope my kung fu is strong enough to get me through it :)

So I'm going to dedicate today's post to Smexy Mexi Rob, instead. He ranks right up there with Rome Rob for me – perfect jawporn, perfect scruff, perfect sexhair – not to mention the infamous sexpenders.

I'd never seen this video before. Of course, I missed the Twilight press junket (other than his appearance on Ellen because I record it every day) because I didn't go in to my Rob coma until after the movie was released. He looks and sounds gorgeous in it, and it's very candid. I love how he says he never watches his own movies and when they ask him why, he says because it would make him throw up. I. LOVE. HIM.

And this may be the sweetest minute and a half
I've ever spent with Rob to date.

Rob landing in Mexico. See anything familiar?
It's the same shirt I posted about here.

The Sexpenders

*sighed and died*

Bonus! Lip Bite
(Click to enlarge.)

Hasta mañana.


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

*snickering* His hair. OG. What a sexy beast. Fuck. Hey did you see the clip from the shower scene? I mean, not the photo, the whole clip. Jesus... help.. me.. died..

mmMoxie said...

@Lisa - we're on the same page today.

@HG - You're like a drug pusher!

17foreverlisa said...

@HG - Holy crap, girl! I just went and watched it and had to update my post. *died* is right!! I think I'm going to have to go back and read the instructions Mrs. P emailed me about putting a video on my sidebar. That way it's there for those who want to see it repeatedly, like me, and just there to tease those who don't. LOL!!

@mmMoxie - Off to check out your post now. Sounds like lots happened while I was MIA.

Dangrdafne said...

I watched the video without sound so as to not disturb our TV watching. Too funny without sound as I had no idea what was happening. Then the shower part of the scene and ummm, wow!

17foreverlisa said...

@Dangrdafne - You need to get some earbuds to plug into your computer!!!!!

Dangrdafne said...

@Lisa Hmmm now there's an idea - but I am not sure I could handle some of the ummm noises that would play in my ears :)

17foreverlisa said...

@Dangrdafne - It sure beats the alternative. You HAVE to watch the videos with the sound turned on. You're killing me, here. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Head out of olympics for now. Holy crap I missed a video. Heading there after commenting. Haven't seen these pics before Lisa thanks. Love the one in the chair next to the wall hanging.

Twired Jen said...

OMG...are they conspiring to kill us all with that shower scene? Ugh...ok, I think I'm slowly getting over the whole "it's not Bella" thing. Though Emily De Raven kinda "bugs" me. I don't care, it's not like I'm going to be focusing on her anyway.

Man oh man, what is it about him? I know what it is...I truly believe it was falling in love with him as Edward Cullen, that made us all see a different side of Rob, that we may have not seen had he never been cast as EC.

I completely admit to not finding him attractive really..until seeing him in Twilight. Gaaaahhhh...sweet dreams for me!

Twilove1 said...

Lisa, once again we are on the same wavelength! Rome Rob, Mexico Rob and (OMG) Wet Rob occupy waaaaaaay too much time in my thoughts. Remember Me is my new favorite movie and I haven't even seen it yet!

MissAmyJoon said...

Ohhh! Sexi Mexi Rob is lovely! Makes me want to brush up on my Spanish! I just watched Little Ashes recently, so I have a better appreciation of that interview. He did such a great job!

I watched all of the Remember Me clips and feel like I spoiled myself a bit, but oh well. I tried to preserve myself for New Moon and it still didn't lessen the blow.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

OMG, poor Rob. Believe you me when I tell you that I didn't watch that second clip until the end. I just couldn't bear it (I watched it with sound off too, cause I'm at work, as usual). Wow, no wonder a lot of these celebrities flip out. The pressure is enormous. You have no privacy, your every move is scrutinized, just plain horrific. I think I would be in a constant panic attack mode. Poor, poor, sexy Rob.

This is precisely the reason why I prefer photos to videos. They leave so much for the imagination.

Come by my blog today Lis, finally updated it, and the info regarding operation KLone.

rottymama said...

I have to get caught up here.

YUM Wet Wrob Weds! Pasta + water, get a fork!

spellbound said...

I completely agree with you Lisa about the sweetest minute & a half you've ever spent with Rob! I actually teared up watching that video! It's so great to see all the love people have for Rob! And the look of shock on his face when he saw the crowd was priceless! lol

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