Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shout Out Sunday

I love Shout Out Sundays, and I hate Shout Out Sundays. I love looking back over the week in my Robuniverse, but I hate that tomorrow is Monday and the start of another work week.

Always, Rob.

When I looked back at the week at Twitarded, there was a definite theme – Eclipse. JJ and STY basically flipped a coin to see who would get to see it all and who would try and remain pure. JJ "won" the coin toss and the right to go nuts. You would think that was a match made in Heaven. Who knew?!



The bloggy world as we know it practically shut down when Mrs. P announced that she was taking a mini-vacation and would be MIA last weekend. I kid you not. Luckily, I was able to keep in touch with her via internet service on her cell, but my bloggy world did not right itself until she got back. I know a lot of you felt it too.

And unless you're living under a rock, you all know that Rob attended the BAFTA Awards tonight. Clearly, he read this post and heeded Mrs. P's advice.

Yes, Mrs. P, I wore a black suit,
white shirt, and skinny tie ;)

How cute is he?!!

Bel Ami-length sideburns; confirmation he won't be sporting a (real) stache for the movie; and proof that they did NOT need to paint his lips for the Twilight Saga

I would be the last person to give fashion advice (I'm such a tomboy), but even I am left wondering what this girl was thinking. If you went through the trouble of waiting in line for hours to get a front-row spot on the red carpet AND hit the freaking lottery when he actually stops and poses for a photo with you, do you leave the pink and black gloves on? Hell. Do you even wear them in the first place?! Mrs. P???

Rob presenting a BAFTA award

My Rob Addiction
All of the above photos were swiped from my newest blog addiction. You can also go there to check out videos of Rob walking the red carpet and presenting an award.

Walk With Mrs. P
Mrs. P relieved some of our stress by rolling out a second blog – Walk With Mrs. P. It's totally non-Twilight and already proving to be a fun bitch session.

For the love of RPattz
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. RPG gets me. Do you see these gorgeous eyes? To see the rest of this picture and more, check out her blog.

Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife

It doesn't matter what LKW posts. Without fail, it makes me laugh. Her loyal commentor VitaminR is also a riot. Both of them are spawns of Twitarded, which probably explains it all ;)

Our Life on NO List
This blog was recommended to me by Mrs. P at TwiBite, and these girls are sassy.

There's always something fun to do at the Park, even a Rob crossword puzzle. And she has the biggest collection of Rob pics in the bloggy universe.

Tigerlily's Tirade
This newest addition to my favorite day of the week, Friday, always leaves me smiling.

Tina's Been Rob'd
This is cute and naughty all at the same time. It's a letter to her "grandkids."

True Blood Twilight
I love Honolulu Girl, her blog, and her awesome videos. Here's one more reason to love her. She let her Twibestie, KP, do a guest post. Funny stuff.

Twi-sted Edbrella
They hit 100 Followers this week, too. Congrats again, girls!! There's always room for more under the Edbrella (or in the sheltered corner), so don't be shy. They aren't ;)

Twilight Mommy
Another find of Mrs. P's. If successful, the authors of this blog will make this contest a recurring post.

Twilight SagaPalooza
Who knew that a Rabbit could cause so much controversy. I love being an honorary member of The Saga Mafia.

twilight, travel, and treats
I cannot say enough about this blog. There is absolutely something for everyone.

So Twired Sarah wrote a post about one of my favorite places, and the internal conversation she had with another customer is priceless.

On a side note, thanks to everyone who usually stops by and comments. My son was home from college this weekend because his baseball coach gave the team time off when their games were cancelled. I didn't do much blogging and fell behind acknowledging comments. Please know that they were very much appreciated. I still hope to get them. Hope you had a great weekend!


twilightcupcake said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the shout out above. You are so sweet to us all. Doesn't he look good in a tux? Is he wearing Gucci? I know that I should know this but I've been living under the Olympics rock. I only switched over to the Baftas after we got creamed by the US in hockey. Depressing...thank goodness for Rob and Kristen pics today. luv ya, TC

Snarkier Than You said...

holy crap that's a hell of a shout-out post!! thanks for including us - there is a LOT of amazing content out there and i will be referring back to this post frequently to catch up on what i have missed! i seriously have no idea how you manage it! (i am sticking with my 'you have clones" theory.)

: )

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

@Lisa, KP emailed me on Facebook, she is ‘thrilled’ to be included in your Sunday shout out post. I lurve you lotz!!

Stan said...

@ Lisa. thanks for the shoutout! I have a feeling that Edbrella has carved itself its own little depraved niche now in the blogosphere! Had to laugh at the post on ROBsessed where Gozde had to ask everyone to control themselves in the comments because they're not that kind of blog and if people were talking about doing those things to a woman or to themselves how would they feel? And some of the commenters were saying that thywere disturbed by it. Hmmm, it did make me think of us LOL!

@ Twilightcupcake, yep, apparently it was Gucci

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout outs Lisa...i can't tell you how much I appreciate all the love in this crazy blogosphere. Very touching.
Welcome to the blogroll Poptarrt!

Twilight Mommy said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Lisa! Your a runner up too! Very lucky girl :) Maybe you'll win next time! xoxox

Twired Sarah said...

Yippie! <3

mmMoxie said...

HOLY CRAP! I totally spaced and forgot about the BAFTAs! I am the worst groupie ever!

Thanks for the shout out ;)

mmMoxie said...

After perusing all the blogs I cannot bite my tongue. Rob looked GROSS at the BAFTAs! I don't like the greasy hair. NOT ONE BIT! Going from the Details photo shoot to this? Ugh....I feel like I just got dumped.

Z Any Mouse said...

@mmMoxie - Here here! The suit looks nice, but the hair...d'ya think he could have washed it?! My theory is that he got all sweaty while rolling around in the back of the limo with KStew.

@Lisa - I'm glad to hear T is back on the team, I was wondering how the mono thing was going.

Sarah said...

@mmMoxie - I couldnt agree more. I also couldnt help but laugh that he was placed in the front row.. bless him..

TigerlilyRose said...

@Lisa..Thank you dear for the shout out! All my bloggy gals are the honey on my peanut butter sandwich...seriously! And I am sooo happy that Travis is feeling well again and back on the mound! WOO HOO!

Mox...Agreed! The tux is fabulous and the sideburns fuckhawt...but I hate the way his hair was styled. Oh well, he is still fine as hell! But VF and Details got the bestest pics ever of him!

Twired Jen said...

Thx for the shout out..I wondered how we gained 4 followers on Sunday! xoxoxo

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