Thursday, February 11, 2010

I need a cigarette.

I used to smoke years ago. I wasn't addicted. I just plain enjoyed it. Now I only smoke when I drink. Up until Drunk Mad Libs at Twilight SagaPalooza on Friday nights (tomorrow night, people!), that was four, maybe five, times a year. Honest. The older I get, the harder it is to recover. I am sure Mrs. P at TwiBite and especially JJ at Twitarded will have a different spin on today's Bel Ami photos, but here's mine. I'm all about the pretty pictures ;)

Music to scroll by

I've always thought smoking was unattractive.

Then GQ Magazine dropped this in my lap.

And then, as you know, this picture was
released from the set of Bel Ami.

I always knew he'd rock the period piece look hard.
I just didn't know how hard he'd rock me while in it.

Source: Bel Ami Film

I should have known. The look has been under my nose
for a couple of years now. I just wasn't paying attention.

Source: Thinking of Rob 

I've never been one to crave a cigarette after sex.

Anyone have a light?

I may need rehab after all of this. Just sayin'.

Source: Biel


Anonymous said...

Smokin hot Rob is much better than the barely legal birthday boy. You rock.

sharon said...

Sorry, I know it's politically incorrect to smoke or to oogle someone who's smoking, but guys smoking can be hot. RPattz smoking is beyond haawwwt.

rpattzgirl said...

Oh god Lisa, I quit cigs about 6 yrs ago... They stink, they kill, they are ugly....

But Rob smoking makes me shiver & quiver and I would hold his cig for him just to watch him...

And the BA photos are to die for... I can't stop looking at him!!!!

Twired Jen said...

Ahhh when I went to post the "music to scroll by" turned off...gaaaahhhh!!!
GREAT post Lisa. OMG, he does totally rock that look. I am a bit turned on right now...too bad I'm bleeding. Hmm, maybe Roward would dig that?
Hot Damn, that man is BEAUTIFUL.
Cheers Lisa!

Dangrdafne said...

Do you pick the Faces of Rob pics for your upper right corner or is it a scary coincidence for the picture that is there tonite for your post?

Are those sexspenders in that walking pic?

Where are those other 3 pictures from - like the one with the horse? I have never seen those before.

Z Any Mouse said...

Biel has topped herself with that video. Whew! Imma gonna go light up now.

No, I'm not a smoker, but for Rob I would totes become an enabler.

mmMoxie said...

I'm a smoker. I've always got a butt for Rob to bum ;)

rottymama said...

Lord, are you trying to give me a stroke? Call Dr. Rob. Wet Rob Weds, now this. I don't smoke either, but I could take a puff of him!

That one pic of him walking looks like one of those Bigfoot pictures. LOL, OMG he does exist!

Rehab vid is awesome! Thanks Lisa! LOVE IT!!

PS~I had a twiobservation today. A delivery guy dropped off some freight, when I looked at his patch on his jacket, it said ROB. No kidding.

twilightcupcake said...

You know how I feel about smoking but you also know how Rob is my exception. Sigh. Thanks for the dreamy post /

mmMoxie said...

@rottymama - I totally thought the same thing about the Bigfoot picture! I was going to post about it at some point.

TigerlilyRose said...

AHHH Lisa, Great post. I quit smoking just over 5 years ago. But there is something about a hawt man (not talkin' trashy man) with a smoke that just makes them FUCKhawt! Rob reminds me of James *sigh* Dean with his hanging out his mouth. ooooh aaaah.

Ahh the period look is sooooo sexy!

Anonymous said...

I love Rob in these clothes...big time. I hope he never makes a movie again that is set later than 1899. I want more of this...a lot more.

E said...

Oohhhhmyshit. Lisa, you need to know this about me...ciggyrob gets me harder and faster than a fucking spin cycle. I am a smoker, and have often pondered meeting The Precious outside a bar or in an alley (yes a fucking alley) and sharing a smoke with him...heaven. Somebody check my blood pressure. The VF shot of him behind the SUV (or some such vehicle), the white button down, shoe in hand, cig in mouth, looking fucking lethal...ya know i'm sayin'...i never wanted to be a fucking shoe or cigarette more in my life.
Bel Ami is going to END me.
And I'm sooooo gonna like it.
Thanks for the inspiration!

StarlitViolets said...

You did it again Lisa! His Bel Ami look is super schmexy. And why, oh why, is him smoking even remotely sexy? But it is.

The video was fuckawesome! I'd much rather see that than puppy pics any day.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...


I have never, ever, never, ever been so much turned on by looking at a photo of a celebrity. Ever! In those last three photos, Rob looks better than he does in Twilight. Fuck! I think I won't be able to stop staring at those photos. Shit. And I can already sense them stirring things in my head, looking for a way to incorporate this Edward into a new fan fic (not that the one I'm writing is nearly close to being over). And I'm gonna have to learn how to make themes for cell phones, because I NEEEEEEEEED to have that last photo on my cell. Fuck me gentle with a chainsaw! I have completely lost my coherency.
And I want that bag that's laying next to him.

And while looking at that photo of him outside by the car, I just want to hug him and comfort him.

Oh, I've been a smoker for over ten years now, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I always found it attractive for some reason. And I always light up after sex. :D

Twilight Mommy said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm enough said ;)

spellbound said...

You KNOW if they still did TV cigarette ads that they'd be all over Rob to be the new "Marlboro Man"!! lol And I guarantee you the sales would skyrocket!! Even though I worry about his health (because I'm a long term smoker & I know what it's done to my health) I still have to say he looks sooooooo hot doing it! I can't help it! I love this look on him too! Then again, I doubt there's any look he couldn't make look gorgeous!

17foreverlisa said...

Geez. Somehow I missed replying to everyone's comment on this post. Must have something to do with the Details and Vogue photos. Could barely breathe ;)

I'm glad I'm not the only who thinks he makes smoking look so damn sexy.

@Twitardedmom - Amen to that!

@sharon - I know. It's so wrong, but oh so right at the same time.

@rpattzgirl - ...shiver and quiver. You got that right! Congrats on quitting smoking btw.

@Twired Jen - Thanks for sharing. LMAO!!

@Dangrdafne - Yes, I pick out the pictures for the Faces of Rob corner. That one is from the same VMan magazine outtakes used in my banner. Yes, he definitely has sexpenders on in the Bel Ami pics :) And the last set of photos were from a modeling job he did for Hackett magazine.

@Z Any Mouse - Biel is amazing, isn't she?!!

@mmMoxie - You are the queen of one-liners.

@twilightcupcake - I know, I know. *sigh*

@TigerlilyRose - Congrats to you, too, for quitting smoking! And, yes, as we've discussed before, I agree that Rob can pull off that James Dean rebel look, too.

@Mrs. P - You need to have your people call his people ;)

@rottymama - Love your twiobservation!

@E - ...ciggyrob gets me harder and faster than a fucking spin cycle. LMAO! And you are a girl after my own heart. That is my absolute favorite picture from the Vanity Fair shoot. I even have it printed out and in a magnetic frame next to pictures of my kids at work. LOL!!

@StarlitViolets - Definitely better than puppy pics :)

@Jelena - Love your entire comment!

@Twilight Mommy - Now why didn't I think of that for this post?! You're right. That's really all that needed to be said :)

@spellbound - That man could sell toilet paper and we'd buy it without question. LOL! I'm sorry to hear that your long-term smoking has affected your health. I do feel guilty drooling over pictures of him smoking, but I also can't look away. Such a deal. And I couldn't agree more . . . I doubt there's any look he couldn't make look gorgeous, either.

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