Monday, February 8, 2010

Manip Monday

There's a slow leak, and it won't be long before the dam breaks and the Rob Drought is officially over. Everyone is buzzing about the images released today, and why not?!

Music to scroll by

I heard this on the radio the other day and immediately thought of Rob. Does anyone else listen to music now and wonder if the lyrics could be set to a video featuring Rob? If only I knew how to make videos. I think this would be a great song to set one to, especially with black and white images. (hint, hint, Honolulu Girl)

Remember Me

Source: ROBsessed


Rob and Tom Sturridge in London

Source for all of the above pics: Eclipse Movie

My Super Bloggy BFF Mrs. P at TwiBite is at it again with the latest edition of the TwiBite Challenge. This definitely qualifies for Manip Monday. You have got to see how the brilliant Stan from Twi-sted Edbrella got her/our beloved Chimpsten involved in the challenge. It's an instant classic.

Chimpsten and her boys giving some TwiBite love


And I reached my goal last week of skipping a day to post so that I could work on submissions for Jeanette's PicSpam post. While I can't begin to compete with the other talented gals who contribute regularly, it's a start. The previous week's theme was Little Red Corvette (my #1 favorite song), which I missed and is what prompted me to set a goal in the first place. This week's theme was Dreams, set to the song Everything by Michelle Branch. My first submission uses lyrics from that song. My second submission is a quote from the Twilight Saga. My third submission, as you can tell, combines the Little Red Corvette theme with the Dreams theme. (Click to enlarge.)

Here are a few from the other girls. I have a
long way to go to catch up to them :)

To see all of the PicSpam submissions,
go to RobMusement.


By Honolulu Girl at Trueblood Twilight
Dedicated to Nibbles at Twi-sted Edbrella

Today's Ultimate Manip

Source: Lolypop82

Happy Monday!


mmMoxie said...

I hear songs that I wish were set to Rob pics all the time too! I wish I could make Biel do it for me.

I don't like the Eclipse pictures. #1 I want to remain an Eclipse virgin dammit! These pics were impossible to ignore because they were EVERYWHERE today! #2 What is up with Bella's greasy wig? Shower much?

Nice to see RPatz out and about and even better to see he shaved off the beard of bees.

17foreverlisa said...

@mmMoxie - Good point. I hadn't thought about those pics as spoilers. The first one had been out for so long and, as you said, these two were freaking everywhere today, so I figured I'd throw them on here. I will definitely keep that in mind for future posts, though. I only plan on watching the official trailers this time around. I want to experience the movie as a whole. There were WAY too many leaked videos for New Moon, and I watched them all. I think Rob looks happy and healthy in that picture with Tom, which made me smile :)

17foreverlisa said...

@mmMoxie - Shit! I forgot to reply to your comment about Bella's hair in that pic. That wig sucks!! I thought the same thing. It looks like she needs her hair washed and combed for crying out loud. That's supposed to be a very smexy scene in the book. And in that second pic, he looks like a corpse. Someone commented on another blog that they thought he would be sparkling in that picture. Let's hope they do something with his color. He looks gorgeous in the other two, though.

mmMoxie said...

Looks like you're going to have a lot of juicy pics to choose from for Wet Wednesday once Remember Me comes out. YUM! I don't want to spoil myself for that movie either. I hope they don't come out with a billion clips in the next month. I'm not that strong.

MissAmyJoon said...

I really like your taste in music Lisa. I love music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, not to mention the Motown sound.

Thanks for including my little wallpaper! It took a crazy long time to make for some reason. Your pic spams are wonderful! Keep up the great work!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Lisa.. that’s your Red Corvette photo? I LOVE IT! I always loved that song, and that particular part of the song. Ah.. *hits right click and save* Um, wha..? Okay fine. I copied your photo. Only for my computer! Pinky Promise.. and maybe facebook... but that’s all! I promise!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Oh, thank you for posting my videos too!

17foreverlisa said...

@mmMoxie - I was thinking that, too, about the "wet" pictures. I'll probably be repeating myself. The only clips I want to see of Remember Me are also the official trailers. I've stopped watching/looking for fanmade videos for it.

@Amy - Thanks! I absolutely LOVE Motown music and passed that on to my son as well. I'm pretty eclectic, but if I had to pick one genre, that would be it. They just don't make music like that anymore. I love your wallpaper. I'm going to put it on my computer screen for Valentine's Day :)

@HG - Thanks! It took me a long time to do. I'm such a newbie at it, but I'm actually getting training at work, which is cool. You are more than welcome to it. Enjoy!! And you know that I love your videos. I see you evaded my hint to you, though ;)

twilightcupcake said...

Lisa, I do like the pics. Keep working on the manips. I love to see what other people do as I'm hopeless with that stuff. Looks like it takes quite a long time to do. Definitely a labour of love like my figurine making.
I like the Eclipse photos so keep it coming but maybe with a spoiler warning for the born again virgins.
Did you notice that the sign of the guys walking says "Try Our Men" at the bottom.

Twilove1 said...

There is so much beautiful Rob in this post that I think my circuits have overloaded. Wow!Seriously, how can a man be that sexy no matter how he looks or what he's doing? I'm just so mesmerized and I can't explain it.

Anonymous said...

Yummy. I'm not reading this until Tuesday am. What a great way to start the day.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

OMG, yummy! Those stills from Remember Me are beautiful. And, those manips, well, I'm speechless. Especially when it comes to that one of kid drawing Rob on the board.

17foreverlisa said...

@twilightcupcake - Thanks, and I have every intention of working on getting batter at the manips :) It is definitely a labor of love like your figurine making. It takes a lot time and patience, both of which I am short on, but the subject matter has me inspired ;)

All of the movie stills are, in effect, spoilers for Remember Me and Eclipse, actually, so I need to think about that when I post.

And I had not noticed that the guys walking PicSpam says "Try Our Men" at the bottom. Great observation!!

@Twilove1 - When you figure it out, let me know, because I can't explain it either.

@TwitardedMommy - Happy Tuesday ;)

17foreverlisa said...

@Jelena @ Twiholic - Good morning! He is just so beautiful, isn't he? And that chalkboard one is just brilliant. So creative. I love(d) it, too.

Twilight Mommy said...

Thanks for flooding my brain with all that Rob picture porn! Great post hun! Thanks for a fantastic start to my Tuesday :)

17foreverlisa said...

@Twilight Mommy - You're very welcome! I know that I don't have room in my brain these days for anything other than Rob :)

Z Any Mouse said...

It's like RobWonderland today, yum! I've only had time to check out one video so far, so it was Honolulu Girl's to Nibbles. That was fantastic! Loved the song choice too, haha.

Gotta run, I'll be back later to watch the rest. Mwuah!

17foreverlisa said...

@Z Any Mouse - Good video to start with :)

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