Monday, February 22, 2010

Last Call for Manip Monday

Well, at least Illinois didn't get hit with the 6-10" of snow they were predicting. It ended up being closer to 4", which was driveable and meant I didn't have to waste another day off of work due to weather. That's one good thing I can say about this Monday. I always feel better looking at all of the fanmade Robart and videos, though, so the day is looking up.

Twitter Backgrounds

Source: CSI_Kat at In the Land of Fantasy

Sparkle for Twilight has a beautiful blog and has created two gorgeous wallpapers using Eclipse images and quotes. If you are not trying to stay Twipure, please click here to check them out!

I don't have a new manip for this post because I haven't seen anything lately that surpasses ones I've used in previous Manip Monday posts or the recent Details photo shoot. Let's face it, nothing compares to the reality that is Rob. He is beautiful enough on his own. Honolulu Girl at True Blood Twilight put this video together, which may save the day : )

Personal Note

When I started my blog, I didn't have any expectations. It started because I enjoyed looking up pictures of Rob and sharing them with my co-workers who got me started reading the books, etc. One of my co-workers, who I had told about Twitarded, mentioned she had a family blog and that it was easy to set up. She encouraged me to start my own so that they all would have a place to go to see pictures and get information about Rob and company. I had no idea I would fall in love with it and become addicted. However, running a blog should be fun. Right now, it's not.

I was recently asked to be honest. Well, my blog couldn't be more honest. It's my real name. It's my real profile. It's my real hometown. My real-life family, friends, and co-workers read it sometimes. I've let it go too far. If my blog were anonymous, I could say and do whatever I wanted without fear. But it's not.

Trust me, you won't be getting rid of me that easily. I will still follow blogs and, of course, all things Rob; but as far as posting goes, I will take it one day at a time. I think that MC at The Cougar's Den has it right. She posts when she has time and when she really feels like she has something to say. I don't want to give up everything for the sake of blogging, which is what seems to have happened to me. I've also found myself apologizing or being apologized to lately. I hate conflict and don't ever want to be the cause of it.

Don't forget, there's my Bucket List guitar lessons, with the goal of learning Never Think at the very least. There's my mad Photoshop skillz to build on for PicSpam at RobMusement. There's the New Moon DVD Release Party to attend, hosted by MC at The Cougar's Den. I'd like to figure out how to make videos and gifs. There's Drunk Mad Libs at Twilight SagaPalooza on Friday nights, even if I have to do it from the hotel or the restaurant bathroom (right, Mox?). There's a ff rolling around in my head that I'd like to write, and lots of ff I've yet to read. There are lots of Twilight cast member movies coming up I want to see, etc., etc., or yada, yada.

This is also my son's last year of college baseball. It's the perfect time to take a break. We will be following the team on their spring training trip again this year and throughout the season, which ends in late May. There's no place I'd rather be than on the road watching his games.

It's crazy how much all of you have come to mean to me in such a short amount of time. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting more than you will ever know, even when I cause scrollitis, a phrase coined by Mrs. P at TwiBite ; )

So I leave you with this. Rob's music. It's what pushed me over the edge into Robsanity in the first place. It's my favorite song of his and seems fitting to close out this post. It may be the closest I get to seeing him perform live, too, although I sure hope not.


Z Any Mouse said...

Lisa, I hope, no I know we haven't heard the last of you. I bow down to anyone who manages to run a blog right beside trying to keep real life in control. I'm just a lurker and don't have enough hours in the day to read or comment on all the blogs I'd like to, not to mention the fanfic and seeing Twilight or New Moon for the 100th time, and hanging out with my bookclub buddies which I am forever grateful to you for hooking us up. Family must always come first, and you need to enjoy them when they are around. No apologies or explanations are necessary. But, I will say that I will miss your daily dose of Rob, and will miss YOU! And if you don't want to be called out for offending anyone, change your name. Just make sure it doesn't have anything to do with baseball or sports of any kind, 17 anything, or IGiveACrapsten, because that's a sure giveaway. ((hugs))

mmMoxie said...

hey you. Just do what you do when you want to do it. I started SagaPalooza for the same reasons, to share new info with The Mafia. Some days I want to shut the stupid thing down, others I feel inspired. I'm glad you're sticking around, at least for Drunk Mad Libs. If I can't have you.....NOBODY CAN!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Wait, what are you telling me! I feel like I’m going to cry... I dunno why. Are you saying RL has you busy now... but you’re not shutting down the blog, right? NOOoooOOO!

Well, I support you 1,000% if you blog, comment, facebook, twitter, start writing fanfic, whatever! *Which if you start writing fanfic, you better freaking tell me, so I can read it!*

Sending love your way!

Cullenary Curser said...

I know this is something you've been struggling with for awhile. Have some fun on the road and come back refreshed!

JeDeCe said...

You make me smile everyday, Lisa, and I'll miss your daily musings...but that being said, you need to take care of you. Enjoy your time with your family and I'm sure we'll hear from you soon. Know you're loved. Be Safe.

Dangrdafne said...

Lisa, as a very smart and wonderful woman once told me - you have to do what makes you happy (if you didn't know who that woman was ... it was you). I know pass along that same advice to you.

I will support whatever you decide and I will take whatever you want to put here on your blog whenever you do it.

I love you and I thank you personally for being one of the first Twitardia members to reach out to me and make me feel like a part of the gang.
Anything you need, you let me know :)

sparkle for twilight said...

Lisa I've enjoyed coming by your blog since I discovered it. First of all, it's just pretty to look at, at at this point you're my only "Rob blog" but of course blogging should never feel like homework that needs to get done. Do what you have to do with your real life and your family, and when you inspiration hits or there's a hot new piece of news to talk about, you'll be refreshed and have lots to say, I'm sure ;)

And thank you for the mention!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Lisa, you can't leave I've just found you! Seriously, you have to do what's best for your kids & yourself and whatever happens you know you have a bunch of loyal followers & fellow Robtardia suffers who love you.

Twired Jen said...

@Lisa: Ok, I'm confused...Does this mean that you are taking a break for a indefinitely, or just not going to post as often. I hope it's the latter, if I had to choose. I completely understand RL shit, and family comes 1st.

I will miss seeing your new posts several times a week though :( You have been so welcoming, and are truly a kind soul.

PS That vid..HOLLY HELL! I had seen vids where ppl had posted pics of him to the music..but never seen him actually sing it. I'm...I'm...DEAD.

PS...keep in touch! this really your last post, or am I too tired to pay attention to all the little details in it?

twilightcupcake said...

Hey Lisa
Enjoy your family and go be happy. Thanks for being super supportive to a blog newbie. Btw I am amazed you found that rob singing video. I was looking for that for my music post end couldn't find it.
Sneaky girl.

Jenny XOXO

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Lisa, I really don't know what to say, except that if you feel like you need to take break, you should do it. Just relax, have fun with your family, and then come back to us, feeling all refreshed. I agree with Dangredafne, and yourself - do whatever makes you happy.


Twilight Mommy said...

Holy Hell! I hope your ok hun. I've only just got introduced. But I can totally understand where your coming from. Raitz and I have decided that quality is better than quantity when in regards to blogs. So we've scaled ours back also - trying to do one a day. But it sounds like you need a break. Take some time and come back fresh and have fun. Don't take yourself to seriously and things will be better. I hope your ok and if you need a listening ear - email me :) Trust me, I'd feel it if your left the bloggy world! I love your blog! xoxo

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Wow, I'm reading this, listening to Rob and I feel like crying...crazy I know!
As someone who has been bugging people with lengthy comments to the point where I kept getting told "go write a blog" I know I don't have time, my job is so busy and I'm flakey at the best of times so I'm always catching up, I have 2 kids, a house, a husband and a Wolf to look after. Somedays I'm brimming with idea's, others I'm not. I'm new to this and it is addictive, I still muse about starting my own thing but know deep down I haven't got time. I applaud anyone who can do this and keep RL going at the same time so do what you gotta do Lisa. We only have one life so live it. It's not a rehersal, we don't get to go back and have a do over so enjoy yourself, enjoy your family and enjoy your friends. You're funny as hell, you make me laugh so much and can I have your pictures of Rob please pmsl. Luv ya dearie, don't let the smarmy gits get ya down lol Xxxx

fanficzombie said...

Sending lots of love your way Lisa. I had an epiphany of sorts myself a couple of weeks ago. Comparitively speaking, I was just getting started, having so much fun getting to know my new bloggy friends, but to keep going something had to give. There are only so many hours in the day. I work full time, have a full house, an autistic child, there is a lot going on. While I love this bloggy time (and it is the only one thing in my life that I can say is MINE and mine alone) I just couldn't keep up. And so I have backed off the last few weeks. Not on twitter as much...not reading ALL the blogs...not trying to catch up when I have been offline a few days...not taking all the steps I wanted to to get to know everyone as well as I would like. This was starting to become more of a full time gig and as much as I would love that, that just isn't reality, for me anyway. Work and RL did suffer...I thought I could balance it all out but I couldn't. The choice is easy peasy (although I still feel like golum in the corner MY PRECIOUS MY PRECIOUS)..I have to back off (and precious isn't Rob but all you awesome ladies)...I need more balance.

So, I think I am completely rambling at this point but I hope what I have gotten across is you are not alone...we are all struggling with how to fit this all into our lives which were still pretty damn chalk full a year and a half ago without all of this too!

Do what you have to do, with all the love and support of the rest of us who are also having to do what we have to do. We don't judge HERE and will always be here when you have the time, how little or much it may be. We will be your Jacob, Lisa... ;p~~

@@@@@@ HUGS @@@@@@

Mama Cougar said...

Lisa - Oh my....bloggy burn out. BALLS.

I just made a concious choice to be laid back & chill about my blog. There are far too many blogs loaded with drivel, and like little automotons, they blog about the same inane Twi-crap.

If given the choice between quality and quantity, I will chose quality EVERY time. Anyone can repost pics and whore out the latest twi-gossip, but we're better than that. We're women of substance. Just not every-fucking-day substance.

I heart you and can't WAIT to meet you for realsies.


17foreverlisa said...

@All - Thank you...from the bottom of my heart. I can't imagine giving this up, you up, and especially Wet Wednesdays up, so I'm not disappearing completely. I just need to find a balance. Thank you for understanding and being so supportive.

It's my first night of "freedom" and I'm watching American Idol, a show I love. It's all good.

@Mox - Yes, I'm yours...every Friday :)

@Mary - I can't wait, either!

rottymama said...

L I S A!!!, my Twi-sista! You and your family enjoy your time together. We will all be here for you when you get back! I will miss WWW, but will look at your old post to get the shivers. LOL. I, & others, know RL & family always will be #1. Thank you for your kindness and love for the ROB. I'm not sayin good bye, just see you later. I will tweet you too! Oh yea, don't forget FORKS!

Twilove1 said...

Lisa, I heart you big time and want you to have joy in all that you do. It's been so great getting to know you, and your emails & blog always brighten my day. It takes a smart cookie to recognize when it's time to make a change & then to go ahead and do it :)

Anonymous said...

Fuck. Twilove1 said exactly what I planned to say before reading her comment. Here goes anyway.

Lisa, I heart you big time. Glad you are trying to find a balance between RL and blogging. It doesn't have to be one of the other. Sometimes figuring how much of which is right for you takes some time. We are all here for you if you ever, ever need anything.

rpattzgirl said...

Hey sweetie,
I didn't get on here Sunday to say thanks for the shout out...but big kisses & hugs to you!!!

smartEpantz said... ever, i'm late to the party. damnit. i just very recently started following and enjoying you. **pouts**
i'll echo many others and say yeah, it's all good. ya gotta roll with the punches, and i have respect for your decision. i have no doubt i will see ya round!
all the best to you and may your son kick much ass this season!!!

TigerlilyRose said...

AHHHH, Lisa ((BIG HUGS)) I take two days off the blogs to catch up on real life stuff and you drop this. I totally get where you are. Sometimes, I wonder how long you can all keep these Fan Based blogs (i.e. Twilight, Rob, etc) going...sooner or later the bottom drops out and you either run out of ideas or the popularity fads, etc. It is exhausting to try to come up with something new every day! Seriously, there IS more to life that blogging. But I have grown to really love you and I will miss you. I feel kind of sad right now, but totally empathetic, you can't keep doing something you don't enjoy. When it isn't fun anymore, it becomes a burden and no one wants you to feel burdened by blogdom!

I am glad you will not be dropping off the blogosphere, you just post when you feel inspired and it will be fun again.

((BIG HUGS)) Lacey

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! I've only just met you! I'm glad you'll still be around, and of COURSE go be with your family and do what you have to do to have a satisfying, wonderful life. You're great, and I hope everything works out for you!!

StarlitViolets said...

Oh Lisa - You have been such a joy in my life. You really were one of the very first Twitards to reach out to me. You have a wonderful heart and your love for your family is so much a part of you, that I, for one, wouldn't expect you to make any other decision once it became clear to you that a decision needed to be made.

Enjoy your time with your family! And when you are in the bloggy world, you'll enjoy it again too. You are loved here, and not just for Wet Wednesdays either.

I puffy heart you!

BTW - The biggest reason I don't start my own blog, is my family. So I completely understand, Sweetie.

Living with Edward said...

So are we breaking up or just going on a break? J/K (Refering to the show Friends) I will miss you and your bloggy fun. But would much rather you do what makes you happy. Just want to say thanks for being awesome and making me feel welcome in the bloggy world. Love ya!

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