Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Twiobservations on a Tainted Tuesday

In December, I went to a Christmas program and posted about my Twiobservations. Like most people, I suspect that is an every day occurrence. However, these past few weeks have been full of them for me.

The most recent link to Twilight happened on my drive home from work tonight. I was literally five minutes from home. Five more minutes and I wouldn't have been reminded of mmMoxie's favorite word for Drunk Mad Libs on Friday nights at Twilight SagaPalooza. Five more minutes, and I wouldn't have been reminded of the new phrase given to my beloved Robsten by mmMoxie, Mrs. P, Poptarrt, and Stoney. Five more minutes and we wouldn't have had tonight's . . .

Music to scroll by

Shortly after the Haiti telethon, I saw a new billboard sign and my mind processed "This Beard's For You" due, I'm sure, to the debate over the full beard Rob was sporting when he finally came out of hibernation.

What it actually said was "This Board's For You" because they were looking for advertisers.

Then I was at church and the bulletin was touting the S.P.L.A.S.H. program. The header was correct, but in the next paragraph, they referred to it as . . . you guessed it . . . S.L.A.S.H. Not that I know what that means ; )

Then I was listening to one of my favorite CDs by the band Matchbox Twenty and it dawned on me that the lead singer and our boy have something in common.

Rob(ert) Thomas . . .


meet Robert Thomas Pattinson.


I went to a Super Bowl party on Sunday hosted by my oldest niece and her new husband. Naturally, half the fun of Super Bowl Sunday is watching the multi-million dollar commercials. I got a few laughs and a LOT of eye rolls when I could link all of the following back to Twilight.

The Last Airbender TV Spot –
featuring our very own Jackson Rathbone


This one is for all of us now suffering from Jacksonitis,
a symptom first diagnosed by Sista Sarah at SoTwired.

Then there was this commercial featuring a singer who shall not be named, who was also front and center in Mrs. P's YouTube Video Contest. The voting has ended, and the lucky winner will be announced on her TwiBite blog on February 10th. Posting this is a true testament of how much I value being her Super Bloggy BFF.

There was a Showtime commercial for Nurse Jackie, a show that features our very own Peter Facinelli.

Not only do I need to order Showtime, I need to order this movie on Netflix.

(I about crapped when the girl said her name was Danica,
 the same name I gave my daughter!)

Hello, Peter ; )

This last Twiobservation also happened on my drive home from work tonight while I was thinking about putting this post together. I was flipping channels and a news report about Kingsway Cathedral in Des Moines, Iowa, came on. The roads were bad, and I had to keep both hands on the wheel at the time, or I would have missed it. What caught my attention you ask? The building is 108 years old and was just named to the historical registry, saving it from demolition – the same age as someone else we've all come to know and love. (Click to enlarge.)



Dangrdafne said...

OME!! I thought of Mrs P as soon as I saw Beyonce and song in that commercial too!!!! ahahahaha

I really need a blog so I can post all the stuff I come across in my life like that. I took 3-4 pics just today of Twilight and Twitarded related stuff during my 10th wedding anniversary day out - hubby does get a point for putting up with that. But we really don't need another Twitarded blog, so I will just have to find ways to pass along my info to those I think want to know :)

Love this post!

MissAmyJoon said...

The biology scene is my favorite! When he said, "Hello, I didn't get the the chance to introduce myself last week. I'm Edward Cullen." It was like, whoa! Haha

I love your Twiobservations. You gotta love it for the title alone :)

mmMoxie said...

Damn girl. You got the Twilight fever, bad! I no longer see Twilight in everything like I did a year ago. It kinda makes me sad :'(


twilightcupcake said...

Thanks Lisa. Nice videos.
Oh, ye of the one track mind. We all have tht problem. Anybody who is crazy enough to have a twiblog that is.
It's like the time my husband yelled out "OMG, guess what happened to our friend T at the Mount Seymour Demonstration forest?" Right away, MK and I thought "wow, they must be filming. Is Rob there? OMFG, did they get to meet Rob and Kristen?"
Mr. TC said "a bear hit their car and took a sh*t on it at the same time."
I should have thought - I hope they're okay, I wonder how their baby is, how is the bear?
But MK and I just pouted and said "that's it? oh, too bad."
Slowly losing my empathy and replacing it with lust and envy.

twilightcupcake said...

@Dangrdafne Who says we don't need another Twilight blog? You should share your stuff with us. And happy 10th anniversary - you beat us by 6 months :)

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! The Rob Thomas thing is freaky. I have loved him since...FOREVER! I have all his stuff...even back when he was Tabitha's Secret. Love him.

I imagine the Beyonce commercial was tolerable because they did drop her in a hole. LMAO!!!

Twired Jen said...

I'm still at work for another 20 min...thank you for killing a portion of that! Ugh, I can't see all of your pics because my desk computer isn't opening all of them...and so that's my excuse to look at your blog again when I'm home, in my PJ's, curled up with a Michelob Ultra ;)
Cheers my bloggy ROBSTEN lover!

qcchevyman said...

So you went to Christy's for the Super Bowl. I bet they were crying in their Kool Aid when the Colts lost. LOL

Cullenary Curser said...

So I had my own twilight moment tonight. I had some waxing done and sure enough the girl that did it was named bella!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Love your twiobservations!

Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20... seriously one of my favorite cd’s is the one with 3am and Push.

TigerlilyRose said...

OH I love Rob Thomas and I would have had his children prior to last week...LOL...I hadn't caught the Name thing...jeez now i will think of that every time we listen to the shelf full of Matchbox and Solo Cds we have of his. ;) Thanks BB

Anonymous said...

@CC!!! Bella waxed you? LMAO!!!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

I have twiobservations all the time & get heaps of eye-rolling if I voice them so I usually keep them to myself. I used to be mad about Robbie Williams, until he got sober and went boring. In fact I used to call Rob "my other Robbie". Gees Dr Fuckinelli is looking very fuckinelli-able lately. I know there is a Mrs Fuckinelli and she's gorgouus too so he can bring her along too if he likes when we all go to @HG's orgy.

Stan said...

LOL Lisa, all so true! I'm the same as well, in fact fanfic has added so much more to the list too. The school playground hasn't been the same since I spotted the kid with the Hello Kitty lunch bag.

Twilove1 said...

It appears that the world revolves around Twilight, something I already suspected.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I have those on everyday basis, and I get excited and giddy like a schoolgirl, only to realize that I've got no one in real life to share these observations with. Such is the life of a lone Twilight rider. :D

Mama Cougar said...

You realize that we both may need an intervention? I'll admit that one of my future posts will be entitled "The 6 Degrees of Twilight" where I can effectively, in 6 steps or less, draw a connection from just about ANYTHING in the known universe back to Twilight.

Example: The Wizard of Oz (it's almost two easy) - Dorothy wears sparkly shoes...Edward is sparkly. Also...they fall asleep in a meadow. I mean...fucking SERIOUSLY...this is a kindergarten analogy.

Go ahead...try to stump me. Shit my get convoluted, but I swear to you, ALL PATHS LEAD BACK TO TWILIGHT.

The Cougar's Den

Mama Cougar said...

HOLY FUCK....did I just type "two" instead of too?

I have an excuse...no coffee/contact lenses yet.


spellbound said...

I do the same thing all the time and get lots of eye rolls & weird "wtf is wrong with u" looks if it pops out of my mouth before I can stop it. Unless I'm with my daughter, who has seen it as many times as I have. She gets it but even she sometimes looks at me like I'm strange! Which I am, so can't blame her for that I guess...

17foreverlisa said...

@Dangrdafne – I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! And, yes, you should start your own blog. You’d have built in followers!!!!!
February 9, 2010 8:25 PM

@MissAmyJoon – You are probably too young to remember the comedian Andy Kaufman. When Robward says “Hello,” I laugh every time because he sounds just like that comedian. But once I get past that, I am all drool when he says the rest of his lines and gives her that half smile. *died*

@mmMoxie – Yes, I have it bad, and I don’t see it getting better any time soon with Valentine’s Day, Remember Me, The Runaways, The Last Air Bender, Eclipse, etc., coming out this year! (I am disregarding your use of the T word on my blog btw :P)

@twilightcupcake – You’re right. Those of us crazy enough to have a blog have it the worst. And I am sure that would have been my reaction, too, if that had been me in the bear story. That’s freaking hilarious!!

@Mrs. P @ TwiBite – So you love Rob Thomas, too? One more thing we have in common. You have me beat, though, because I never would have been able to pull out the Tabitha’s Secret reference.

You’re right that the she who shall not be named commercial was over before it got too painful ;)

@Twired Jen – Happy to be of service helping you kill time at work. Hope you get back to check out the videos with your Michelob Ultra. Cheers to you, too, my bloggy ROBSTEN lover!

@qcchevyman – Sure! You stop by this post but skip the one where I mention you in it! We only stayed until halftime and then went home. I’m sure Christy was pretty upset, though. It sure went south in a hurry.

@Cullenary Curser – *Using my best Jessica Stanley voice* “Waxing with Bella.” LMAO!

@Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight – Thanks, HG. I’m psyched there are so many Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty fans. I love those songs, too!

@TigerlilyRose – LMAO! You would have had his babies until last week… I’m so glad you’re feeling better after your procedure and back to blogging!

@Stacked Like Sookie – I seem to be lacking the filter these days to keep my Twiobservations to myself. I love Robbie Williams!!!!! Angels is one of the best songs ever. It still gives me chills. I was listening to it on YouTube not too long ago when I was searching for songs for HG to use for the video she did for me. Small world! Another great thing about PFach is that he is so likeable and accessible to his fans. What’s this about HG?!! Someone’s been holding out on me.

@Stan – LOL! FF has all of us looking at things a little differently these days, that’s for sure ;)

@Twilove1 – Yes, it does. That and D.O. LOL!
@Jelena @ Twiholic – Well, you always have your blog. Share them with us!!

@Mama Cougar – I know we need one, but I don’t want one, do you?!! This is too much fun. I have no doubt that you will be able to bring everything back to Twilight in six steps or less, especially with a start like the Wizard of Oz. LMFAO! Can’t wait to read the post, and you should definitely throw out a challenge in it so that we can try and stump you in the Comments!!

@spellbound – Yes, the WTF look is something all of us that don’t have Twi/Rob filters get every single day. Hell, I’m beginning to give that look to myself when I look in the mirror. LOL! That’s awesome that you have your daughter to share your obsession with. My kids are pretty good sports about it, actually, but that doesn’t mean they don’t roll there eyes from time to time because of it.

Stacked Like Sookie said...

HG & I have got a pact that when we have our treesome with Rob & Alex (my Mum always said ïf your gunna dream, dream big)that we'd share! Cool ey? Then I wake up with my hand on it! @Nibbles at Twisted Edbrella has collected a heap of blokes in her attic for the orgy of a lifetime & she said that HG & I are invited. I found the perfect shower for afterwards to wash all our dirty boys off but we have to fly everyone down under for that. Like I said, if your gunna dream....
I've already told my kids that they are playing "Angles" at my funeral. That song makes my hairs stand up.

17foreverlisa said...

@Stacked Like Sookie - LMAO!! I should have know it would have something to do with Nibbles. She's casting a spell on everyone these days. She hasn't invited me up to the attic because she knows it's my mission in life to rescue Rob. LOL!!!

And, hell yeah, if you're going to dream, DREAM BIG! I like your dream btw :)

Twired Sarah said...

uhhh... Jackson moaning has to be one of the best things my ears have ever processed.... ho-ly hell.

17foreverlisa said...

@Twired Sarah - I have to settle for hearing it on video. You, on the other hand, have heard it up close and personal. SO lucky. I keep forgetting to ask about their improv. Since you've seen them multiple times, do they repeat the background music and just add new lyrics, or is it all improv?

Twifiltered brain said...

Lisa...you are not the only one--hence my name. A guy almost hit me backing out of a space in the grocery store parking lot and I almost let him because I was too busy trying to catch my breath at the site of his shiny, silver Volvo.

Ummmm and then there was the teller at the bank the other day who had styled his hair to look like rob's in the Twilight restaurant scene (ya know a little fuller and fluffier along the sides)...when I got back in my car I busted out laughing--not at him, just at my "recognition" of Rob's hair from the exact scene.

hey is the kid from the tainted love video the one who used to play Brian on All My Children? I have sang that song for years and never seen the vid!

Twired Sarah said...

@17foreverlisa: It's all improv... it's a-mazing. They start out with a somewhat basic background music while they figure out where Jackson is going with his lyrics then they pump it out... it's so cool.

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