Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life Beyond Twilight Starts Now: 5...4...3...2...1

Source: ROBsessed

Had to leave this one in color. *sigh*

For more untagged, HQ photos and a transcript of the article, go to ROBsessed.

I also recommend that you visit the original source Details magazine. They have links to a photo gallery slide show, the original article, and the outtakes video (however, at the time of this writing, it was not working). More importantly, they seem to be borrowing a page from Vanity Fair and have left us with this teaser: Check back next week for more exclusive images. Gosh. Sure hope I remember to do that ; )

And it doesn't take videographers long to set our latest obsession to song. I'm sure this will be the first of many. Enjoy!


Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Lisa, thank you, again. Wow. I think this is the most erotic photo shoot ever.

Sudenly, I'm rethinking ordering my miniE and miniBella, because it seems so silly in light of this article. Did you read it, btw? There is one particular quote that tainted the photos, and I've dedicated my post today to it.

rpattzgirl said...

I am just in la-la land over these photos and the interview....

There are so many negative comments on a lot of the bigger blogs, it's just killing my heart....

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

These pictures are so amazing... Do you think they timed it on purpose with Valentine’s Day?

Twilove1 said...

Lisa, thanks for being my pusher on twitter last night! I never would have seen those pics until this afternoon otherwise and that would have deprived me of 12 hours of speechlessness and drooling. Isn't it funny that all of these pics came out as soon as Mrs P went out of town? Coincidence? Maybe she should go out of town next weekend too :)

@Rpattzgirl - Really, people are making negative comments on other blogs? They are clearly insane. I love it that he's choosing to appeal to an older demographic and leaving the twiteens to Taylor.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I would so love to get a copy of this magazine, but now that I have those pics, I can just print them. I wonder how people would feel if I hung them in my bathroom - hubtard was saying that we need to put some photos in the loo anyhoo. :D

17foreverlisa said...

Screw the negative comments out there! It's a gorgeous, gorgeous photo shoot. The 17-year-old vampire is gone. Our boy has grown up. One day he is shopping for his own underwear and carrying his own toilet paper and the next he is causing spontaneous combustion with photos in Details and in Vogue. He's adorkable and sexy. He's silly and intelligent. He's scared and he's confident. He doesn't have to keep putting himself out there this way, but he does, and I will never find fault in how much or little he chooses to share with the general public.

Thanks for all the comments! And, yes, Twilove1, maybe Mrs. P should go out of town again, but then again, my heart may not be able to take it.

mmMoxie said...

That video.......oh my GOD that video. I cannot even put into words how I feel about that video

rottymama said...

I love the color photo and how his blue eyes just seem to pop out at you. These pics makes me see him in a different light now. Like you say, grown up.

The pictures of the bathroom kind of remind me of the scene in Little Ashes where he is hiding in the corner jerking off. Maybe it is just the angle in the pictures. Sort of idk, voyer-type.
I thought I was gonna be visiting twitter jail last night over all this!

womadsart said...

This is beautiful! It is art and done in a tasteful, classy manner. Rob is such a gentleman and that video..... it is the death of me!!! This man is nothing but PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!

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