Sunday, November 22, 2009

10 Steps to an Awesome Blog Design

If patience is a virtue, then Dana at Lily Bean Designs has to be the most virtuous person I know!

When Melissa, a friend and co-worker, suggested that I start a blog as an outlet for my Robsession (subtitle: stop flooding my email inbox with “You have to check this out” links - lol), I thought it might be fun, so why not.

Step 1: Set up a Gmail account. Check.

Step 2: Register for a Google blog site. Check.

Step 3: Pick out a template design. Check.

Step 4: Customize said template. Screeching halt!

Step 5: Find a blog site I love (My Twilife) and email them to find out who helped design it. Check.

Step 6: Get a reply back from Jennifer at My Twilife suggesting I contact Dana at Lily Bean Designs. Check.

Step 7: Email Dana and give her a little bit of background information (okay, probably gave her more than she wanted/needed to know) and ask if she is interested in working on my blog design (which she hopefully isn’t regretting right about now!). Check.

Step 8: Get a reply back from Dana saying she’d love to work on it (I repeat, hopefully she isn’t regretting that decision). Check.

Step 9: Start the inexpensive and incredibly fun creative process and discover that Dana is patient, helpful, encouraging, as excited about the end product as you are, accessible, did I mention patient already? Check.

Step 10: Sit back and view your personality living and breathing on the computer screen. Check.

Well, kids, I can’t say enough about the experience I had, and continue to have, working on and tweaking my blog with Dana. She has been a lifeline and a joy to work with.

Already have a blog and it’s just not what you want it to be? Thinking about setting up a blog (WARNING: very, very, very fun but addictive)? Need a “Grab My Button,” Twitter background, etc., etc.? See that bright pink button in the left sidebar (may have to scroll up by now!)? Click on it or on this link, Lily Bean Designs, to get started.

Dana offers tons of other features on her blog site, too, including her latest addition, which is just too fun:

If you’re reading this, Dana, yes, this means I have some more questions. LOL!! But what it really means is THANKS!



Lily Bean Designs said...

Oh My!!! I absolutely love how you have written this. Thank you so much for all the compliments, and such. Really a great post and I really need to get onto the next steps of your blog design. I will reply to your latest email now!

Thank you for including my latest edition! I am so excited to be Sparkly. =)

rottymama said...

Thanks so much for posting this Lisa! I will be checking out Dana's site! I really need to get up to speed on this blog stuff cause I can't hijack other people blogs, how rude. lol. Mine is so weak with the template from blogger site, just need some time & tlc.

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Lily Bean Designs (aka Dana) - *BIG SMILE* (note the all caps, sister!) You know I <3 you!

@rottymama - Awesome. Whatever you "Wannabe," on your blog site, Dana will help you get there. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Great shout out to the lady who helped you make this beautiful page..(dedicated to a beautiful man).

Mama Cougar said...

Whoa - it seems I needs me some Lily Bean!!

Lily - can you do saucy cougar-type templates?

Mama Cougar

The Cougar's Den

Lily Bean Designs said...

@Mama Cougar

I would love to help you with your blog! I just returned from there, and I love your posts. =) I will contact you shortly! Thank you, and thank you all fo rthe great comments!

BIG THANK YOU to Lisa for writing such a great post about my work.

Lily Bean Designs said...

I fixed the post titles!!! See????

I see you have been rearranging! Looks great!

My Twilife said...

Awww I just saw this and I love it! I was CRAZY busy during New Moon week but I slowed down and had a chance to check out your blog! I love it! Dana did a great job & you have good taste! Keep it up!


sprtzmom1721 said...

@My Twilife - Thanks!

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