Wednesday, November 11, 2009

London Calling

Rob looks SO happy, Kristen looks beautiful, Taylor looks like the third wheel (note Kristen is always leaning in toward Rob), and Chris looks, appropriately, like the circus leader.

The Host?

Love, love, love his smile!


The girl is mine.

The doggone girl is mine.

Werewolf and humans and vamp, oh my!


Video of Rob talking to the press on the red carpet.


Z Any Mouse said...

What up with those pants, Chris?

spellbound said...

hahaha, the next day Chris tweeted that his pants had read the internet the next day & committed suicide by jumping out the hotel window! I lmao @ that!! @ least he has a sense of humor about it!

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Z Any Mouse & spellbound - You just have to wonder what he was thinking when he put them on in the first place and what the rest of the cast thought when the saw him in them. I did hear that he had tweeted about the pants committing suicide, which is hilarious. I've really gotten attached to Chris during this whole process and it's going to be hard to switch gears to David Slade, but I have enjoyed his tweets during the filming of Eclipse, so we shall see.

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