Monday, November 16, 2009

LA Red Carpet Premiere

Watched the entire event streamed live from The co-hosts were annoying as hell, especially Anya, but it was cool to get a glimpse into the insanity surrounding Rob.  (What?  There were other people there?  Who knew?!)  Rob looked AMAZING!  I'm so jealous that the girls over at ROBsessed were close enough to get these pics.



Anonymous said...

major big *sigh*...does he ever look bad? Wait..I take that back...there may have been a few times; but I choose to forget.

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Mrs. P. - I still cannot get over how many different looks Rob has. Rome Rob, Sexi-Mexi Rob, Adorkable Rob, Hobolicious Rob, Vanity Fair Rob (GAH!) . . . and now LA Rob. It's just crazy, isn't it?! It's the reason I have "The Many Faces of Rob" corner. I'm working on getting tabs at the top of my blog so that people can link back to all of the pictures that I've posted there. Addictive hobby this blogging :)

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it!!!! It is VERY addicting...not to mention it is somewhere in the range of "brain surgery" when it comes to setting up the page. Your's looks the way.

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