Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Morning Rob Fix


WARNING: For mature audiences only!
(But I watched anyway.)

For the record? Robward's at the top of my VILF list.
(Shocker, I know.)

Click here to watch Part 2.


rottymama said...

This was funny!! I like how she gets them relaxed and they can just chat away. And say the f-word. Love how Rob holds his pinky out when he drinks his tea! I saw the twilight one and that was funny too.

sprtzmom1721 said...

@rottymama - I remember watching the Twilight one way back when and had forgotten to watch this one until just the other day. It's just fun to see them let loose and not have to worry about being "on" for an interview. And is there anything that Rob does that isn't either smokin' hot or adorkable?!

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